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Tuesday, March 6th


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When that number eight in Kansas City, Missouri. He launched his career in that part in the early nineties and has grown to become one of the most respected and fiercely independent brokers in the industry. News technology. I was no right. No brains. No 100 pop's most prolific artist has released yet another big album titled. Planet please welcome friend of the show the one and only tech none out so what does family values into. When you think it's. Time tonight I do know early and if you similar displays. Well for the last month's comfortable. He's. Human. Or her term you. Again today that it that you. Thank you so much I was so honored and still am and that it will let it cool thing to do amended to mention the show won on a new record. More like. Audience and to let our loan. I mean like if I hate to wait before we were able. On. You know it was always there and then dominate because the family of fair share and of the type that. I've got a gun to appoint a lot of want all of the talk to anybody you know that sort of relief that love between them. But I don't know described it. Yes if there so. A dog that you ought to figure too was not much of the doubt Obama wanted to go home without them now I gotta be as well. It couldn't stand. You know. Yeah I appreciate it meant I do like I just a kid Leo like you girl growing up and you love music so much and just wanna be a part of that somehow. And and I remember being. Eight or nine years old and and wanting thinking. I didn't wanna be a football player I I didn't wanna be is I didn't I didn't have the talent to be a band. I had to find some way and I ended up falling into it and it's been the greatest stretch of luck in the world so. Thank you and me. It really means. You're. You. Children from. It was my worst sort of people. I don't know. In the world don't know. But as somebody that bill I don't know about a dozen of them. Yeah you listen I give me the twittered that it's to grab everything explode. And. I'm so I thought so but unfortunately here like. I'm a technical contributed and done and so many weeks and then I imposed the bottom of those one at. No one is listen you hey everybody you. And everybody around you are such professionals and so good at this as you know that's industries bill that would just did an artist just lawful it. Hey everybody review is such a solid and in national and get it and beyond that. Talented and creative and and just always getting it done. And so. Yeah I've looked at that it's from Kansas city of rooting for you as an. And before we go further just you know everybody knows this of course you get bombarded of course we asked to did you rack message here. But he had already signed a deal for another day that the courts actually on that so that's great but we will do another show together and we all agreed on the cracked. All manner and I'll also bought bird. Everybody has some books for the that we got this call you know how they'll this Michelob on the bottom line not me though. Big chill of about big show which didn't show and a wooden panel that is all yeah and I'm mid it is all about the influx. Make no mistake. Launched here Wimbledon. On the map of the got up there with a bucket right now. I'm in an end if you don't think. It's so crazy how much we talked about this for how prolific. You guys Imus is how we comfort for you is is now tech. That it might wanna hit album the most news in and I'm. There and although there have been impressed. New York and LA and nobody thought I was in the subsequent album like god will provide allies. I guess what when you know when. And we know who says twenty albums. If there were apparent. Apparently album in the can you better yes my best album art is it a compliment and I've been there and I think a lot from an angelic. Eveready and killed bin Laden everybody's gonna grant a lot that's what it. And you guys again you always finding new ways like there's an I was extra with the audience the the that you when you guys did you Wesco strange office. Probably the greatest move I've seen in a decade. There's it you know around that the the theater the old man Chinese theatre Hollywood and highland. The ears it's now been redone this incredible like the code to small time square that's where the Oscars were programming everything is there. You guys bought or rent a out. Office on the second floor. And filled the entire inside of those and we these greens are Jeremy the schedule and USS and create the billboard that would be worth a million dollars a month. And let you get. That my order travel. A lot about him on my way of coming together as a team. We try to market probable. And it didn't mean what part of all of my photography. Dramatic pictures paired with them. We've got more fine thought. My commitment to manage Chinese theater and we can't attribute like yeah smack in the middle probably won't want to have my first. In the industry released party. We shouldn't be were there when I came in. My knowledge to a little camp well you know them like. What. First. The industry ocean and amazed and just stand on the falcons but now I'm seeing. On and they have out there and went across eastern Jimmy Kimmel and I'll try to so we're gonna arm so it'll kill more input as well. Travis that is what we can control that's going you know kid that. With the with the market. We can what can put. We'll German Olympic. The it is. What we. It's going across them and can be. Now eleven. EU and if I share this view tech with. Eighteen right there when I was eighteen years old Hollywood highlanders in street Yucca they used to be an untouchable street like it was a bad streak. I live on the core of that when I was eighteen years old. Double the first. I'm glad that's probably chill autumn which went into. Involved mr. And it was a rough streets downtown. And some of their gender and street. Yeah that's that's that's what I live right there and apartment Obama's apartments. In the bone yeah yeah you can look on the street one block them. Period. Of the first intentional. Ball I don't dump some you didn't. Radio station and often. That you turn. Are awful Bob Hollywood. My term life I that there is quite young there. Right next to a donut shop in it was a two story to story shirt says there. Or are you yeah I shall walk over there I took that bus that that ran across Ireland that bus stop that was my bus. Well gravely wounded in war and I was eighteen so who thought up. Yet so is it 8887. Wow. It's yeah it's. It will all comes full circle and you know just. This Kansas City connection. That keep money through people I think it's amazing the center. The United States to me has become equally as important as it is the West Coast the East Coast like it's. And here at the heart of that you know what you are doing pretty artist front on strange. You know what it is seen artists and comfort. Another. That's a big deal. That's a really big deal for people to understand that if you guys honest and you get done you know how to do it and these other guys rob artists and now they follow you around. I mean like late puppies the not true artist the industry all these record companies won a piece you have for the last decade. Don't and it's still born than the most in which started. A move the putter related calls during nickname doberman and. Our home can be vehicle on both ways pop artists you know me now since opening the opening the allure. You know it would strengthen their assignment for metal bands through them I think I'm going to be part of it undercut the ball mark right there. Hey by the way speaking of bans in and out and all the I sent Jesse and Michael Ballard that does the shot out about full throttle a slew shine and they were just they thought that was so fantastic. You heard ticket about. I dropped another jewel and of course you know me. You guys so much do you drink up it's great kick it would myself as great comfortable court. Won't go quietly and there's just there's so much good on this. I'm not gonna hear that a lot from the everybody pretty. This is really wonderful world of love and appreciate you there. Hate that a delicate subject again. I know we going to be at the weekend of the 23 this month 22 and 24 but that whole show that we always talk about them that was the trans world show. Is is happening in your tree. You should come down and see this it is you'll find so much stuff for Torre or your house it's all over the top. Wardrobe at the 23. Week in the 23 24 this month. Wal-Mart yet. And there will be here and loving person or some of them children that are of course this is everything. Why did a lot of work to do not love of businesses to man boats that. Listen you'll love it it's not open to the public we can TU entry of all your credentials so you know you'll be able to move through there you know. Relatively easily I'm sure he'll get recognized a thousand times but it's not it's not super -- would just you know with everybody so and you'll wielded no wonder see everything in dictates a solid day day and a half the Seattle. Every or amazing. You can go in there and drop a 100000 but the second I mean just it's ridiculously cool. Warm liberalize areas that you and don't. You know it's an assault on them. If you're out in the field is to blame blown it is. You. The U you would love so where's Jon from seven bastard though. He he's an avid golf recalls because I. Golf digest wants to do a photo shooting gives you wanna do with me OK but can I do and why. It's. Blue velvet outfit a dollar and five degrees outside. In. We shoot as they fly and sell accused as photographer in New York City and when I hit that flame thrower at Lionsgate. It was all cops coming from every direction I thought we were jailed for. There are all old guys I don't know among the Donald. That come on out totally disgraced and I've got it was you flame throwers old. Wouldn't know what would you try to get this in the Arab world into something that was I didn't like him and flame thrower. Listen it's we can borrow when it really. Jeremy for DS as a thought he was hit me last year we were in Sturgis and Jesse debris. And he fired and he may have that of cook some lights and in gonna scream on fire looked over German I'm like I'm sorry I'm sorry. And he went in there. Remember we without normal and they brought all our equipment. We didn't do thirty minutes it is my entries will be. In the early stage bared to the end of the quality and make sure everything's perfect and shut up this does without man this involves little. And let me today Jeremy enjoy I know there there. The consummate professionals but I'll tell you guys what we talk about you. That there are so much love there and genuine friendship and you're just so proud to have to be a part of it that. Now we may really take it very personally. Warm and of this is connected approach rather small and let. It gets bigger and bigger so. So what did you read that a lot of stuff and there's as Obama eyes on it and bottle. Or have them go would've toward. Under that is because. What struck out of this news. That's not there in Lebanon. Itself what everybody that they did not as mentioned. You do yes. And cannot. Add up in the bank is called that the public it was. And in the mountains mom and. Thought that was part of it was that silver. Yeah. Or jamming them it's the way they have so much. Found in. It is that is kind of not probable that does sound so it is. She bought it in the UK and and their visual and apparently the all the all the they're capable of their creative department. It's it is there's there's no obvious as this was the fines for him. And Walt and while no doubt there on out. Right you list. I wish you weren't fast. That you indeed we are gonna get together student and everybody by the planet is out now need to go get it now it's incredible. And that just. In before we go. You know out your mom is right now and she's looking that you just watching you should use. Also. I think about a lot with you should. She warned. Machine ma am while all in good condition that you didn't. None. I think we're just all to keep good one audio part of one. Well well well what an incredible job she did. You know giving you the that the that the core. To go do what you do now and deal with this industry and deal with how the world works you know it's easy if you make it look easy by any. This will be. One that's most of you do. The song from outside of won't core. We did as children are mentioned model that is. Government and not to mention a lot more than one that's long. Approach well because class. One welcome our. Who. Welcome back in new. Home emotion. Obama obviously a new model. Religions and I'm not. Sure in the about a little cult the our immediate goal. More as you've been emotional moment when it in the wrong direction. Not just. Mailman it is an album opted. Build my own planet construct problem on a whole lot more care a lot of them. Well that's it but I do love the EU you know yeah I. I don't wanna be part of this world sometimes you just don't know what I'm all gonna and with the guys. And going to be nice to everybody and in it you'd do it on such a large level that. If you think about that we are talking about before it came on the that show Iraq fast it was a real genuine point for everybody on the staff. And to see Kansas the artist peace so important and went in and the like in those kids' eyes watching that 50000 people bouncing up and down. In just a it was at it was just I can relive that thing over and over again and just watching it. That you won't soon. And so. Syrian. War it is. We'll do we'll be back on Stevenson and this is not there yet but. A lot of Jeb. Well everybody. All of audience is both shot. In the. While and our edition. We'll have to on this check and I'll probably. And they and so we brought people together that ball really. The. So actually the war that we can bring people out of him I and everybody be intertwined and. Well together you can do. Two. There's no doubt we get it and it just what it is or is he. We we I get so worried you know and that is sometimes you hear so much device ness and anger hatred. And and we butch on the billing in and you know of course it seems so loud. In the end you realize. That's all they are it's small group of well people are not a big group the big group. Bought the tickets and sold out the show the seven people who decide just couldn't live with. You know you realize they have no power at all they have none you just take it away from amused that wouldn't it it really doesn't matter. And that the Lilly is so and we'll do you know. You know optimistic have been booted and similar comment I'm in the midst of the from the London band right now I'm that he does. He's the only living a lot well. And everybody's. Thank you again and being included in the album will always be huge chapter in my career I appreciate it is it's. It much. Marmol and Barbara warm where do we going to be performing that all over the world for 62 children to this day. Want to get every little bit who won't thank you he is the great path.