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Thursday, July 19th


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Born December 7 in California. He isn't over two decades member of the Tulsa Oklahoma at least a person who works as a gang unit supervisor. Have you seen him hitting in the show life PD. And now you can see when you own beauty of these series he camp. Please welcome sergeant chopsticks or give. We know copper. Good morning referee don't correct me and hey congratulations on your show I love it. I'm a big fan of all the good police and in and I think that. I just think it's is this is such a great idea and I've said this forever the peavy can't the body camp for police officer. There's no more argument about what happened I think he's the smartest idea ever for police officers. You know I agree and unfortunately. There's still an argument. And that's what's to that about it there's been this man for people. Know. Also we're body can't and so now more more agencies are doing and get some some fun and still argue or disagree with. You know very obvious what happened at dust is settled in Chicago last week on Archie and up their. Let so people this they were to you the truth that aren't there yet. Well that's it in the and that's what's wrong with the country 99.9. Percent of all police officers are underpaid overworked they risk their lives they wanna go home see if they're doing something that most of us don't wanna do differently. And I nothing. You know have things on the front now preacher well I mean that would normally heart. I you know and then see the videos you go dome and whoever that guys in its disgraced the uniform he shot the man in the back he should go to jail and that's the end of that. But that's what those cameras are important because it shows near incident shows when you're guilty shows who's wrong who was right. You know that what you are just that considered good but not a nine point 9% of assert their look this job. Right and I say that they're the ones that are doing things wrong we don't want honestly saucer yourself so. They put you in danger though when you choose to get relevant becomes you know people talk about what ambushing them that's what caused it. And I it and that's what I tried to ultimately. There that's a last one hours. I love watching cops get bad that Vegas shooting we June. Would you shoot to the windshield of your callers kickass is that was I wondered if it would be the situation where. When he got back to the station the field. You know it. That we have gotten it sent them today and Oklahoma questioned under our online. It would Oklahoma Border Patrol trooper who actually cheating and they thought we've seen her once. How about that there's. There are if it was incredible they. This that they were here in Oklahoma their cake and a guy that shot deputy epic kill one or two other people making a cartridge with a Monty he shouldn't AK 47. Officers and so they're driving you know it's intruder went so little. You know I. You spot firing Amato. I don't know where that was welcome to fire a viable. When you think you great sense of people to know that windshield and put the barrel and that's a pretty good stabilizer and things that little Jimmy can't produce it. Yeah it well and you know. About the I'm not speaking for myself at least. I don't turn to learn about whether or not we can't do the opposite we do you train chugging into course you know cases of suspect caught at the but a lot biggest thing is that we want the wildest you know intense scene. But I mean if you seen him do what they're into the it's are for five shots back at the officer you know it was an extra work in extreme circumstance that. You know work harder you know extreme. You know every single order come workarounds or cattle or. You know and obviously luckily not want you bought it but it. What's that we have certain that credible couples who was when opening coming up parallel sort of separate and she you know. You know what you look at yet in that we keep the strike zone at all sorts leave. He tore those caught represent supporters observers thought that it does like when you're on the performance of the order something that your work. Sure and they know and he was he was a real shooters it wasn't spray and pray when he was he was in the pocket. Now. It was I mean you know at what point you know even if he's driving and basically you've heard it laid back approach Cyril we'll. If you look back on aren't easily struggled incredible. I feel guilty tragedy and you protect bad eating brie he'll go grown into these little computer. Maker at nine there are already. It's. Got it was great I think that you know I think he shows like PDA we like exciting stuff we like he bad guys be taken off the streets. But I I think that in this day and age it's pretty important and shows like is to show cop and a good light. What to do the right things in the things they really have to deal with on a daily basis of people have some level of understanding because it's so easy. Two to vilify. Everyone based on a small amount of people and that's the bats with ruining this country. Yes you know and and that's what I try to explain it port. I mean I'll settle law enforcement and they keep politics I don't know of another profession. Or everybody thinks they know what you are supposed to do you're supposed to bigger drop their without ever and ever set foot boat she. You know and and that's exactly it's so which shows like oh my PD and now this my feet percent PD camp. It takes the viewers. Like to everything from sort of international what happened what the officers deal with. They'll see how fast the situation changes. From you know the consensual way out the don't want it they also could potentially fight for your life. Sure and I don't think people really realize how fast these things happen they're not long drawn out deal that split second decisions have to be made it arts. It's its muscle memory it's it's it's going to continue weapon in reaching your weapon usual weapon. What's a good she lets not a good shoot you right these are all made in milliseconds moments. In your public most of the time correct. And it's you know I can't tell you much at the offer for cops who who get these situations and I think if more people could possibly understand it they see you know. Again I am one of those people you see those videos with a cup was definitely wrong. And or something wrong inside his head to begin copper all the wrong reasons human uses it treated just like any other terrible criminal go to jail risk your life. And you put them to the side and think how many cops out there like you. Really do risk it every time they walk out there in oh. You in Kansas and Missouri among gun owner by the way I loved missions have a center. They. Are Kerry Wood middle class in Kansas and Missouri could compile what you can you can concealing your pursuit. But they don't have to know what's a good shoot wreck your shoot it maintenance and I'm afraid for my life nothing. Like being a cop and in this area now would scare me to death. Yeah and and and you know and I mean obviously gun laws very from state to state our little computer you're doesn't view cars or Unix server. And that's it we don't know or in person or walking up you could gather bagged they've got to go compliment what they're pictured. I was always an unknown that goes on every single call you go to your recourse stopped you do you just you just don't go. Would you be shooting it woman there were trying to carjack a lady. Good to murder a good guy sees these two guys now he gets into a shootout with the M a third guy comes in. Now you let a 5050 chance on which one's the bad. All you walk up on is issued. Loan officer shall. Yeah exactly what someone out there holding my god. Yeah. So that's what you you know we hope that the good people that are out there illegally shared farm you know that's what yet. When we stopped you on a court we have contact with you staying out of your master. Also are up got a gun on me and tell report that a rabbit just tell me where that's. So it'll speed at which she did you guys had a pair talk on June producer. Another regardless third in the city you know couple days ago. So you know obviously which ultimately you know speedy recovery. But these suspect that was killed in that either it's also got. I don't know you are aware that it was or ultimately. Guys trump also so unfortunately unit opener came in with you guys are but yet even as father's father is a big server double murder a couple of years ago. You know about a group a group of people. Sergeant Shawn sticks like he's going to be on PDQ did you guys know as a commentator on like PD but man I'm telling you Tulsa. You'd think it's it's some Oklahoma redneck town it's rough I've been doodles a bunch of times also is incredibly tough. Not too far from their Arkansas Little Rock incredibly tough like you're talking about real things real drugs and a real court or through there. Yeah you know it would like PDs for a start you know also. We want first apartment that on the show there were six of six apartments that we are one of them. You know I think when everybody different sort of think of Tulsa Oklahoma middle America you know that's. We've had running water cable TV or are. And told people watching this show you know on the east and West Coast are familiar with this part of country. Number he that this is so immediate provoked people that worked things that viewers of the show was well go to law officers. Let us know what you hope he also worked in the bulk of the puck across to deal with. Robbery homicide. Does not work a lot of kudos provoked by default from other officers and that. You know both help these people who work that well how we handle the problems here. But yet ultimately it. About bragging about a different harper didn't we put it now are. Carter. Was at BC and graduation that I thought Kansas City eighty tonight. PD camp that you intend to forget about. Like PD guys that treat it as well in the combined here any time sergeant if you two Kansas City welcome in the studio. They kept some Barbeque man have a good time. I've looked at Betty obviously got up on the weekend.