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Wednesday, April 11th


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Would you give chilly McCullough and you guys don't know her name yet but that she's in the mom. Of the hip. And went to school would be lectured on the looks like from a golf shirt that says I'm loving it but it's basically since its legs not my Google much as the X yeah. It happens yeah yeah. Our next guest is a Texas mom who has gone viral this week after posting a video of her son wearing what he thought was a McDonald's shares. But turned down to something a little more sauce. Please welcome Shelley the color. I thought he was sitting. Donald. Don't hear anything. Shelley how are you this morning. I'm bed apart and you know could have been anybody is very funny guy. Though at what point do you realize he walked back into the house you let me. Let's assume the review should a little Fella. Not actually I did yeah I'll work. That the recorder up unease. And she sent it to me or not chat and a lack. A great men and that it currently paid his agent tell a lot of the year he had and I'll like oh my god. Sounds like an outbound now in it was. It was quite a shock. And oh what happens that you guys laugh because it it is harmless it is harm anybody it's a mistake consumer. You guys posted up and and what happens. And well didn't count out. Went crazy on the Internet. Never met in which he has now are locally Vienna and expect it to your outlook and it now. Yeah and the quality of the school it cuddle an inside joke from a tree hit it in it and where's that yes it now with the idea called proxy. For the week yeah and they have what's called prop mark. And you know when my kids that they didn't problem or not and congratulate him on and encouraging them more prime march well thought out about it that he makes it a mark ordinary. You know there at that Libby I'm not apology wasn't life. It's great game you take an attendant were going well for us email me at the Kennedy in Europe and he did. Though he but at least you okay would that has it's it's obviously he's he's little and in it's not effective as much but you know. It is as he's seen anything from this sudden Internet fame. Me I'm currently on the minds. At the you know he has a lot of you people have. Pat Buchanan and yeah he'd been you know talked about at school by. I don't particularly understand how big it is our that you know impact episode. Now at the chatter settling for. Thank you went to school and nobody noticed what the ones. Know how that number and economic debate and actual app and maybe he correctly in the morning saw a young coach are. Apple but the jacket back on top of the he'd written a lot without being on cause Alec and nurture it and. If you have this year back when you graduate you. Are out there ought. And he does what happened is that guys to be given you some shirts. And you know parents will do with you and it doesn't merely liking them groups of. Well. But. He had written statement came to count them up mainly member yet for his older boy. Well after hit it went very not why he after the one. And a boxer on the dial in aren't inequality in the company relegated close. He had no shot at a picture with ordinary here. But here's what my question eat fits him. So it's it's child's eyes and it's a big but not really. Well look at the document written media and so I don't know or are smaller than my and I thought the only answer. I make it I don't know it's all worth an adult. Maybe you use it for health class. Excellent sense on any negative feedback auditor as a bug is that there's trolls everywhere. Yeah other than a lot of negative comments and you know I just. Don't know those people are making a comment but not in everyday. There lately don't make or break my body. You're terrible mom go in there. It's. That's very funny it's at home I was in I was a little older demonstrated kickass other ruptured on the I mean the third period you know and oh. Wacko do you Waukesha and change yours then kicked. Off. So it happens these things happen. And so it's very fundamental hopes of what you guys in tunis and some kind of obviously McDonald's probably not reaching out. Now our locker. Our dentists and continue on do your best entry for the will be greatly appreciate your time. Oh all right this mean that it.