Friday, March 16th


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Smuggle you lose dot com we come before our owner created a slump earlier this brilliant did do what you get raped at these sporting events at these concerts like. These cruises cruises the more you get killed again about yeah you know and don't ever be on the dot SS diarrhea anyway. Where the big sell for me as I keep eagle putt fool cats thank you. But then you can't bring as much booze you want you have to pay their prices in your stock and a bowl with strangers to me now. No. That's you know that the well. Oh yeah her fingertips. No 1000 like this it's my burn anyway here's Johnny air morning show on Thursday. You're now. There. But now there. As a Weezer and green technology here cars to jump in there Lorraine Jacques White. Change. The lord's work. What if every day. So good you how you may everything's good. Everything is and I feel like I am spreading the word you're taking back the price of life journey. Yeah you won a marvelous time he says he loves this morning do we stay out late last night. I don't want Floyd on February. This like we have give these guys that go to the lowdown this if you didn't meet Jane before the show smugly your booze dot com. They make it's objects the truth you know obviously can hold liquid stuff. You see a sports onscreen jar and I think that's just what did you see her but that's just what it is. You see tampons and I think two things I think OK there's my answer NB I don't mess for those who who. Hidden inside. Beautiful shots of liquor 68 at that time wonderful but now they've expanded on that you got so many items we'll talk about this morning. Do we do that the main thing. You have got. The first new one hour talk about is the purse. That thing you could open up it looks just like a regular person. It's got a little pocket losing a cell phone pocket on the side. Now as long as they don't notice that you walked in any sporting event anywhere in America with how much is a whole what was he ounce on the. Yet it out of all working order a bottle of blue. You're. Yeah with the heat all all. You're you're going you're going pretty apparent you convert it would be you know. Lou and the wind the only liquid I'm telling you I don't watch it girl and I actually Whitney at the party thought well. You know what they've yet is it wind because we also little. Whom uncomfortable tell people that we're entering the entire fifth of what effort for sharing that I know. Exactly why misses some class human smugglers losing course and I thought I think I know you laugh. I think that's classy like great is far. No man bagged up I found that little distracted. What about who's gonna guess what about what am I gonna do what I need to get in there. Coleman personally without somebody to figure out how they dreamed I was. Celso. Or menu could eat a mule and you could you could use the persecute the beach bag and just put a little laughter. Please his passes its. He's human girlfriend he's my girlfriend. Yeah. I'm looking for my girlfriend ever say when you look I turned it yeah well I mean you've got to me and that. Now knee he hides everything in her Brooke is here every charge he has security keys wallet money everything. If there's room there's also room for ace was it the movie that correct. The movie that I don't feel good when I first got started out how firm that was my first I got because I could. Pocket it beg you and then triple ATM but I can only work are black church has lately. So much but who we think is the first one gigabyte shut everything on the block and he buckled it down there. I put in the death camp in their pocket so it would be perfect for you couldn't get thrown in the press about your shoes off and then your there's. Or or Baghdad an eclectic you know it was good. Looks pretty good so you combine that are witnessed sunscreen. You're. Cell phone and the kick and out of the blue. And it at the rainy day you can't forget your umbrella what's. For a ground faster we have a huge rock festival you know and now we don't allow umbrellas and so I would say people. You wanna stay with the sun screen and you wanna stay with the person you wanna stay with the tote bag because you can bring all those things and tampons for sure really at that now for those of you who maybe. Our lives are challenged in you have to go the other way you've also got tampons that smuggling you do and you could hide. Anything you would roll inside this and then did you sell the sanitary rappers are tampons that seal up. Yeah. I know because who rapidly picking apart nobody. Nobody's that's right. So designer and I hear I hear box so what do you what the hell yeah. That there are no more popular team should play. Certainly knows he's got to Tampa is that office. They you have all these items fantastic items that's you know what would you success rate you heard much back from people. I like your about it all the time people come up with all the time and thank Oprah about the person any. I mostly always get it only question she won't. But I think you can't play that they use my product on the parent I I only have diluted earnings would be somewhat cool. I think I onscreen put on the table were sitting up I just make I don't drink it straight when welcome although it. Money what I can wouldn't let me sure but I take it everywhere thanks wherever I believe. I was onscreen or brush company in my purse. And everybody that it works are these discrete remember that always you don't want to get buckets and they called Michael Hurley won't. And you differently if you look on what you discrete make it an art onscreen. Complex. A I hope and Kimberly does that feel. What you Q would you like to feel lucky they'll let us talk about all of them put the lid on. So security kick the top it look like they've never been opened it it's a bamboo pole. It is available I just get rated talk to buy these. So you can do this or anything so you know make a lot of time to unscrew it poke through it a seal yeah ordered access the fluid inside this is that single and so. This feels perfectly O visa also addition Berkshire bottle the pill bottle doesn't work for anything you had to hide something inside of to make it look like it's been hermetically sealed at a factory. A block that's what answers feels very tamper resistant look at Hud dollar tax that's genius she is doing the lord's retains feels ten census sealed for God's sake. Can I buy buttons for ten. They probably bought them already we knew why don't. It's as I've indicated that you have all. This in ten bucks for five reasonable do did we need that sunscreen lotion or the sun screen last hole I'm just that. There and creamy orange sun screen hold channeled through and the blue such great hope I. Yeah more over orange sense that we know why I'm sorry right at you what you've got the ultimate. Super woman package which has that. Tampons hand sanitizing sunscreen lotion. Tom what's the point 0081. This is so important in order and yes overrun this was talked about this. This is for women to stand up in your day. I know see what we're getting flak about your back at somebody else is he. Behind act and pocketbook saying. And if there isn't he like it may. And they're all cramped but I think if I mean. It's it's actually may be a god by for that but I'll get it over and I'm hovering over the toilet. Yet now this is that it's called the stand up boycott the squat. Is there such a relationship at the check take Puerto bodies oh you know what I mean so we're just Graceland. This Graceland I thirty meters or twenty some acres. There in Edwards fell and it. What I need to do. It is is get a whole bunch of these for girls come out because I did PS IDS either so much that. I don't even think about that stuff myself I have a house in a neighborhood as well and that. I caught myself being in the front yards and a neighbor's whatever. So it is. Let them again I want chemical moving everywhere well. Yeah basically yeah so these are major. In that purse back is absolutely genius. That's it's I think tampons lasts and boycott the squad coming your package via. Stand ups. Looking back again what's what we have. People walking back for a big one and only he can beat Kerry who say. Although it could and it. Don't know if you say you've completely fair Philly yourself bungle that your voice was a horse that you speaks. Guys. The people woman a thirty day. All they beat the heart attack as it. Chip hey listen you know I feel so bad your voice I want everybody to go to smuggle your bruised outcome smuggled your booze dot com now of course. As far as bonds considered we want you to use him as every other country except for a court this week. So you do what you gotta do people and you miss Jane rest that voice before you lose it all weekend this tomorrow's big game per. I'm in the since you guys a box of up to give away your listeners. Please. Blend all quite posted on your paper cup and probably got a complete buckeye needy Californians but I love your show you you won't fit it in you couldn't just one of sorry I put on their. Special code it. And white. Promo. All one word at slightly twenty promo and I'm on my web site to check out you get 20% Iraq. Swings 1% on the news RD inexpensive and probably you idiot for Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow. You can always in the closet newly. Festivals summertime is here. It's a great idea very genius and that jail if you do well they get it smuggle your boos de cock. Menendez and me. Even the campaign season.