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Thursday, December 7th


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Born February 21 in West Orange New Jersey and a graduate of the State University of New York maritime college in the University of Tennessee. He's a retired naval captains and fighter pilot who was selected by NASA from the space shuttle program in 1996. He's a veteran before space flights over 520 days in space and serving as commander on the International Space Station. Over a year long missions. And now he tells his story in his new book he endurance here and Spain's own life time of discovery. Please welcome the astronauts got. Times tonight Kelly always got. I'm doing very athletic creed book the last of me like I'm thinking the first third of learn more than. About the great small that the minutia. Of the beginning of space travel is getting ready for like who knew who he had to pee on the tire for good luck. Yeah well. We do that it still. Is that was you're gearing. Who did it originally and now it's it's you stop halfway through the the ship and you and even girls will bring a small cup of their own yardage on the tiger. Well you know there's there's a lot of positions each State's elections have some we have something in the US let. Espionage tires while probably also. You know on in Russia we watch the same movie every night before you log in as basic as some. Yeah after they had an accident occurred watched that movie and now everyone has a lot set movie because you know we come back safe every sign them so. It's. Applegate. Are the page and that has some further until it. It's funny though because it's such a science and it takes so much to become part of that too to have the superstitions it into the irony is not lost as it. It is it's it's incredibly precise science meant to go into space. You into it. So they say that the another thing that took away from this immediately was you didn't have eyed the perfect child that I would have assumed you had you and your brother both accomplished so much. And eat you know you had all your parents drink and fought and you were great school at first it and I would have assumed you had this incredible homeless that that propelled you to this greater place. Yeah yeah. And that it's something I think probably it's. You know white in a lot of Asians and and I know a lot of astronaut at the world golf on. Noah 1 morning in 1969. Decided there was going to be the last and that's the way it's never been all of it and I was the opposite of that. Not that ignorant and pay attention. And wasn't there I was eighteen years old that I discovered the ball flight itself. Fired me that I didn't like recognize. They should be. Like data myself. I look at this and and I thought. You know I think that that one thing. Maybe someday I can find they did. You know I didn't. It was a lot of hard work that fast forward and he is later. That day from what I read the thought of myself that I'm. Watching in the face substantial settlement. It's incredible I mean ray and most of these guys before late. It would sell everything I've known anything I've saved in anything for one chance to go and or because I think it's the last great frontier it's. The heroes who have gone before you and and you are included. You know. It's it is phenomenal what we've done in an that we needed you know keep pushing those boundaries that keep you know. Finding better rockets and better engines and ways to go further because it it's the last great frontier into it what. And I think the last time this country was really all pulled together it was. I believe it's it would those original space shots you know wouldn't. You know it was the only thing people could talk about the world stage was. Yeah we do need some sound from the rally around right now I'm. I think we do I really do man it's a wanting anybody everybody can agree on that. Oh what. Do we when you're up there would. With the Russians and we did it feel. As though there was a great barrier between you guys who was that that was the fact address space enough due to him just get rid of all. Yeah there is no barrier at all you know we are outraged with friends. You requirement southern states with a little horror lives 01. Political war. On conflict that like it's burning on the ground as. I separated at all from what Google. Did talk about things to say when you thought it like the abstract first first thing where where. And have a personal touch in there. You're an observation. About you know tension between their country so. I think it did happen that much words to mean. That the on the ground does that affect the relationship between members opposite this. Right because when you guys look you you've seen more done more been more and so UC through that the thin veil of of propaganda you can see the world for what it is man that everybody's trying to get the same place it was happy family. Be safe have food shelter breathe clean air it's it's the same the world over. Exactly and the error you know we're brought together and it's unique shared this incredible experience. So we get the look of the earth and yeah I think Al was made to be looked at perhaps. You know what we did see it all at once. Fairly large eat warm at all once. I'd like you said you know you realize we have issues out there. On the planet and if you need to be addressed. And yes. We didn't sort of being paid to do it's incredible incredible doesn't say what it will do battleground. That we didn't have a lot of ominously. Of course and you Taipei. And on you this compliment you when you talk about the right stuff changing your life and giving that inspiration to try. I think this book endurance he's gonna do the same for a lot of people man because you didn't have this perfect life you were very honest about. Who were growing up and and how late really in life. An eighteen that's a pretty late start for most astronauts you know I think I think kids ten that we kept the focus and super early to get there. Normally we have. And hopefully. You know I've stolen my story resonates hit. You know a lot of people out there. You know young and old the wife might say there's something they want to achieve but there are scared that there is a husband and that would our. If there was not option for the you know I think my life. As an example of me on human relations. There's. And that is that you in the end. Is he thought possible but. You you. And I love the honesty of at all but from you know talking about the diapers you know where to. Two to the spacesuits I didn't realize that we stretch a couple of inches in space due to vote the loss of gravity and then you know you've got to build in some extra room they're affecting gets a little snug. All the yeah. So that. They'll be if it's valid it's. Like he learns it's you know an incentive that fact. Then left a couple instances. Slowed. Now slash personal level with you think back to the day you read that book the right stuff eighteen years almost to the day. And then the first time not just your first. Lift off but the first EVA the first the first time he really left that the security of that ship that you wouldn't. Then what was going in was all business or did you take a moment and just and really absorb what was happening. I'm. Very very focused intently as you don't want Matt have you ever. While the way I want what he's saying you don't want it. Out on the out it is a lot. That is dealing. It isn't very complicated procedure but there are signs and you're either resting. A little bit between activities when you look yeah incredible movie theater. And man let me yes I think is breathtaking. And all on fire than anything else. To. You can imagine it is it's an amazing it is. It's an incredibly exclusive group and that this book and we discretion we're gonna turbulent and we're. That my head explode this morning Scotland. Jake told me that you'd been in town a couple weeks ago the rainy day books and never listen though I've done anything that you come in the studio and spend a couple of hours with. It's just. And encrypt and you have no idea what huge fan I am you know and it just. And throughout my entire life from following all of the Apollo stuff all the way through the two if there's next available to come on the show to talk about. You know because it is what we have to do we've got to find more plants is this one will eventually die we better have a new place to go to. Why didn't he doesn't think on defense. Richard Wright. But I mean we are developing new new rockets into a new engines that will we don't have to you wouldn't get past the solid fuel problem. Okay I'm pleased that gives you know. Not an expert on Iraq it's an end to order where golf developed it by eagle and when people start talking about. Leading this planet. And getting another one. I hit it it's only going to be here it. He earth as a viable place the list now. I think said that I think we need to explore it. A Mars is a teacher and having people live there would be very important. Birch society but it didn't grow and expand. Not I don't think these to edit at the expense of her and I don't think we did anyone I eat well we continue to pollute it's why I think it used to get. Of course no but you know my thought honestly was more along the tubes of them along the lines of eventually. All things expire you know everything is born to die in a one nothing last forever so let there be a million years not handling is an hour or whatever it is that we will have to eventually branch out in this bigger place. Actual ways in other Sonnanstine or thinking she. Mobile will be all that's. You so. I really do hope that we get a chance to talk more about this because I mean I've literally covered a it's 45 pages you view of this incredible book and what it is arrest and talk about being on the space to what it was like when you came back that. You know just physically readjusting. Back into the Earth's gravity we don't consider all the things happened to the thing the walls heart that. Our blood the way everything you know we've evolved with gravity you take the gravity away it changes the very physiology of our office. Under an MB yet at the presence. They're gonna give me the raps got it on us if we can. Get more than ten minutes I'd love to have you back on the field there and. They have an amendment and in your area oh thanks.