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Friday, May 12th


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Thanks for coming in. About 7000009 me about definitely and she had to make you're entered student yeah there is audited financial investment. You're not the importantly it's been a tiny Smart Brothers are. On January 12 in saint Louis Missouri. They are identical twin Brothers who launch their career in comedy while attending the University of Michigan defense. Actually moving to New York where they developed and start Indian TV series that person to end. They've gone on to appear in commercials for burger king and it would concert series this Grey's Anatomy it's Children's Hospital. Bottled us. Our homes. Well is there ESPN classic shell cheap seats and there were various VH one shows. And in such films as the wild hogs the Macs and my baby's daddy. And this weekend you can see them lines on stage if you problem. Please welcome rain being Jason's otherwise known as the storm Brothers and. Welcome to show. Every Saturday. I. The police do you think you like the computerized voice here and it's like if you're this is what you Doug is thinking and that's the view that the voice that comes out all your does not only loved us in the wild it's really there could actually stand to ours. You actually did you do that movie made me seek out that little town audio we went eyewitness to it there's really cool I imagine it is a great day. Crazy to be like in a movie width. They're doing this with Travolta. Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence and to have on the said Martin Lawrence CAA. To be Margaret says is dotted their enemies like John John Travolta. Do you mean and do for my daughter and his Aaron died and they start singing grease lightning and you're like all and I. I don't see. All tipper and we're like 00. My rule all right it was crazy and then Marisa Tomei was there like a loss so the poll still hot still dazzle us with Oscar. She like melt the cheese at thirteen year old girl from this thing I was likely January huge star somewhat disconcerting because you're twins and to go back and forth left and right sorry I don't know if I feel like switching cameras look on your opinion like everybody's like I guess finish each other's sentences that's so cool you all even onstage you kind of theses to the sins as we have a different view of I'm like I've never again to finish the sentence. We're here tonight and one of them. Seemed like Randy geez you guys are from Saint Louis that close again the group yeah I mean we have friends intensity or members implicated train and coming over here to. What was then Alameda plan as a pitcher you know and demeanor like hanging out Nokia and cities love to see that's the robbery still there in city Missouri Kansas City, Kansas to frank. Now now. Bridge connects you with kids think it was there's probably an Applebee's that straddles both sides you know that it you can have your appetizer of Missouri and encrypt mountain camp at the wayward but it's reality and prop this week to week. Would want to limit what you tomorrow we did too we did want show last night we have to tonight and through tomorrow yet to cross some raving about it right now yeah I mean hey you know as we have kids and families know really get out to do you like this many sets of comedy in bad times that's what we do the road we always feel like we come off the road were so much better as we do five shows of our standup it's fantastic over weaken any of the twins in the frame. Love our grandmother. Was our moms and mother would like her twin didn't make it through birth but like once that's in your family lives skips a generation so our kids could have we asked. Who should be really cool. It's a hundred days in the door and comedy is that's just. It's an odd thing anyway can I think I understand right you're huge comedy like nerds backyards neighborhoods we have like our like our uncle who was he was in California and he worked for an appliance or like got us of these guys are family of VCR before this is like rave act. What I remember there was a remote control connected whenever I couldn't believe we had a remote control but it had to be connected pretty see are the cards and it didn't reach our couch it decorate your house you missed it looked like at least convenient remote control lever but we still like watch comedy what's coming movies on videotape with a hundred to eight. But we videotape. Rodney Dangerfield young comedian special on TV and just watch it I was awesome I remember we saw a sign Phil's five minutes that on that thing which I think was when it was like 1984 orwellian idea unbelievable we're like. This guy is so lazy to shame that the rest the world won't know who this guy aside felt that a court does side and I remembered memories and George so like the dirty word. You do your bastards get really filthy bit down that's what I school immediately yes sir friends share a year share bits with our friends from the meaning they didn't know they just that we really funny when people throughout this is great we should we should step up and do this. And it was never even an issue for us like oh I'll go and then you do that will do it individually we thought we both love comedy. Let's just do it and then it just wound up being both of us on stage and taken us. You know thirty years in this business to try and figure out how to best use both of us on statement Philly we got let me think what you guys are done writing and specials and yeah touring and movies I mean. You hit on also guy and it is a really fun in and the fact in the now we have kids we can explain to them you know like you know hey this is daddy's we get to use our brains to actually have that be the thing that puts food on our table which is super cool. Hiatus. Leon curriculum and kids in I don't know where it's a moment and are trying to explain outshine explain to us at two kids so that makes it far more difficult places like so a comedian had like a seventeen month old it was tight how hard it was I was like. You're Europe here barely apparent elect apparently like and optometrists is a doctor here barely hung up I like yeah Dodd the top sometimes you know and look at I love we love doesn't tell him and I how much of that does that there is some we were like oh my god my baby and you like. And you're done and maybe is there anyway you can tie it up when you go like somewhere to eat lunch is not a cure the child. You can leave it was somebody else who is not in your family when you leave town. It's if you can't cut it's not sop in the communities like that the good idea that. It's not a Jack I neighbors I think tank here a Q percent is not yeah. It's it's the difference and so you know having kids is it's hard and we are explaining to another comedian he was like what's it like to have kids and be a comedian. Sounds like when all the votes went to practice. It when your comedian you of comedic aspirations and you know goals in this industry that worried. Your goals in your dreams are like Harrison Ford in the fugitive. And you blur without a bunch of tiny little Tommy Lee Jones and they're coming up hunt down near drowning to hide your dream down. And you just keep saying I and that's your attitude. To you both made you bitten yes webs of what is divorced when it. I am more more material. Yeah you really because we are trying to at this point you just Chinese theater what in what is life if something happens in life and usually if your puts the point where you're emotionally really upset about something on comedy coming up here absolutely immaterial. That is terrible for my life but we're gonna get a great five minute to me every great break ups taken as a point or every great character great play along so I think about it the pads albums are all albums written about like the worst breakup ever like great music comes out of its it's. It's a great way to teach your kids like him that that happens don't we yeah we always say like eat eat we always say yes to everything that's another thing about comedians like hey you wanna come to this weird thing yes I would like to because wanna see you know armed juggler yes. Let's do it it's here if it's great that you have a great experience if it's horrible that you have a bit and it fits the worst is if it's just been. It was his mediocre that it developers like Google we all over four hours on the radio now majors and all of the media you're leaving it it was social media now because you might pose a Twitter this year and it's you know it's all fine. So it is it is and all the time so proposition but we kind of love it because it keeps you sharp. You're always thinking like we go to the road we're doing this like audio documentary while we here in Kansas City every typical of the road we try to do about. Five to seven minutes of material about the town that we're in that we're using an attempt to rewrite it when we're there that's like the the challenge we give ourselves can we write fives have been material and so now against that he would like children you can even go to Thanksgiving and my Brothers. Yeah I -- and I would follow him maybe this might work together black holes that were working for a common goal list and we both landed at the canyon city airport we were like oh my god this is it women's prison and I got an assassin on the concrete it's like greatest airport in the world. I guess life has its smallest one can block grant that it out on out we're like we kept looking for the suns are bags claimants it was are walking around this circuit were walking around right now and we're like all I got there. It's right I think some of the things I would like him with the bags right by the gate we can't do that he's experiencing and I and we know people love it here but it is a very bizarre airport you have a podcast school. Past our world country out there which is sports and comedy we've been doing Netflix six years chick to the greatest story he was explaining to be lately and yet the show yet and accused him you know just to sports throws. These cases the nicest he said. We don't talk sports no one Compton's. I don't and you don't that we get to about the royals the royalty but it would look the I'm sure the city and you understood how big it was of course of course I was rooting for him that was a great thing but the royals I don't wait till the end Ellis yeah you don't you don't watch to the holes on the bandwagon concept anyway and that. To me the royals winning now after right now info on them it's like your wife agreeing to give you oral sex you like your anniversary right she's like look we did it ever went celebrate we had a parade and pop champagne it's not gonna him for another thirty year and I to enjoy. I look back on watched the dvd of it narrated by Paul Rudd and enjoy the Nokia. I have urged the bandwagon with sports people get mad. Used a band like why some people get mad at you know I wanna join right look you have to allow for the fact that yet people are gonna jump on when the when I mean there is a sign that the team's doing great that there are people who aren't immune adjusted were on board but it's a huge oral sex I don't wanna put that. Work not I don't have dinner and Melissa yeah it is just what his mouth and I. Ice is benefits get gasoline demand that don't want the parade and I want the whole thing like that with all of them again relationship and again I owners do it let me show up at the end let me show that the degree. And then sweeping in and wins this guy understands our Brothers the price we understand you you why it's what you dashed out of place Clark's. By eastern European it means glass blower. Certainly have put us what does that mean look a lot of opportunities if that helps that that is that he yes. The now and so I've there's nobody in our family ever did Tommy or anything so we are today living he sold alterations supplies and okra is salesman. Traffic has shot itself in a weird way there and test it's amazing it's our mom. It's just out in California with us and and she's actually there right now she's visiting us we did I did at midnight we did at midnight last night on Comedy Central and our mom was on for the special Mother's Day episode. And it was just so Ghraib happened or on into the first time she's ever been on TV I was on TV I would like she hit comedy that she had to deliver and she is she's not a comedy person but she was really good and it's funny she was so cute. But we were out in like you know eating with her and she's so funny when she orders like. Which he orders food now it is eight this it kind of bothers me but I think it is always hilarious like she's. She'll make a failing the waiter waitress was like he would Jews. Would you like some light greens to go along with side of it and she makes this face like she was just like shot close race like you know. Old western like just. I was like crazy she just ask you a greens. As well as a bit. The wages knew that her mom had a kidney stone last year and can't have greens because it creates this deposit why I'm here the only one knows that you know woman looks like we're afraid like you're offended by her reading suggestions here the only one who knows your medical. Let's restaurant come down Obama and you realize you we might even what you expect when you're together where they only deal with Yousef. They only do that now they deal with us today isn't exactly pretty overpowering like to stand here and that's I think the approach is going to be so great so fun to IKEA has this truly you've got that perfectly. Timing wise you know and that it long enough yet you know. And we love it I mean it is funny because when you do you have little kids like you. This late this feels like a treat you know there like me and we got get up early and do press and more like this for a while this is not early second of all. This is so fun because you know this is us getting to be independents and hang out with like cool people to laugh. Last night after the show we went downtown kids that he went to the record bars super grade play great car shine in Tokyo I told us all about the city where to go and I love that you zeroed in on that record Barr is the great place because he's got a friend for a win in LA who was like you've got into the record barb my buddies there Sean goes there item with who and and and then easily easily go over here. Who into the up down that guys like I've met criminal and Boehner ought to play the silver balls I'll really gas and yeah there are no great privilege okay Evans scholar regular diesel like pockets acknowledges it has. Did you hear it click here in your friend's dad's basement you know I have got that totally so that was really cool guys who were we relate to as walking over to it and and I I was doing. It felt so indulgent it was important kids to bed I was at like listening and going out shopping for food that we needed the next morning mostly I'm just walk in this to a bar that he. To borrow where I'm gonna play some steeple dammit nude for a three club for a big club that we're gonna go forth like Kindle. All of them great heart great value generated by machine indicated it kid he's got at least ten at least ten to read only so what are we have the flash that was our that's a great old that's a great feeling I was silent you know your policy not a weird like drunken we bought an AC/DC pinball machine on else. That's awesome. Do a better way you do not everybody hits so funny he's been RE Gary BA CDC did of course OK so women here great ASEAN sorry so rainy night when you're doing you know we did an animated show called oblong and on that show also on that shows Will Ferrell. And Will Ferrell was doing and out of New York we are in LA but we were going to New York for something and he said. Come to rehearsal for SNL if you want Saturday afternoon and you come watch her song like yes we'd love to. So we come watch Neil's like you guys are so lucky because musical guest is AC DC. And they're gonna do they're sound check in about ten minutes. All I mean everyone who worked on the show these like you need guys who shared love these grizzled guys who dare to care about like whoever they come down to what subject normally as a band when they do a sound check the play the first like couple hits of the sun and then those. Don't go out is that it. AC DC played a six song concert early due to start the only you know they're only doing Tucson on the show. They play six songs like all the bigs aren't back in black eye. I'm going to have to meet Brian we annual little 'cause we were like we're not in the cast and we don't wanna make a big deal but there's twelve of us. But for fifteen people is it a bad basics on cons around late as the and they rocked as if they were in Wembley Stadium it was the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life from 25 feet away. You'd better at is that a huge fan and let you have a friend Jesse Dupree from jackal in Bryant are good friends yeah so he carried us that that did Arista seem. Played 80000 seat home I can and ended up in the and then you know the crazy car with a mattress gone back to four seasons at the urban agenda I'm here and sitting there like I'd like hills and same thing that we elect again here now how in the hell how might seeing this through without Brian Johnson read out the. I mean anybody about Steve did you guys and I got it all and it's even smaller pieces tiny tiny little gremlin is agreement although my only the remains is that you know I feel like. He probably to themselves like wide and I've Mary myself to this school boy out now seventy and wariness. That I wearing velvet shorts shorts and we're like oh yeah a little weird yet now he's actually he's he's on the whole gamut and it is amazing I mean it's so good. These guys and it's my Brothers and improper. Is where they're gonna be too shook it usual tomorrow night there's something its left main. How great was it when he holds Lewis and wild hogs when you're in the movie I mean. That's what like people's idea the only words I mean it was so I agree we got to throw out the first pitch of the cardinals game for us that was unreal now and he threw it out through its so far left brushed back Rachel map now yes I left and I threw it has really been ideally I got an island again. I know I don't know I ever eight year old photographer like you know photograph or like a guy who I think actually pronounced photographer got caught photographed for I don't know how my back. Days and I know and so there was an eight year old photographer and he was like standing over to the side and thinking you would say he's gonna take my picture with Romeo and I think I was like I'm gonna go side arm on my side arm on the first page its Saber Reagan was at all. Quick isn't there it was a very it was a brand name Erica and I just through it's I miss the catcher and it hit this old man in his seat up. Altman an issue like he started he actually started to walk a little bit better yeah. Let me back for a second we were talking about going to SNL. How is these guys addition for instance. We've never done it we've never audition because it's a wonderful morning began with. Don't know I mean I think the only thing we could probably ever do on that would maybe be the news like. He's like yeah harder to do that would be so much fun and I feel like you know be right in our wheel house to do it however. You know you think about it see it's very much like we gotta get this guy we got to get they have limited number of slots and this definitely it never take two guys one right or they've Liberty's two guys who do similar things and put them in this hour more standup and sketch guys in Kenya right. Yes he's doing right right and we'd like doing you know I mean look you see the cute he does really have an accident like Saint Louis. As it makes you lose him antsy and I we've party fiery guy out on highway party prior innocent so thick you can media with a Farc and that it I think at the it affected so. It's so funny and you realize like Billy has an accident like as if intermediate structures the accident but I mean just we're watching live from Darryl barrels played their Harley and a great show arrests so he has musicians on and he plays one of the they have played Darrow I don't know kind songs and then we'll do one from the from the I was watching it. This deal holes delicate very silky smooth kind of almost Motown he voice it's really it's that you can't detect any accident when he talks. At this Philly accent that I would not ready for so let's see the green was on the show and I just remembered their most talkative and they're like hanging around is like. Say well you wanna get a great look at the your editor for well. So that we're watching the watching rocky rocky series I'm like man run hockey. You know they made seven movie Star Wars and he has made eight movies or nine but it is the Iraqi meets the movies. And Willie EYE makes him lose we won an Oscar because they're like he got it right he got the boxing right all of it a 100% I was really really accurately through float really accurate but then I was in the spilling accidentally rocky style accused of New York who you we've Gary are you worried drew do. That sounds like New York how much of a better movie would have been if they had the Philly. Since it is not day yelled makes her doubts no limit at all my neck. Pat and I can't fight it out while Kurt. 15 the broke kissing Britney award race. How come your way I don't know if and I kind of I don't watch that I'd be a wave bigger for stuff bothers you guys got. Is out of business policy against a look and when something happens that you like a line that can't. The brackets can leave at this and then dad immediately start she's saying like look at this and then we want that's what comedians army were kind of weirdly anthropologists we should study behavior we kind of revitalize this this is bumping me this thing that we all deal with is bothering me and I bet it bothers other people too and if you can actually touched on it and people. Come together. It's cool because. You know were in a world grain that kind of the time everyone's looking at their phone right now people look at each other and no one is nobody's people watching their and that's the best artists. At a concert like people are holding a double it and the videotaping the concert with their ham I just. And enjoy the show and I've been guilty of taking a picture to a fine but I know people who watch a whole content through their follow stupid putting down wants a thing or hang with each other. At a comedy shows no phony can you know I can't record you can't watch so for the first time in a hotel room full of people laughing at the same time it feels like the very communal experience that's why we love when people come out to the shows and doing the show because it's very much day here we're giving you or opening ourselves up to you and if you're laughing back at us that we've all of them again alleged child of any rough and rep patch has allowed to have that like immediately. Did you have a great big yeah we are lucky we were very lucky I mean we do we definitely had some. You know we were bullied his kids carrier weird and and just. We had to deal with that but the main thing. That was great for us we were either. We got great attention because we're twins and it was here or we got you know Gretzky Dag yeah and got our ass kicked because people didn't like us so five I mean we were together it made us closer and it also. Taught us and overlook us the comedies like a weapon if you are and you can actually be really funny. We've done like the rose battle on Comedy Central we've done all those things and so like we needed that stuff you just realize oh we have the power to use comedy teacher refuses to. Please don't you guys as my body has triplets. Hollywood migrate a close friend Eric. Impact on the god but the show. When I saw was identical girls Olivia and Gabby. Dominique their brother and beat his ass well now I yeah I mean I particularly like bite marks I hear they're they were a year apple has been that bad. But I mean he's gonna be he's going to be much tougher and he is he's gonna realize that or he'll be transgender you have under his mind hey guys trying to come when we'll coming after me women that come after me and Mikey and abiding. You know rank that's humanity really I promise that it felt like is that what it's as simple when you're young Bachelor of Science writer he's Annan is so afraid of by being Manny anywhere finishes you guys now work in I think. Noble thing I am to him and I was I bet I have them but I haven't like fully explore them for fear of what they might be. Yeah now like media like getting punched out I don't know access that app and I don't know that I wanna now. You know do you. You shoot at least she wouldn't doesn't it. Now everybody has their thing that's I have never judging on the way people in has got this thing unless you like a teacher and kidnapped the kid across state. I think you're -- judge a -- -- it's a girl -- -- -- what -- not so that is the double standards that does she know that it is like -- high -- -- Betsy has not -- kid he had the -- it's the other way around like absolutely not the kind of -- look at her ground we -- that they degrade her and you know a greater at all don't counsel her and of course the -- he had -- -- assured did you -- severed its anchor on the -- shall not only do that never did want it because -- -- we -- ourselves to be individuals that like once you get in with somebody it's like the -- if this person would know I remember people in our lives -- don't even think we look like people who are closer -- no -- -- -- is slightly different kind of -- I -- I learned early on -- -- to the -- yet to find something find the -- marks five figure out how they are different and then once you get to know people their personalities -- different with -- -- are different nothing you're like oh that's very much a reference until the part on the phones but that you don't and that's. What it is a sign of his people care people really care they like I wanna know the difference and I really care about and I wanna do and that to us always signified these people really love us. I remember we had sensitivities can get you hurt as well as a kind of open heart I know it is I don't really loves. You know let that go well like people I like what people care about things like even we are friend who lived with the New York with a little bit time in LA his grandmother who was would like call up our house and he does that call up our our land line in in New York is back in the mid nineties. And she would just column we guy hey it's raining Jason generics out we're not we're not home right now but leave the mess and we'll come right back in his going to be like. Yeah is this young black phone I think you. And then like I was work but hey it's Eric here on my not my desk right now but I'll be back to is this whole thought. So let's say grandma and that he does who lives who live to a 104. You really want to. Now maybe that's the answer I don't de layer about your grandkids and you live a nice Slovakia. It could be dead by fifty if that's nothing happened at that. Dude touring on the Ronald to have four of the eight feet so will end and I definitely don't have the stamina like we even drink that much last night and I was like how we how my even up this morning guys do great impressed by the way you played great room to get you're gonna have a great week. I love that rim I'm it was the first time that we've we did last night and did last night and is a beautiful room it is a great club run by really nice PDF so absolute come on out these shows are going to be super far feature act is a really good comedian from my New York Nate Fritz and that we used to bring on the road with an ax and he just sets the table really nicely I know a few of the guys from New York adult Davidson. He and pray that good people we were in New York for awhile man. We did our is in class action cheap seats we shot that in New York who were living in LA but coming back to New York one week out of every month and when we're there we shoot the TV should during the day. That would go out Doucet and comedy nights we got to know the New York comedy scene there as well so it's great. So that's a lot and really it's a lot and an individual of sports when we find exports to. Mr. Chris golf they find him. Yeah. Sure. We're at currently Davidson north as a matter fact stop by Saturday the spring Sturges part. Liberians noon to six bikini bike watch and depressed as friends all day long mr. golf now are you by the way. This collaborative rain into the. Thank inaccurate to fell victim keeps the I'm very very good there. Yeah I mean good morning every oil crept up was fortunate sort of Thursday are very Friday great well. The Kansas City Royals by an afternoon game yesterday in the final concert that four game series have to pay grade. Jason Vargas does look like Cy Young so far this year and look straight up about Sterger. He that 34 year old is seven quote spending three. Drop the league leading RAQ. One point 01. North America lucrative revenue area that load that haven't beaten Zack Greinke the royal 2000 not on site. The royals when it picked dip belt broke for a two run double spilled out of all of them well though. The royal come home now I'm home there in the Baltimore Orioles come to sound bite you any upbeat start against Chris Tillman attic Kauffman Stadium. You out Yani you know my title and cook. That he story at their court you know jail dark gave them the most obvious quote of the year is that the NBA draft camp this year that this com line of the week. But the very elaborate but the bitter outcome by now albeit team Philip are either going to pop league draft. In a few weeks that he said if I don't quite get picked on probably going there. Thanks big news dropped the break he had not. Yet Johnny's belt court. He has been held may 24 that decided he's going to go to to come back hey you. Here but it beat that amount if you can have like pump action as a lot of garden in on so. What I want on fourteen players in Chicago would not unit out and waited for our school. Thinking back come on down in my again at the outcome micro U ordered the other hand there are many questions for some reason and coaches that questions like. Not be slow down or speed up her life. Or. Independent. In dollars. Yet you know what the word no means to understand content and. And what happened. Happened like that reflect logical. And it's gonna happen. Or did you hear Johnny is that he had the player of the year frank mate was that the trade question and that what do you what we saw. I don't want you without the man he told reporters that he went with the content to it that it might lead. Apparently not afraid that in court he emit a week for admitting that you do not operate. My same like with the age appropriate girls. I girl friends like island he's mostly not the only other passengers. Had to. Oklahoma school president David Bourne says the university doesn't have any plans to make the move out of the thick of copper. Boren was responding to comments made by all fine by now mine area code on the beat and beat the network earlier this week. Over the past several days bind them as that reiterated his belief that sojo and others that the editor to look you are way out of the big twelve. He like in the big twelve the Titanic. Boren said Thursday that the league remain competitive financially. Last summer the conference distributed over thirty million dollars each of the ten members which ranks third among our fire our. Swear to god it's still freaked out there knowing you were talking about it all these exactly. It's this guy is loves the Southeastern Conference any we took a shot at him to yeah it was pretty fun and that's where I felt like he had signs. Or. I bet he'd Donnie doesn't appreciate that the man buried in the big twelve that. So like you know error error. Me as well. Equipment securities exchange commissions at the jets and he has now that there. And it to a Johnny rate it banquet here at the speedway right. And trucks to. Well about me your bond reluctantly. And and ray. Yes and a truck series and the S and stop the answers Saturday. A site that it. All vying for the Toyota thundered through fifty trucks there the day wreath there yet. It beat it all on the billboard 400 monster energy now they're up yours start by 45. Tonight 730. That further under a two bit. And on Saturday. It opened at three to Goebel 400 began at 630. Right now Brad Kozlowski and Jimmie Johnson you're standing leaders like borders fit in well. And buttons. At. The and it's time but it. That's coming very close. Finally got in Denmark are good you're on your money being open opposing players would bet rat giant dead rat. It always go in the rugby I football club was wearing rival FC Copenhagen. On April 7 he'd been brought me here but it's growing master at. On the opposing team in are vehemently at the rat chapters within one year ban the other art football federation has that been defined the club roughly about 70000. America all. The court. It. On the thing but it means there's like when you have dead rats it is always think of like that was amusingly. It goes in the game is like I mean where's my dead rats. Yeah. Yeah check your card. But at Wrigley check your partner and your eyes. To a I was holding it is I was holding in my other hand forgot I had to do it. I. That if an important. In Denmark. He's also another made it. Sorry what good well. It was England run. All of them. Often when Johnny can beat Chile I try to explain to Johnny you know how America works united how about but it is. I don't really have a life anymore and it's very facility I mean he doesn't try. The ground out the way I prefer it. Be legal yeah. The dream coaching experience. They that. Beautiful breasts injury. To my other colleagues Lewis. Meets. And he's enough. Oh that's. Normally used before it is it is an. There now. I. And the case. That's. At or others like her. And and I think that you love porn. Porn. More than an hour. Should. It's you it's me well currently her. It. Temperature may be. You don't go back baby sitter. Honestly that's. A it seems possible yet. Table. At. Wards and you know. Exteriors that. Exteriors. Story. On that. A Nancy and award. It. Literally seamless it's. Legitimately. Farmers only. There is. It's like years ago I hear the running game you know. No. She was the last line you'd ever ever. You never center has been. A once that while he yeah. You. If you take the I that he's. Not enough. I got beat you continue to pour. In and took a regular day for Friday and it up the united important now continue life much you endless. Endless. Pictures right. Now. Our blood Brothers among my elected judge I don't. Jesus and yeah as she knows that I get rid of evidence is that. I judging she's actual accident he'll in those statutes you know she says motion to strike some babies and giving him I don't know. I don't know when you're that this she says please approach the bad it's. I can't ask. If you're right is right forum. In your breeze right to see. Pavel should be viewed. You you'll all yeah definitely Watson says all are. More of that at the end listen constitutions and he's just mr. Goff who raises. I am not on comedy cellar Congo our show bro when it's out there you go girl time I had my viewed. Let's please stay right there mr. Goff thank you miss holly stay right there and you guys and thank you for coming things happen I have thousands of storing your great listeners know about shows him proud this weekend this Clark Brothers until you go to the show tonight tomorrow night. It's beautiful man and a great weekend so areas on a rose is going to be great got a great restaurant that it's a good night it wasn't him telling you it it's it's comedy like I've not seen yet available there's no new experience for you if you ever seem to be able due to comedy on stage it is very much kind of we bounced back and forth like music it plays like music a little bit easier to look at it it truly is not about. Visual I mean it's really not it's about the timing yeah you guys have a budget a perfect time with each other things they guy goes to show don't forget also podcast. Yes that's clobber a country we have another guy has called dumb people town which is really fun as dumb people downtown rob scorcher with on so rough gorges on this week's episode he's an amazing memory of Stanford is in an episode in two weeks guy brands on the sets is too good fun go back who have Jon Hamm was on the show. And I'm really mad ugly edge area some AS to came about a space. All right you guys have to come into the big slick. No movement on that you really do you the exit that's coming up soon. A good object picture ready gets numbers to Saint Louis is close enough that you know. You basically and yeah it was Hamlin who you know of his legacy intact and run did ask Jason did ask this but it's toaster that's is what we it's Father's Day weekend that they usually do it and that's so hard for us because we're that sell you what hang with a bunch of be evaluated in order those kids it's true. You could name has been just text highlight magic. Well I. Mean you know what I mean I did he do that and I'm. That's news that is that the abracadabra you're. We may disappear again if we're back with us with your wand Barack in its disappear. He'll listen if you do get the old disappearing finger track. I live right. Again. You obviously. The main thing. This film company says wow. Now belongs to the final.