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Next two guests are both Kansas City natives but one is a graduate of Shawnee mission west made a name for himself as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. I'm just such films as tall task we know the millers and horrible bosses. There is a graduate from Shawnee mission north who was an accomplished drummer. We've lost most of his left leg to cancer and now serves as executive director of steps three and organization helping amputees get prosthetic limbs. In this Sunday night. We'll joined former SNL cast members Fred Armisen people for the end of more profound. A fund raiser for steps of faith at the uptown theater. Please welcome Billy Graham welcome Jason Sudeikis. It mr. today he's in front. Of the lord yourself. I deserve them here with the incredibly devastatingly handsome Billy Graham. About as well all. Right it's. He's the only easy such you know he's got better looking I'd seen him at least eleven years and he got better looking off about. So people. Wanted to start our. That's what it's the darker it's exactly Iraq general will thunder going to be part of the dollar currently being with the call me apart Sunday night. Well a little bit I mean the devil's music great. Of course we got the best. Then I've been yeah and then go away you know if there are a lot of other influence Raymond you know and child and so. There should be suitable also I'd say. This is a great concert comedy yet some friends come and and people we know from Kansas City it's going to be a Foreman at the uptown for us steps of faith in and you started as Billy induces. To help people who who who. And you never think man I gotta get a prosthetic leg like. First things first who have survived cancer rate it yeah Heyman I'd like to not die ya and then I'd like it but I'd like to move all my life and and have a a life. Yeah finally I watched you walking side note and you move. Perfectly. I get a lot of practice seductively yeah I think he's really thinking of well you know that's a that's because I've got the right tools with this leg you know enemy that was the thing so so this is perfect last time Jason hour on here together with you was a six because. I had health insurance and still needed to come up with 30000 dollars dress we raised and really that was kind of that. The seed for steps of faith indefinitely for undergone as we put on this rock and roll on comedy show. Back then and yeah I mean that's a step state does a lot of people. Yet he. 100000 dollars as its not a life preserving. You don't get to an insurance as a while you'll die if you don't have it doesn't you know and of course right. Here it means he's almighty imagine not having the money most who is 30000 extra dollars yeah yeah I mean and fortunately these days my health insurance pays for it they didn't then. That he covered all then these days they do I'm happy about that but a lot of people just can't afford health insurance it's. My dad is it is a carpenter and he's not lost to women using his example because he's been a hard working guy his whole life. And for the longest time it made me it was more affordable for him to pay the penalty than I have the health insurance had given her on the job and lost the lead right with jerk. You know I mean he would have been the perfect candidate for what we do we just get stuck in a catch twenty I just wanna get back to work. I don't have any man I can't pay for this thing that's that we do is get people back to that. Back to work back to life a huge Asian edition today Indonesia and how many years and do you grow together. A little. The second half our lives sure you have league pitchers sudden. 50. Five and now that counts as at least half your life yeah that's that's of that it won't fail. You my friend Jason besides being an incredible talent what you are genuinely good human being and and and have just last few years after years' time after time just be a good human. Like you know fame and fortune is a wonderful thing that happened that the good care. That's that's pretty rare so good on Cuba I'm proud to call you a fellow Kansas City. Or appreciate that I think you're seeing all what a terrible in the papers recession later but it always elude the people. So I. You know what did he and GM we want to look at everybody's getting fingered. More so every organ yup I choose it if you are achieved and story it is easy on opposite of Lucas. Sodomized him. And the same. It. Yeah. Yeah it will be without torturing him in baton. All forward indeed it and I've liked it knowing that in the old yet another person so I appreciate using your. Your club in your platform that you in some odd but I'll let him. An episode that he's youthful will coordinate and Fred Armisen they both of you there coming in to be a part of this which. Where it is an accomplished musician himself. Well what. Do you use the courts here you know all. Wonder if you're really. A big portrait of what the people actually get over it and its threat each and saying many opted. Cursing ball. You know you got all. Well less fortunate. Yeah and again usually at them and do it gave our own. Forte it's a pretty old and drove in what year left but we didn't consider doing doing its job by. You're not alone that you used our airports for him to also have you here. You're lighting the fuse my head exploded when they passed that just you travel all the time you know more more than more than most. It is the greatest airport known to them to mankind were ruining it. Apple or what you know about that day. Yeah yeah oh okay. Yet they just they're tearing down the airport and the ability on the 11 terminal now so it's it's a war. Until it's it's my head exploded yesterday when the vote in them. Yeah I thought I ago. Well that's that's that's what he looked at her look. Mom's story for an yet can you go back minimizing glory game and if we. Get there all greater figure it well the architecture. At the architecture style of the airport currently. Is called group analyst can mean and his sister are they got so listen to get kids perennial favorites Kansas City Chris leak out another great Kansas City. Maybe it's going to be a fun night Manchin got calmly got music bands I mean it's all the uptown theater at all for steps for freight. And the steps of dates and die and so when times start of what time what time is everything going to what's the lineup look like. Yeah yes of the show starts at 7 o'clock once on Sunday. And doors for the VIPs at 530 doors for general admission. Open at six and yet I'm and it's it's mostly music you know I mean that's like like Jason sand like those guys Jason included are all talented musicians true and so they'll be some some funny stuff here and there but to United States. It's gonna be. A lot of people doing. A bunch of different things and it's crazy someone was asking me a manager won the errors about the time. Yours is gonna play last night knows what I have sometime between 710. But that's the fun right. And that's fair enough rights and ask. We're we're going through is talking about Will Forte. Who's been part it is now with the Beasley keep you in huge it's different arms. When notice that I was looking down like. When you by the way fantastic incredible to about that yet right. OK so. So the funny thing is when we were announcing the show it was Jason will and Fred we knew we had Winona confirm that felt like an odd quartet. To announce it again at the time so we can answer later but. Yeah so. I know Winona because her husband is on our board of directors. And he's on our board of directors because we met before steps of faith was a thing because he lost his left leg above the knee. In a motorcycle accident. And he's a drummer so we have a mutual friend in Nashville and I'm Le flake about the drummer and I said to this mutual friends like you gotta put me in touch with that. And so he did and we were very fast friends and an instant faith started he was one of the first guys to join the board. I know it's off sides but I got the believers of that project at some point. Yeah. Let's hope man we get away ot here's the deal I've been trying to get Rick to calm like full disclosure react if you listening. Come Sunday night with like you know he. Because of Gregg. Sure you guys you know he called me in the hospital absolutely absent an arrow there. And he's a wonderful sweet sweet she's incredible. And so cactus one on our friends with and bill card Wolfenstein seat for as a pimple like Rick and I talk once a year through someone I need to get Billy's number. And we never yeah. And get conservative as the drum circles and he said to people he's now he's another wonderful person look we don't wanna do the right thing and help people what could be better. And your money do something is entertaining as this and is uplifting and fun man like. You know charity can be when big slicks perfected and charity can be such. A good thing but a bit tedious at times like you can become for. You know just a long evening of doing the right thing but it it's a struggle sometimes to get through the whole thing. And stuff like the big slick and undergo long it's genuine entertainment genuine value for the money that you donating and you're doing something great. I mean that's I mean it doesn't get more fun and yeah. Thank. Brake late to beat the to give Butler a seat you don't eat little cold meal there's not going to be. Speech and they're much. Playing brings her popular. It's going to be. The a rock concert or the owner after. Yeah that. You might like music. Heritage you guys can. John Wooden spoons and passed it they made regret last year. And guy he was adjectives he's a dear friend and that guys always here yesterday as the city's beautiful. Friends of friends. I've got to. Him but he Judy Miller from the start was like really tied with Morgan yeah yeah it came again yeah of course in and out of reach them the recording right now and other records and movies and out but. But I'll reach victims whose we go to break tackles and see if if he was about what you guys he's he's one of the sweetest kindest most thoughtful people at me he should come. It. Only. Yes right point point so. What do you technologies what's new you've threatened. All. Two kids. Just a long going to just get enough room. Or seeking the you know it would drive words though I. It was in what it means. It. You know announcing. Outing could be. You don't you got him breath analyzer on my computer because I finally got. It's like we're the pinball machine one night for Republican AC DC Ben machine like you know a little hit this week it's about Jason. Absolutely we talked about sport I'm all for a late night it and ball or urgent that you. All relate to it. That you. Might as he liked it tightened a bit like you're in. And are an important. Let's and so we gotta I gotta keep but he. Let let Tribune and third you know select. You know a lot big thing. A deeply that you knew Aerosmith that stern put out. Oh yeah it's really good. In the new. Jersey Jack was just in New York City knows there's great called the pioneer club in Manhattan just opened up. I think six months ago and greet him up and. We were about your you're don't reject in the original love. I've got news we get it was sir which is well they're in the camp and Abu. And that was the first one and I'm such entered the pinball and by the way guys. Great job on every year doing the things like pinball machine it's it's really fun that you guys do. Thank you yeah yeah. Altogether given that apparently was. And so they couldn't let it get. You just got here so that more people here doesn't support aka and so. And on. That well. Click. Apply you. Will help them people potential. Both undergone is the Sunday at the theater tickets are available. We sent Jason Sudeikis will where Fred Armisen people when noted which is going to be Superfund. Asthma. Chris I don't know we'll check in a strange to get into the on them and so it's it's good to see them quicker and the rocket. The reason W little bit via rock in Libya. That's about this so slightly advocate the city Jesus and on Saturday. The show happened Sunday night that people can buy tickets at the doors at the moment undergo more. I would recommend getting undergone ordinances gospel. That small handful. It. Of this style and that's that's fantastic. And it all goes to great guys and push stepped up its foundation of people and website information about that maybe somebody who's going through this. A kid who's lost his leg you know she's right motorcycles so. Many friends and yes that's the faith foundation work. It's undergone dot org remotely to each other's you can donate through very find out more information tell all of that and it's. Some stories. To beat them Todd love argument he's Tripoli PT. It was almost never happens only that you both legs are gone. One. Of the other the ball and he. We ought to get suggests he Dupree from jackal and Michael Ballack in the fall asleep and a it's much different in that it was motors he pushes his chair and the guys Turkey Greece here. Changed all the controls he can get back on the road again and again. He jobs airplay as martyrs while he is that you're talking about strength personified. Notes. We will hang together. There's no. In the eighties. In his eyes actions and words he's. He's in devastatingly Anthony's know that we. Know you're in my own. I. That's. Taking. Who have analyzed. At the office. That. Yeah. You know he's addicted and it via. He but I have to energy guys is he's a great story idea and he's a great spokesperson he I mean just epitomizes strengthened and honor and everything character. Yeah and that much is you do mentally yen you know when this happened you. Look I'm pushy I let my first things like just please don't let me die. You know he and fighting cancer right yeah you know you'd how we when that happened I was 28. Yeah see that's just an impossibility right like in your head that's too it was. Possibly it was crazy I mean it's a stake in on the way here like what. Other than talking about you know make in my Reagan leg and a rain sticker whatever like what we talked about like what kind of my point of view would have been back and six you know. But I yeah I just feel really lucky man you know I like dying never seemed. Mike wasn't really on my radar back then but I was absolutely. Terrified it was you know rupture and that happened I'm fine. Yes yeah of course you don't want to be. Happy in this life. Yeah you know I got the girl after that I mean it all worked out and so I'm I'm really really lucky what is the key to me what is because nobody wants to. Lose part of their physical being an anywhere about the mobility wanna what I will be able to view how people view me and that would be accepted. And I will find a girl you know we'll we'll find the girl I want it will be all these terrible question because you just you don't have anything to gauge it yeah. So what is what's what is the key how much cash you know just just hope. You know I mean that's that's that I think he can't live without that. You know you have an analog things and I just was really hopeful I just woods. Was what do I gotta do to get through this was just really the kind of ally you know that was just my ammo in and yes and and I got through it and and you know and you know faith in and friends and family I mean I've said this all. Before but like when I was in the hospital. It's it to lose my leg back that whole time. Like everyone I've ever known it seemed like everyone I've ever known either came to visit. Surprise me here our porn either common or called or emailed. I mean it was crazy and so it turned the worst experience of my life into this really. Beautiful memory bank and it was like a party in in in my room at the hospital for like a week you know because that's only connecting the does gadgets yet and that and and that's my memory in my memory is is you know. Great being in there and talking about that the Rick Allen thing and then my body and one of my favorite drummers in favor people who were adjacent Erica bringing me a pirate teacher. You know. We acumen and you've got to bust ball right yeah I mean you have to work there are. Pat knight's I've just written this really lucky and and and fortunately. You know even when the road blocks of the finances and that kind of thing came you know Jason in my bodies and it came together and we were able to to make that happen you know and and then did it help doing this being on the radio and spreading the word of the community and I just was so floored by that so. I know. The people that's that's the faith. Hell I am one of those people you know I I I understand. That whole thing in that hopelessness that can happen when it's like okay cool gonna press like that they cannot be good oh cool yeah I don't have 101000 dollars. That can happen. And we're not even addressing the learning to to walk and moved the mobile on the Internet to you yet that little problem is though that that little that it's. Yeah it's. EU. You know. They couldn't ask for a better spokesperson somebody to to to lead that industry industry. Be honest about it and it's not you you make it scary you make it less frightening and you gotta talk about it man elephants in the room right yeah. It takes Hussein that mean that that's really how the whole thing got started I was in Nashville at the time and I was asked to. Leave in a appointment. Working on my way again and mine my prosthetic I was like I got this new guide sauces like we can't we going to talk temperament yes I would love that if you that's why this is happen to be at let me talk to me was like OK great get in there. And I would talk to him and I had a handful conversations like that in my life but to that point. And just I remember that just seeing the whole open sides in this guys on the other side he's finally that guy. He's walked in here not even when you know you should put a skeleton inside C. So. It's really really only eggs Jason would you work up the spreadsheet of these ideas that we in my list that. I think we are here and everywhere and every so it is a pregnancy. Yeah I'd like that. Hybrid off the but he. I don't see it be great there. These bright spot installation. That was on a young man's body he was able blogger would be your. That's in trouble work it and blew it up about what it's very eager built on. The well you don't deliberately. It's so true it would really like that. The whole thing is America's face in the light of hope and sort of community and it that we you know we all feel really. There in the quiet solitude Kirk that's a courtroom. At bowers subtler. But it. So don't work. That you will lose and someone or something bureau of its. Are urged global. Trade but it's still felt that he liked the burden but he shouldn't let the confusion. Yeah you'd just be out there and it's like well little white. People aren't really easy. Lately late the only way I buried. Or forward. And it. And you know. Think it'll bounce up by whatever. Stricker or thirtieth. It really isn't just people all people you know. But really it all makes it makes it all all the. I do believe. People want to do the right thing that people Earl and I wanna do something in this world just it's got to give him and opportunities. You know where academic subjects on earth and make it's a pretty fun event play some music some cities and supreme space is a season games. Before. And it's going to be fun and it's not that ominous as. You know heavy IV in you know it's not a funeral for us and it's about doing good and there's been a better Hewitt or this last year has not seen the best. Awful. Yeah. I agree that it they do. Not. Want to do that now are. Majority that dollars goal in the torch on to the treatment of video on in the people that needed not just like administrative call. Or you are you know. You know giant portrait and we'll. Hear what they do a charity or is it that your that are there. Because we can play that that's going on you know. And true. I guarantee. It pixel it took so sort of I think that's important element for folks to the troops currently there are laws you know. But in general it is actually. It. Slick is such a great I mean it's what I I'm just proud to be. It live in the city where it happened to me honestly I think. It's it's it's you guys have perfected and we're charity does to me doesn't apply to that that's just a great celebration of humanity and it does something great for children we're just it's just that. It's funded charity sometimes has that. That that kind of heavy ominous feel to it. And you guys are really is just a great celebration of being a decent human being. They're the ones that graduate in the sense that like you what there's no it's like. Your kid like you need paper and essentially let them do that. There's all the additional cost and you get inside the apple does or by erecting barriers and in you can buy the complete. What you pay at the door with a and over bark like your legal but it's it's like you're gonna get same show. People say it but once you get injured your your. Look at Latin for the little old the old one at all are kind of they're all. What does this deal which are actually we get all these folks together to do whatever exactly it is that all that coming in the deal without. Good skills that we of the IPO we're going to be. The turn the power on what people and there are. India you can be is irresponsible. Of rock and roll out. Listen quite a theater kid grew up at that some Metallica played with Arrigo while I mean it's. That's that that place ads you know unbelievable after those floorboards. That's the real deal. Yeah. Unreal right where Kate yeah yeah writes our. Do you here's here's or get sweeter they were opening for wasp. All my cash god has raised on atlas children's well. They go through a single. Second by their words yeah. It's amazing you turned into a drop out later and I'm wondering you should. That got up for it. Illicit Jason rather appreciate you getting apples you guys this Sunday thunder is happening county to buy them online. Jacket steps of the way dot org in and and it really is its congratulations on on such a coup and that. If anything good thing a fun thing the people have agreed to buy the drinks. Move your way there. Have a great time was to some great music season local analyses of new national international talent it'll be fun and here you're good human being publicly threaten both of you. Thank you very so much. It's objects but with John Holt. You can connect you with that without jail reach out to him and I don't know if he's into an up and down. He's eleven just as he would be about did you guys just need to meet and saying now that it's good in your pocket and like the bulletin once when we were out. And the star. We put of these special. All spring and we that's one but I think the media's guy who couldn't be that it was determined not sure of course our members match and so he was a guitar player when we were together and start but like he you know he was like the part time all of but I never. Did you straights set. But it just in namely fan that's great editor and you look. We take a break and actually you know homelessness the stock to mr. license let's continual. Call eight years. Store. OK with the school. Yeah. Yeah I'll. But worth Harley-Davidson. Hardly games and don't forget that you customize Jesse James out lover and Harley-Davidson. You can win its path to show you can register and even those dealerships. Price Chopper. Ares doesn't he knows that you respect but we'll begin in late December 15. I think that. John good morning. I'm doing great. She does so well that it applied we just we get chance to rest up get recharged ready go the next opponent anything but relaxed this week at least two giants players. Have told ESPN that there coach them back to duke has bought the team. Mac and it has lost this team what employers he's got to go and 80% on before on the plane play games. It's wild ginger they've you just not find like crazy suspended two horse start when we need the most. Totals under the bus all the time is right into the ground and people wonder why. We've been getting dot. I think that I think back abuse act to be a problem across America we're we're we're we're getting we're go or 80% on Saturday Dunning the problem. I'd love for the rams' 5117. They are one and seven this year. That was just gonna win this week against the 49ers but hopefully they can keep losing to achieve skip there you're still in good shape it's six and three. Two game lead over Oakland. Oil manager nick goes suffered a broken pelvis over the weekend when he felt working on a tree stand. The 62 year old manager was still the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery and ready go for spring training. The debris at the end stories and he mysteries and mr. broke and broke his back so he said he literally crawled out over ten acres on its knees. Oh man took him along to the active right. I can imagine are. It doesn't sound like a long way but it. We didn't expect and it. If not all of your leg up and admirable that the electorate it shortened your name morning. Because in the core of seeing that it was dot clubs it's weird like mental effects yet these days yet. He's barely I was seal them before the Internet it. 77. A pretty that's. Like with doctors completed his comeback from India injury was sort of the American League's comeback player of the year. You've donated agreement if it goes along with that work to be short on overture a memorial which supports youth baseball in the Dominican missed socket Smith wrote history. New home run record 38. This year college football as we think he goes and attacks on Saturday the jayhawks beat the longhorns. Western morsel of elements spectrum sports Saturday night K state on the West Virginia Missouri it's Tennessee on Saturday. Five drivers by and for the final spot in the championship as they run this weekend in Phoenix spread of lefty Denny Hamlin Ryan Bellini separate it by just 22 points. Chief Elliot and Jimmie Johnson basically need to win. To be one of the final five. Jenny it appears in low ball in UCL a teammates arrested in China for allegedly shoplifting sunglasses. Are gonna face severe punishment usually basketball. That this or that it's not that it took Plavix the this year relative to deploy a basketball game. And they decided that might be fund ago shoplift some sunglasses. You know that's about we we tortured pressed on through all the we don't I don't modern world traveler like you I haven't gone to far away places. Were you truly feel I mean we've been in the Bahamas and we always tell true you know when you walk through security and you're doing all the stuff. Just don't don't act like a Jack late because you're not in your country anymore and if they decide that you know you should spend some extra time there that may be where you're going to be. And you know not the Bahamian prisons or anything like that. Per prisons in China not to push play wanna spend a lot of time so I would say don't maybe don't shoplift lawyer in China that's just. I don't know that the and as a machine somewhere that they and the players when they were when their guns on the plane but that and just the word of warning that don't don't shoplift boy is. That don't view you get content as you enter the limit by drugs and stranger steal things don't like. Let's keep getting notes like in here let alone there. I got dragged into it in Bangkok in 1997. Or eight. Drugs through the city market by crazy fans looking. There's security of that smoke a cigarette figured for blocks because it couldn't buy a put out you must have been watching me. Because I finally saw Stuart with that down the sewer that sickening that the great you as much as he went passport he won money. This is going bad quickly so I'm giving them my passport but its missile Kia signed some papers I have no idea what they were to tie it but putting a dilemma you know I was stealing babies and selling organs. And a did it in for them in Q was it for like 75 books you as witches all of. You know straight home that was pretty good record I'd love to. Post bubble somewhere in the lady boy sitting in my lap and he he's he would just. I was like man am I can feel your blow them away with a but but but that's absolutely true that. But I didn't feel like I wish I could feel some balls McClatchy. You do if I'm doing it yet. It's. I think you're right jump off the active leader yet again of view it to borrow. Was forced to Wear shorts I'm reflect recruit on good morning Joseph. Phillies could CNN pentagon is this Sunday. And I'm sure going to be huge success by those tickets may even if you don't go to the show. And an election like it's getting towards the end of the year eloquently done this year what I wanna help with the such great things a wonderful thing because it is. Ridiculously expensive endeavor to replace a limb and you know and that's just the start you have to have it to even begin that journey of trying to become mobile trying to stay alive in this world in focus. How easy is to give up for people you know if you're depressed and sad your your. Your images shattered you've gone through this and then it's just an insurmountable amount of money. And what do you do you give opera. I have those conversations with people every week and you know so yet that the hope is the key word and then yeah I appreciate you saying that because the undergone dot org says faith foundation or we're actually. We can help somebody get back on their feet for as low as 500 dollars those expensive as that is we work with prostitutes. As is being reimbursed and reimburse them for their cost so sometimes it's a lot more expensive than that for as low as 500 dollars 500 people. In just in this country lose a limb every day. It's great so it's more common than you think Greg so 500 dollars 500 people so we have a stretch goal for undergone. That goes to giving Tuesday which is November 28 right after. Cyber Monday. Right where we're trying to including pentagon we're trying to raise 250000 dollars that we cover 500 people the amount of people that was when every day just in this country. Anybody who's been hurt anybody who's lost on anybody can can get on the website and and couldn't get the information and apply and for help. That and and give help via donating yes you think about if a young kid and still growing how many different limbs they're gonna go through just I'm just. It's just a lot and you lose your mobility you lose everything yeah I mean you know we talk about it in the thing I loved most that I have been afforded did its job. Is the fact that England see the world. And in the walk and analysts. And if you took that away from like it would be. It would it simply. Erase the top three worst things can ever imagine happening yet. For sure. Yes it's it's it's the it's the opportunities and possibilities so that's it we're not just restoring mobility you know its borders accurate restoring opportunities and possibilities first of that we ever had was in the home of a board member in Kansas City. Like 25 people. This is almost four years ago to to the date on Sunday. And he spoke and remember he said he you know he's he's able bodied and and eat he has always wins and he said. You know I love to snow ski more than anything and play guitar. But if IE and he's like I have if I play guitar every day's a but I haven't been skiing and probably year but I know I'll go against them. But if I knew that I could never ski again that would really. Beat bat it sounds if it's not your thing maybe that doesn't sound as bad as but it is that like if I could never. Find out what's over the next hill yeah around the next corner because that for me but forever reason yeah that's been the thing since I was a kid yeah and because of greasing it was ever. Shape up from a little SO seven Honda motorcycle it was freedom it wasn't that I had a motorcycles could go somewhere right what can see things I couldn't see before. Yeah whatever lies and I just I never lost that need to what's over the next. I can totally relate that man I mean it's you know I think I think life should be about that adventure and discovery and I think that there's a kind of missed. We're all on that spectrum of how much we chase it vs the other. But like. I just feel a sense of accomplishment. Personally and just I don't know if accomplishments award but I just feel good when I can. Just like walked like even just down the hall in my house and Marat and feel. Normal ranked. And because of this tool that my friends help me get in now thankfully my health insurance I can do that they had. You know we have a video on our website. We take everything so easily for her yeah we this video on our on our website in front page of the bottom are website I think it's called what's possible. That some friends made for a couple of years ago when things start sour on walking down the steps in a pair shorts. Holding my. Daughter when they came in film that they literally like what time you what you do in the morning as a well I get up and believable blonde and I want answers and feed my baby daughter. You know on that we wanna film that. Like they felt you know and that's exactly am doing that video not staged to you know and it's like I can do that so it's like there's the adventure but then there's also. The day today that you take for granted him. Now that we've always said that guy's not a rock concert or someone pops the prosthetic and holds an up. Yeah I. And now we get the greens are grateful to cast his super impose few guys maybe guys keep using an autographed and auction it but it's just a rock fast and there's just one feud. And he's just pop this is ladies as these oyster that skyward like that's the ultimate rock salute you it's another accountable someone pops her leg off and hoist skyward there you go. This is going to be undergone is happening this weekend decided the uptown theater it's going to be a great weekend guys get online get your tickets now. Did Sima and thank you so much.