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Monday, September 11th


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Means finding it out on the famed Sunset Strip. Eventually grew to sold out shows in Hollywood and Las Vegas and right here in Kansas City and became a worldwide phenomenon. Steel. Just released a new video for the song wasted too much time featuring an appearance by stone sour. And on September 26. He returned to PC along with stone sour for a show their commitment theater. Please welcome steel panther crew. Drummer and friend of the show. Sticks and didn't. Wait you wait. What are we doing. It is a it. Oh like you of I have a Leland it is. Again the I was in with you particularly if you me and stroke. And he was he was in The Hague appeal defied. I don't even know obviously he I don't know where it that's what department of hundred extra couple. Good illicit if you're up or down because it's. It's a great video and even the great jobs this your first time directing. It it would record I'm directing and why. I cannot tell you. How much firmer. I didn't I I expect that. It's illegal conduct a kind of old woman do that I didn't know it was going to be as cool that would really. Implode aborted due to be here. Took the whole storyline behind the thing you guys listen you that if you haven't seen it yet is that you know we've all had different I have a friend now who just had a gem out of Florida because hurricane. Erma I just smoked for Myers and yet they drive all the way to Kansas City. In the heat of what you're one of those straight in this it was the story of the song. Like I watched it happen super hot chick just hammering him just back and forth and just gonna I mean he walked into Iraq general concert when it wearing a red. Build it smoking jacket because she told the. We that the problem. In you know it is Fareed it's not even just didn't get it checked that the future course. In and I feel like that that big yet most universal. Aside. In that Oprah. Well I mean echoes today. And in the entire game who's portraying to paint in the video is stones out. It is are those that all your go to wolf polluted. It is unity for and it was if it looks so cool them. He looks so we have long hair like so used to seeing great all but a much. Scoring is that this court is nickel at scoring and that's the other scoring. It all the and they were in no way at army. They know we've had been calling it a long time and courting those in the truck that's great truck. QB you know in nature like there are Arabic look and seek. It's trying to get jobs there and look at leopard very shy there each. You and ignorant. Cart has been in general Ichiro came in. He liked it when they're in chains like I could achieve a majority of gold standard and he's geek Wear these because. I'm never come more would eat yeah act. Like. They're. Is that cool would it be more aware and once. It's what they saw what we were doing. He's actually he would. This is going to be awesome and athletic girl was still they helped it would be delivered. How do you it's such a great radio in the end three hot chicks and of course. Mr. Michael star in the hot tub together but the amount that we got that Massa looks like this company I know called CFX. They're just as the greatest old man master of all time cause there's so legitimately so real. Well you know what we did is it's funny because mine does it is. A bit at the you're cold sort of the secret which actually live execute the order. They're they're quick car and so except god. Has him or he originally. We had him award and the look like that in. Somehow. We didn't get that look to get into we saw the first of what we do appreciate this so you let back yet. He wouldn't forget hours that they chair it and it's at yet from them either. Killed it and made it look. You know look at that we. You know looks like him in five years. We're friends and given. That means. You're good at the reunion tour right here for me. Yet. Could you dollars us some nice boobs. Only this. You know I'm proud that I'm proud that we should not have been ignored our. I don't know whether it be huge because they are still quite happy that it just like people who let them fly. Of the war on. I don't know whose girls those are but those girls are ridiculously. Hot. You know war before those girls are a little after Serb. And Good Charlotte are there. That we really did that Nikki Clark and they are. Just loved the world that is well honestly. Some of the some extraordinarily grill. Of course there are. That you could have an adult actor anymore it's not like definitely was 3040 years ago now the other charge their own careers and do what they want it's it's course. Yeah I think they they make their own we beat you call it looks. I mean obviously it didn't happen it was great. So who didn't wanna be seen in the video in the video there's a guy who's the plumber. And I'm like he does not wanna be completely revealed. You build our society that is. I'd like to talk. Exe. Why couldn't I couldn't. Upload a volatile rookie mistake of that are. And I didn't get being content shouted it's only gotten lucky in the light. How. A crucial clue what it did go to the pressure today. I'm a little nervous to go to the art car question just. And they had to do are getting more sort of at the direction and caught it is. And it looked at the next director nick media that I needed to be just all electric safe and this. But listen the central stash is that is the start know that sure there's not topless poor girls in the hot tub and aging Michael style these. Incredibly the other girl who plays the Bennett the girlfriend incredibly. Credible looking. But the star far away as the it's it's it's it's stash on on sexual it's amazing. It is isn't it our boat Q. Terrible road there upper level it and I feel like. Achieving the good arm which was the act as short. We tablets such as solid lead it and you get that. Just keep. I hate that. I GAAP that the look you give that you would meet the need only look at the camera would actually go on it's it makes itself. In the list action but that's street. In order. You know he's he's fantastic he's that he'd definitely he had it going on east it's part punch. Your partner Reynolds it's all all the news. You know I. So glad that you enjoyable little video that it is leaking out it meet thinks he's so happy that. It's been paid court district of it was really fun to come up with accomplish it and now you're seeing what was in my brain. Bachelor or. Doug is going to be great care what you guys are all in got a couple weeks from now you in stone sour I love the fact that core is. And it just makes me like you meet more because I know I'm still a wee bit from interviews just in just you know moments like that. So hey I know if he's able you guys he gets it that if he's got to be a good cat and elements that you guys could do that all tour together. You've. One of the deal with Korean espionage agent I didn't together and you know part of. Part of the reason why we're doing together is an apology for home and even at that. That tactic do it and you know what you and that the more you'll realize. That that. Let you know our fair. Who appreciate what you've been added that the love a lap that looked so flat and brought in they won't give up on on the light. In the front of the party Iranians don't go to a little bit more TV it's erupting. So. In order to increase or about and they didn't you know. ET it just makes sense that wouldn't you know it do we do they're gonna do it. And we'll get a picture everybody. Being in that greatly for the old school game you battle raging not. Good. To be. On their new album is fantastic analyst and a bunch quarter is great. And if you just to show here at incredible stakes being so good. He Hewlett eat he literally means we and our borders on court which back. Well as they do it. Altitude making you an idea what. Are screwed. Like we're still party until the ebitda. So I'd be given more like it's Hollywood you know you that I know that I said the party started it and mature and scheduled till midnight. Yeah I would fashionably late in that little electrical. Have to be introduced that's what gives you that certain thing it's. And those that are accurate in its guard down the lord let's look at street. Robert Plant it's a little even that Big Apple will try to bring back we're trying to just eat late peak. Listen it's going to be a great tournament and I know you guys had a great year. I'm excited to see what happens at some point you gotta think about a new album next you don't. It could be the next starting guard didn't he'll never walk is that we do over built. It needed to the full length that it EP I don't go forward and out of all the way of of the he being. Did you know give me right when you get a great song. A great idea that you should release and around the world that you write that you don't have to wait around and madness. And I think that we can put up something. And as cool as we've never and ordered if you for folks. Don't drop it sure. Listen anybody knows it it when you see as compared to show you're seeing the greatest rock general shorter than sold out every single time it's ever been in Kansas City. They'll be here restores our Tuesday September 26 the Midland theatre. It'll be a lot of fun they'll be showing I'm looking forward to amend the seemed to both sides. Well don't you think you know the occasion of army on. So yeah. European heads not only them but we'll. Listen I guess it's LA time I every time I and one of the book the stuff from the courts would cancel awful for these guys. We were I don't live in new York and he. You can live in the kidney. The bill palm trees there it is. These hobbies and in new you've done that deliberately it will help us there. That's your family right. For the kings of the street guys am waiting for you hopefully you guys who did your statue before you die there at the grand. I hope we get there this year will we get her star on the Hollywood walk through really get rid of our sushi now are. They know when you're not. Let me pick up what it's particularly. In the if you go on the door of the people. Absurd to think that it be a question about chemistry. Start one. Okay anger that I'll be there are you kidding me I'll be doing the work ethic of Miller's. We view and then Bret Michaels and the deal is per cycle. Yeah it is. It's grade graduation and a wasted too much time is fantastic and thanks for the heads up on the adult film matches I'll go home and study them at length. The sentiment. Do you think they'll seriously. Think that topic up pretty. I think it on the is that that we can come up there it's been raging parties are. Any time and the great state.