Wednesday, February 28th


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As Shannon Elizabeth is on the line right now we had Iran last year we talked her when she was a planet can't concentrate you know from American pie and Jintao LaMont Thompson gets out. She was just on celebrity big brother and also shows are charity animal avengers dot com well I love this animal veggies as it does work that's good to keep the poachers away. From you know these these protected animals and that there's a whole bunch of great organizations. I don't know they're looking to be the ones to get to shoot the poachers. Which. I find okay there's something like I found the website by the index military guys that say they use them to a stop poachers. I how fantastic is that nobody got the skills nobody likes composure. Right now seem to love. Born September 7 in Houston and raised in Waco Texas. High school she considered becoming a professional tennis player but instead chose a career. Eventually making the jump it's. You need for herself in the film American pie. She's gone on to such films as scary movie. Jay and silent Bob strike back. In the hall. And she recently competed on the CBS reality show celebrity Big Brother. Please welcome Shannon Elizabeth. You have no idea. Oh yeah oh yeah well as you. Good job of animal avengers what a great thing to do. I think yeah it is light love in the day that I like all right I think it gain on the iMac I. Yeah it is ready and companies are legged oracle pharma and his office. You live. Who's followed the other day that instant message Johnson she's the ex military all tattooed. Super fit chick and if it goes out and they smoke poachers. Yeah I can't live your old. You can't edit and the issue is back at the pump you're there at the spot out of all that it it. And you. Said you know what can you are you're probably bubble is that gonna solve the problem. They don't always. Somebody else at all content is adopted usually somebody local. But the local Belichick what are the people farm right. All. So if you want to stop the and they say yeah they're really regulated. A lot of undercover and eat it like were injured or not. Now for sure no we don't did you basically it's you have to feel like a drug ring. Because that's what's happened there are smuggling and for curing illegal. All the quiet after the alliance says that Oprah they said. I just say why didn't that aren't in any human trafficking leg you drive there should carry arms and all of it would probably point. Now it's good and and you clearly get it you understand that and it's worth doing these animals will not be here forever and they they are worth protecting. And I know they die we talk about celebrity Big Brother as well but. What it was doing this you got some stuff going on why change something like celebrity Big Brother. Our own you know let it all one big Brothers. Always been my favorite show I love competition and blow up strategy and that way I hate the dollar bought it I believe on every summer. Are they won't let like it was followed all. They paint idiot we all started acting long and I had that it often gave it great platform for the animals. She was kind of getting it join in the world that I love. You know who'd who'd you make friends of the W a chocolate Dell a Mark McGrath the Ross Matthews you come away with any new friends and you enemies. Our own people. I mean everything that everybody know well violent as everybody I'm tired bodies out. I don't know where every effort to hear about it we'll be. You know we're all these great girl well like a lot of people. Look at our football and movie that's what this basically. Yes you I didn't get to see this now let's go back and did you watch it because I was just looking at a picture of it I was like well. Girls like bring healing Glanville and an area air had nobody Edgar as I was like I think anybody's been that way that that's pretty that's how much Lou. They can turn onion that was like chocolate Dell just mean I don't want to fight him yeah he seems like I did give up what he got angry. Mark McGrath well liked it marks the most guys mad skills yeah I think he's probably the the and I don't know for sure but I would assume he was the politician. Oh yeah. Even he would kinda go. Whatever it how well maybe you would. You can't get it by making everyone happy. You equate how well I don't want the this it locked how old. Yeah I think every unhappy. Number it's just there's no. Number it's just frightening. You're their guy yeah there are there are thousands the last possible day. What do you think you're cool you know who aren't great but better wealthy. It's. We're like everybody does it take fight that it won't alliant. He just missed it right there. Evans but if he didn't epic games are always. I didn't try to stay out of every day in this tour these days in the hospital faced a third. Let's just say listen you give me the rapidly everybody check out animal avengers dot com she would you can do believe me it's the smallest thing can make a big. First celebrity Big Brother house. Anytime you get through Kansas City continuous talk about anything like elevators that. That phone and I'm always here. Our Paula thank you so much yeah. This gave it to.