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Thursday, November 16th


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Our next guest is a former flight attendants and wonder who has made a name for herself with the blog. Winds of associates to enter FaceBook you can Seagram accounts from passengers fuming where she posts pictures and videos of people acting like all. Pujols on airliners from around the world. Please welcome John cattle. He should ignore. I'm pretty worried humans are your voice again YouTube Q seems to him. So much quiet and by the way I got elections are a few minutes before it sorted it. A lot well locker and Kirk Kerry shares go rock have to throw that out there Burt. There what I'm a great pleasure apologize to him. Yeah you know. Comics Larry you try you understand everybody's good now why her album actors in the nonsense everyday. You get it. Listen I see people and I am I just eats the craziest thing in the old Adrian it needs to be a thing to fly until. People would dress accordingly and I'm OK if you wanna Wear sweats on a plane but I'm not okay if you put your funky Bunyan feet on the wall or straight up you know there. You don't. Cooley and I you know what you are like that's what all well not really at the end you know what the air ultimatum and I like that. The shirt that opened almost by what what some. Flat in the here you know terms of what kind of wrapped up against me on that back in the bottle lot and I. Let's go go go go you know I'll broad tank we're in a blanket between this. It's but some of the New Orleans and and goodness of its huge capital you know it's it's people on the way to the importance airport inside the plane in the problem is. I'm trapped at fuselage you know a little bit to put 30000 people are miles now I can get away from these people. Drug people dirty diapers bare the C used condom which UConn and what you. I you need an NPR. Is confident that the ones that we don't ever put on the answer or page you're not even in the laboratory. What I'd call that. It's. If she's able to guys looking porn. I don't know born crop I and others is a great great shot of a guy. Clearly trying to shield his laptop but you can see from behind the reflection in the window and. And you wanna hear something Bobby. Plaque somebody out back this year up that particular photo because they hit it looked like I agree upon her however it was not. But they want and regret because they call it looks too much like I grandfather. So I Jack are. Outs. And just as I was. Just the game. So why do you seem covered in the latex with leash around his neck. Being that has its humiliation factor into it and where at the airport Gordon secured and then hung onto the plate. Yeah about what he would say how that happened I promise you do that it is not much maybe you know the plane. I sit next. Sir basically how he bought but he you know what that on after he got tickets yet bankers you know why. Acutely aware or does look I don't know it's a bit because his zipper mouth cheese or maybe you don't and we prefer the self for the next two and a half. My daughter who is Leachman. Helmsley's it was used for me it hit me drink game. At the end and walk and ride him up and down at him. I. Thought going into you know we'll be. Their partner and a plane of dignity back and give us need to begin on everything you could allow the peanut our think you know. You let people won't sit down suitcases don't fit. It's just it's just didn't have the big chief awful nightmare of humanity gets on these plea because people are not great anywhere anymore it there matters or go on and now your. You're it's it's a forced. You know closeness that it's it's it's too it doesn't go well many times. We need to keep your match except Europe occurred Hamburg you know flight average you're in Mac cap like you said. And at ease lodged our board thinks like a day at 80 yeah by mere. The parents that sense of entitlement is all they charge. People they elect spent a few hundred dollar but it sure you know where I want to elaborate treat that. 100 billion dollar aircraft LO watt who Beckley black bear he appeared. Crappy diaper ball over the plate demonstrate gables and it'll tell nobody gives any where any war on. We have a world where people welcome to constant flip them off. An incentive to make it now you've you've lost control of the and goofy bastards. I'm. Former Wii shop and urged well. Bet that absolutely happened to me I got my act grabbed in uniform wearing gone. Nobody gives a it nobody cared most. A lack well out there. I think. What the ball for about that deeper flattering. Yeah act that people don't get that they don't care at all age. I knew that. At what point out couple things one the majority of people you know I hate to deal what we're pretty option meat and really that's cheap long flight but also. Com. Shoot at the heir apparent that they like I'm all about 08 BER only sheen's behavior like that. But under waive your appearance where. But you're gonna be able airplane. You're probably going to be on the Rampage hopefully. Look I'm now looking for. Anybody on the play that big picture and add to their bigs to damage that you've got John Kathleen it's by the way your weight passenger shamed look for past usually rich yeah. I'm the only people now. Omni. Each of any book and and sir Graham. I want to play. Very decent people get it you. Why should he worked at a public you're out of out you know what it's like you know. You're dealing let them like of people that I cannot now we have photographic epic and. I was flying at the log in above currently in the airport it is no seats and there's a trip to meet you thugs and yoga pants blue pumpkin lighting and there's just when nobody here and but her bags and I'm looking at her and looked in the bag and we'll give her a look in the bag as you goes right back to texting. What's written. I'll I'll I'll I'll Lee and day ago. On the island the West Palm Beach walk up to that gate on it probably 1520 minutes prior to boarding and it was completely all. Almost every other G-8 back and it luggage in that I didn't history I'm you know like quick Ly bigger whatever he daily telling. And since that Perot like. I'm are all end here are fine all the thing out here while Herb Alpert back partridge in the war. For you also are yet but yeah they care that they're like that he the end you get I inside our computer. Yet the focus on you do what you've met the plane by going on old school rules really seriously man punch in the face we get off the plane fume. But then your breath it didn't really worry tell me how badly you must once they go the bathroom and just scored a little piece of people's coffee. I. Can you imagine. It would warrant so what does well are bunch people. Paul was why didn't you know it. What exit and was worried about it and then and then it turned out turbine and pop machine workers of other than not you're right about it by. Com. Yeah it was just like you'd just see Brad and smoke in your ear you're. You you can't start. Like you would like how did you get should be air war you know get through security let wall and you get up. Or our years of age you know. You're doing that. If we're moving very well and eat and be like people aren't so little bit but Ballmer. It should really get a call that that understand you know human nature when you're on Mary does it as an interest in experiment that your. The delta flight that just happened to Jordan to short addicted to strangers sat next to each other is like 28 year old girl and a of them quite older right. And blow it or won't oh she want to make Youngstown. And then. Mr. Robinson maybe you can give me a mouth log on a very full flight apparently. All. These. Then I need your unit unit you know like you are older shops pictures greatly update is all search. It in the air it might act and actually got back. You know why she. There. You'd like I I applaud her be able to get between the back of the receipt and yeah. My. Apparently they finished with no blanket and and the rest of when they went to alert and then you know coast. Mrs. I don't I'm sorry yeah when your new boyfriend had to go to jail apparently. Exactly you why do you go to jail you now I can't I don't have a Mac are Asian but you're in jail beat that beat you. I find it amazing that people make Levin those bathrooms I like to call me again and there's a candle in their race yet but you. Every time I particularly in 601 I think I don't know how you have sex is back there. I don't get. And elect Obama or not walker. Has stopped now now you know not think that while baking whatsoever outside. Albania. I hate. You want to be part of the club so forth but like you that you're strict but want op ivy. I don't know how anybody. Can. Get it like logistically how rarely happens but. I haven't had been warned of the banging out a Porta potty for a while yours like and you. Know when you're 20/20 one maybe seventy you're starting to do what you do it now I'm like you know what let's not do it well it. You are you're not saying you know not just in Atlanta so much of maximum bang in the BC. All O and all we're so. Used intelligently and just decides we're talking to them out there on the earlier that I bought flashlight with. You beat flash like yesterday. Yeah and I made the mistake the flag of trying to ram house which I thought was completely clean. You know you wash your toilet usually it's when you shake it and what that guy. One and visible throughout that time it's all I was. We'll. Seoul are saying. Can you imagine don't take that on your light and do and actually do it all I'm due to the bathroom shoot a picture. You you can't fly and ultimately. You don't eat that's my favorite that's my shaving graduates coming your way a guarantee is going to be awesome. Yet what it'll be on the going to be at churn out 100% but about to be flying jet like yeah I. I'm glad they got game get suit I. Does it it's good to your voice of less than what you negligent or talk about look at FaceBook. Is degraded its passenger shame if you traveled at all if you've and you get this is is not about. Traveling this is about humanity about the awful list of human being the true and oh my god who he. You don't want and started when it's YouTube were not a little eerie called stupid question on airplanes. Still. It's so ridiculous like that like a person literally are we moving into. There are going by our being public I can help. Our opening. You know your axe me CEO. Wait Burton got one on here that's what. Somebody literally and it's not. At at and I'll stand on the. I yeah you gotta read this book because I have a friend who are. Worked out and and in. The dolphins ever swim under the I know. How can you and if it's if it's 3000 pounds of these are very real very real questions very very rare it. They are boggle here by. Now people there people weren't helping ourselves we just it's that. We're getting dumber and meaner and weirder and more entitled by the second in me and Currie. But you know what you've you do the best you can't you make you know we see if you get aids make and that. We. What. Exactly what it is now yeah I'm usually eat you know what if I'd just like world of terrible way. Exactly right I did my ears and say why at least that was good for something record and it did meet all the people. And and then what I got to do that on up and trying to call out and hold on airplanes and hopefully. I'll like not that I deal. Very competent about it but. Ideally we go up our leaders need it now. I look at this one cookbook release her underpants on the seat. She took offer a frontier what you see it let the ring worn clearly edges and lead among Levy's. You'll find here you'll see like what like literally cut out that you are there tensions are there and the back pocket on all of war and oh did he want and what that dot. The cockpit worked somebody's mattered little emotional support animal kicking. No well well well well or well all. I would put out your bank and indicated to wonder what else to wade did this with you Iraq yet. And you know what and it's funny because I've had on here who. Changed their. Rec leader. Crappy diet or cable that we eat. And activate it at that at that anybody looked like it can't teach your air. You're Anbar people who really you know are gonna be featured on and at. But but. But it felt desperate that they liked there there are changing table the laboratory and a great place if not what a dirty diaper would be in the there's the SE back pocket or torched and I walk like I have. Don't Matt I did at one time and I felt so happy about it or walk walk topic that you need to keep our. That act do you diagnose the you'll find that the day hair extensions they call those tumble weeds. She. Ushered away yet you have to do it's it's it. They keep me the red chunk at the lead in abused. Well thank you are. Listen you come by here any time I can't we just all the merge for passengers. You Judah and a breast job at the business in that teachers like. Yeah we used to embark on back and don't eat it all and granted based book or wherever the heck you know I don't know Google lack guilt I guess and I can appreciate a lot what these guys and hi everybody thanks so much I appreciate it. All my whole life you know life. Just heard that you know them really almost versions of the models that the little ones at that was put on who have little stickers hash tag Jewish. And we like that and then you can stick to see what you're taking the picture of your instant. You know all of that because you know over and you look like a heart like kind of like you know of news are bite. You got it right. She can barely got you know that you don't like your three can I your vote now and I'll light at the very idea because. And a lot you can read about people put them right it's not your but how Stanford spurred by. We can make it there with a removable sticker she wanted to do it. Now. Thank you. She's got the right and it cop. Flight attendant who years of that should probably be the best I've ever. She scene and although I don't know election and a new act of what are you gonna get choked out into eleven that you while she's doing it with you on your. Kind of makes me.