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Thursday, September 7th


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On the hotline right now song Kathleen is on their former flight attendant now our writers fantastic. In Seagram and FaceBook of passengers Jamie yeah that's exactly you know what the world needs more little count ask me outta the birthday party they're played less people popping six. And our feet on you. Throwing their hair with a back in the seat pulling their pants down trying to take your dirty diaper with you and keep your shoes before. Before our next guest is a former flight attendants and wonder who has made a name for herself with the blog. Winds from the sense he's too and her FaceBook you can Seagram accounts from passengers fuming where she posts pictures and videos of people acting like all. Pujols on airliners from around the world. Please welcome John cattle. Killing Kathleen welcome to the shell and. Thank you for a while creek near you live picture waiting on a spam we're we've. Not to much stuff up today but I do my illusion because I travel a lot let fly a lot. And I was looking at this instinct coming up my home my god it's also true quote. The white Hungary just that true just Brad bastard nature of human beings these days. It's crazy Larry it is what he exactly what businesses are able on the airplane that I would certainly get on passengers. You're at all. I just I don't know how more fist fights don't break out of their play. Yeah oh. At that. Technical. Over the ridiculous. Crazy but. You have eight guilt but there if you think there are people absolutely I think some people are maybe like I haven't eight innings are key and well. It now your gonna trapped there will be well. There's two ways to look look I. I understand the idea of putting strange together close proximity for. Sometimes a very long period of time you all have to give and take a little bit because it's not comfortable. And even at the blame the little bit for shrinking that the passenger area you know see trees mowed the space between rose getting smaller. But that being said does not absolve you of your humanity if you're of politeness of sexual matters if you stick your (%expletive) hammered out between the airplane and my oh my arm and I'll incher god and those off. Exactly. I can only people that blame airline so we could get Opel it sure Eric let it. I thought I hit a ball out. I'm kicking your shut your your block off. Air by any Yunel or what a treat able Elop. Or. They're eight and act. On that jury people. They're correctly her. At the head. Public servant and out at all airplane actually be able laboratory elk eat out we want. The hell are you what's going on and that includes apple is circulated air. You and what it. Increasing browsing through their hair of the back seat. I swear to god at the very least I'm gonna cut or if I'm chewing gum or eating food it's all going and you're there. It but we're at but here over the act all the time you get jacket. You know what we're here in light anarchy that you know like tired like me he watched you know I'm the year whatever he does play a big game where you can. People yell they are so like our own little world and everyone's incredibly entitle them and they yet figured it bearer aircraft the world right along. The. Several years were you you're and that's Stew on a flight at seven years. And while and passenger shaming did he get you smoked it was passenger shaming too much and that some is like no you gotta go. Well I yeah I don't blog. Years ago I'll essentially ring and seeing as they eat out quite a plan to match up obviously. It got popular but then I started out the machine you're Al maybe quote it for years ago which was. Now what about photographic evidence it's ever been writing about because it was so unbelievable nobody believed buried but once that happens I was comfortable on my job. And I gonna tell it nobody and I mean nobody I set up in this class not that long delicate couple 23 years ago. And and I had gotten upgraded in I'm sitting there and I'm watching the faces on people who should be happy as people in the entire plane. And they're the big she used most outward like I was like yeah you're you people are awful like. Everything about it was unhappy nothing could make them happy. Iraq I thought it were literally in the front of the aircraft you know people are or age and I can hear that. Arguing it yell and say they haven't even literally got up for all the way yet and I might ignore it first or second well. You are are getting everything that's why. And very good you know it either don't know what it underwent. Well and that's and now what's happened it's because it's across wood and again you've done a lot of these you I'm just treating you were a police officer your paramedic and I was EMS as well for before radio. See you aren't you know and you see you you are someone who likes to help you are you heard that did that's in your nature. Did you know what I looked at parking lot actually volunteered to air years ago. You're obviously you know hunted it down pat says that. It's been a blood if you want people end up being yeah you want. Prosecutors he beat me yeah well. White it definitely comfort. Triple and M and in an enjoyable period because a lot worse stuck on the plane went you don't wanna be like early pit stop before it like a cult. And it just all changed some like yours disgusting Europe Europe hall get the Richard again drives me crazy season would pull their feet and put it on the book unlike. Would it first you think you'll be prepared to say would you do that your that your house arrest you know you would hear that. You would I know I can tell by the way you're acting you wouldn't. Yeah I would. I electoral. Called respectable yet. Why your not eagerly help out public in the Asian people out like it not. Look I guess I never audit early that all is well I don't like the look off. Overworked that maybe I'll give you a few people around. Oh people you least she's immigrant like some of the videos that picture of that in the world that's a little over the top public. She's wearing shoes which you scratched down her seat and stuck her feet straight merely heels to Jesus and a hall of you and your legs wide embryonic like stem chronic. And I'm like. Kind of like. The attention whore argue that you have to. What I call you believe that Pete. I would not people again almost like an. I had people ask you literally thirty part about being written column but I can help you are we movies. You're the ball it's ridiculous. They they look ridiculous things like that attention watched. You get it all along that they in fact you get that we called Galileo. That girl. You know. All on video and I all I'm Galley talking like an hour long light you know of your gonna get. A blood clot and although we should pull the it you know it. All lol yeah. Your pocket if you you'll pay out what a lot of Wear one why are all going to be on our Hamachi. Yeah you get. It won't believe all leave go to get paid a collaborative. You really don't believe that on the Q what I was worried about how people are it was actually him. Now how graphic evidence where they're like an app. Even the instead ran out. Mr. Gramm's got it at FaceBook has got to just gives Google passenger ship in FaceBook or Orleans area and it's a good man I mean because people really are disgusting. Portable like the girl stretched out over three seats with her dress up and I'm like an eight signal junk drawers. I won't they're slowly build. Big game at the top 100 is it current account so great about the big deal you are right about that. Outlook or maybe people it's a little bit why it's the only want to deal. I'll let you know you get it. It like you forget or you don't get it. You don't want them when I wouldn't deceit I would isn't it I love is the the one with the puppy is facing backers between the seats this clause betrayed his face I do like that's what I want. I want that that the entire flat. So I can do is look at you and be happy the rest let's let them act that you. We do you used the word like you know that does not count you're seeing it like yep the eloquent Q1 this year because it gets a little while. Mom and you know what the story of people and in the big I think there is. That was like the laboratory and you're getting ready alien in the cart here on fire while smoking crack a new. All. I. Now album let me tell you what it would go out what every that nobody out lot of happy or record talk about it. Why a fire near a lot one. So people would got away with the crack as a smoke probably would have triggered it but there are. It was prepared. And like a he asked so you don't get back in the we're happy. You're we currently have worked last unions here at the gate and you got me and I I action as well. Like that's a big thing with the industry elect is. I don't have a law like that the orange shirt like it looked like I expect our and that I actually look at the boats we particulate. Laughs that happens at people think you know. I can do it by action like the U week jet crashed into the public record I like Arabic might actually now I. Oh I know you're going to play a lot. Well people and why would you two issues but more fully why would you think it's okay to take your shirt off. Sure I'd. You're not mowing your on you know by that I don't yet but it shirt all. All the that but now I won't it stop it there leave. Now. By David Kirk act that is what Burton blocked port egg but at bear or. Are scratching my elbow on actors and straight cable or anywhere with that are at an eye on you it's not going to be at the very law. Yeah yeah I don't know I totally understand the guy who pulled his but he over his head. That was like you know me thumbs up what you just that would just make the whole Harold go away just put the plastic bag over my head all the they're two among colleges. I actually. Got to give outlet. Like I'm done I'm done. I Al. It is cellmate that by the best and handle because it just jumps off I get on the plane from Atlanta Kansas City and is is this really large orderly. Ago and she's sitting in my window seat whom am I think I think that's my seat she is no. Ago we'll hear or see the TC other letters telling them this is the wind. Nobody. Go out oak okay I'll pick the middle seat I'm six foot and you know Adam. So I sit and she's pretty heavy as you go to sleep just assumes a point it's. Just human. Let's armrest and my nature go. I'm like oh it's yes. And it. So she spills over on his somewhere in its meat blanket for an hour and 52 met its. I and that little knee. Worse. On the watch Matt but like all that it does not all pay a nightmare. All. Well you know. Look we're all other. Like word include it. Yes they don't get paid during the war that they are the hot moving air I'll fat lot of 3-D L and back. Back at bat that well you know with the people boarding the creaky back and it. Lee apparently. They're at it how can he make that walk away and it helped quite good at the practical or pick him. It includes. It won't I don't know. Oh you're a fit. Off the plane off the planes were its benefits. But exactly what we. Like hey I can't let that opening it early like well hey you know. Your credit to like it but that it but you wild reported. I wanna know because I need to check this at all where it probably not call that the outward. And Alice. Has. Yeah people are it is not that crazy and it like that at least read your shoot rock song that would be off until we. Dirty diaper on street people. I'll acknowledge that the air the people walk it's a laboratory at their bare the liquid all the lawyers not water guarantees. It used to be now it's used one more. Water nothing is worse and I got it to I don't know if you were ever on this Sunday on that. Flight but the flight to Vegas from anywhere is without a doubt most of knowing flight in history of imply. On the home there for a clock it. All. Air. Ambulance south west first and taking the girl they should never be in the first time we sit in the seat. Screws. My friends against the bears she's behind in another. It's my birthday and I don't like. OK so I get up and move forward one row and I say that it's just. I have I have six friends I know I don't care when you feel your mom's blocks the well I'm out like I don't care if my brain today I hope you never have another birthday that's. Web art and eat it yet everybody goalie to debate it does remember there bachelorette party that that's what. Yeah we're all but we all liberal network a wet well. When you're thirty I'm not gonna treat you like your five OK okay to bring it. Yeah he's the entire time you're there. A. All of our yeah eight people on diet and hang hang. Don't I thought I'd I'll tell you that light you on lightly that I don't forget that twenty plus year I don't know how we're doing it. Other from Iraq and art yeah on the belt well I couldn't do it. What I can type it up their. Eat your job way easier. On our eat here. We look you cop before you're. Oh my god he must have just thought oh my god I wish and stick. Yeah it was. It you know. Yeah it was a at least opera La. Up front gate like or worse it's just like here but I. Artwork I didn't happen unfortunately. And you know I did it and you're. You know it's you. You know they're disruptive. Passenger whatever a couple of or anything that happened about on a flight attendant. Call and a juror number 8000. It's crazy yeah. Let's go check it out for yourself passenger shaming finally into Graham and on FaceBook. You can you it's it's really good and then look up also Google ransom assess he's due to some really funny stuff on there. Any time it's that the flight attendant life dot com cracked. Is that correct is that he's carrying rats necessities to. Yeah rant about the UYL. A glut straight up. Well directorate. Change because we're doing the little end up on the web site there called you have combined to gather for. You think that Google app achieving at all about. X look anytime you come through here. Anytime we've got more believable talk as far as we have a flow all of this world has seen some dumb as I mean you're out of some goofy stuff like I mean I love you member tock airlines. I remember flying to Tegucigalpa. Thinking we're definitely gonna dies at that mountain range and they were bare wires and and I mean it was. Everything flew out of the overhead bins people preying on women crying people clapping and and and and kissing the floor and the like if it was your. Yeah he'll go to islanders man. I'd say there. Yes so opt. You looked at all on. He has and has not ordered them a photos. I'm way you want it picked up photo or video. What's most important. I'm all right John Kathleen thanks for coming by. There.