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Friday, June 15th


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Born on November 8 in Kansas City, Missouri. Since launching his career in the early nineties he has grown to become one of the most respected and fiercely independent rappers and industry. She is ten or nine. I was no right yeah. Come race. An enemy that. And to. Daniel Lincoln great. I do know early and if you don't miss this place any problem with the loves more than two million records sold. Recognition we hold most top ten rap albums of any artist is new album playing this town now. Tonight he launches his limited edition to be with boulevard Bruins he headlines boulevard here in the west bottoms. Please welcome longtime friend of killed tec nine. Yeah I'm up for them yes I do you feel younger. She's a bit like. Being a man who's he working out all the all of them are jobless than men do you know any more time do you gonna be encounters and. Every page or in the outskirts of them got a good look at Sosa and stirred the man at the how great is this August 11 man are you play it again I can't wait man I can't think. With the complaint it's really big it when he sees this in ruins that we lost that the original it would mean house. I mean I literally I mean I cried Jesse grabbing at my caller we there was a lot of heart in that took the stand up to the the first one big daddy. And if your question no it's it's it's much bigger and Oka eighteen years or the other ones developed while Kirkland the first arena there was just a stage here and already besides on the place oh over the years we came to stores no wallet yet and although does get added in every single years so there. So yes it does in its own way too much bigger much much much bigger OK we've various stages the biggest stage in the entire state of South Dakota while it's well it took them. What of this big bear is called a bear Butte mountain yes so you see this huge base of the side and then the crazy bastard Jesse 600 acre campground besides the La always intricate no doubt I'm ready so that you're going to be Sturgis you never deeply storage for the throttled that your only connection that. Yes and what do you think about those audiences. I loved it man I don't know how I don't know probably have a crowd but as right or bright red bra before I went on assault all these people yeah. Let's crowding in on my well a lot of nor have too many fans yeah down there you know me and you know a lot of Q were there to see jackal who got the seats that nine you know just great if you have incredible testament yes it was beautiful we've talked about. A million times decades just. The industry loves to walls up between John as it is yes it's taken specifically sell records to certain what they considered exactly. There is never going to be like and and not the way of the world will looks beautiful music is beautiful meters land no matter what drama I listened to George Jones and grind core you know anything can be yet it doesn't matter. No doubt whenever I'm in the mood for that date exactly. There are in the new and by the house into Google has everything play it's rarely get a man on this tour we're at work and over the floor or allow asinine and shows. We got 64 shows total loans sort of last mine and so it's crazy yeah hope you must hate my knees are burning right now in a secure a dual. A break dance move every night you know as an idea but it and feeling bad feelings to grant in that Ager at your place strange music you got a beautiful gym yet I mean you work your. Ass off there yes yes yes you you have to man you have to because. We do like our forty every night burrow we know we energetically to yeah here tonight show's going to be a little bit shorter because it's you know. A 120 degrees. I thought there. Gavel we're going to go we care room on the try to amend about a nine would you look at it and rubbed Lucas has just been I knew that you were working on care balloon like the liquor yes yes I did not have any idea before you to only the boulevard and I didn't either and neither big day our contract that last year. Arm and it I guess who's begin I know it's because of curable Lou you know that I created 19951. For 21 mobile home park apple juice. You know marine hot hot hot. And they called the boulevard is college that you know humming boulevard Brooke company Collison says they fed. You know that. Pineapple. And coconut Dole's well what beer well we like no not at all and they say come on down we takes that we were blown away. Blown away as I would've guessed. Yes I would against the either you know and travels don't really drink beer you know like that he had like five cubs just like me. Rules it's really good spirit that's here really good easily you crazy it just it just it's picking up steam there's no peek inside this is a plateau this is like. It's still climbing all the time that would like art. Created terrible or mentioning 1995. Okay. And I tested it from 95. Through till I wrote it in 2005 and put it out in 2006 or ever ready to religion. Since then it's ones go there win gold. And it went platinum now it. Inspired boulevard to make his rule you know me and and it just keeps going and you know means to me it is amazing everything from it's I was indeed emerge in the of the day and that's the message you're selling. Those are incredible. Alia. When we public's view but the court Taylor Corey Taylor who put me at what that man you know who blew me away. Jig Roland Haas man in LA and I have to go get fitted for that you know I actually actually talked to him. Yesterday that's crazy because. On this show bombed the king declare on the GM's three people in one setting so I don't Wear the mask of the whole show you know I mean just the clown portion of the show them exactly like you liked it a I want you to switch out of the field to the thing though does the thing when owls when it. Well the whole show what tickets mob boss every night and cleaners so because it stays in my wardrobe case. I don't clean it every night also started to smile on keeps our guys are mean absolutely sure hope on oncology world houses gimmick will have to do man to get this hour smell he told me. It takes vodka in water. There the things bock go water so the clown joins rock of what I guess separated at this rated. Do the the the mask in the foam that it's wrong with vodka modern man and it worked with because you know my buddies and. House and they have the silicone mask as well again I don't you have got to drink yes and it would drain holes that you you've got a three has yet they've got full wanted to put. This incident there since the congress of the sweat would come exactly correct yeah they get funky quick the other too many of us they've left my rocker bottom bottom of that hill yet internally view that you as always it's always victims at this. There are who you would at a horse show every year. And we said we exchanged pictures nice that you photographs and then that on house commission I go to audition so you saw the big penny 10 my god what would the with the with the of spider legs and everybody -- amazing that moved 1516 B he had Giorgio has and minerals so crazy you know and we both live horse only so this selling that. Oh yeah you can hide that yes how much was that when I was about fifteen grain all that's you might see. Popular he gets I'd get this we both get this budget doesn't like 50000 or more beat us on inflation side note Alley biologist crazy Chinese knockoff website. And in my Godzilla a fifteen foot Godzilla lol if it it's and we'll smoking subwoofer and I got. It's made of silica you put him outside and yeah I like 18100. Because it's a knock off of another rarely sounds like oh am and the as you gotta have that kind of the liquor found every year. Don't get me here is so what do I meet this guy at the horseshoe this year. He makes most incredible well you know what I'm not gonna tell and they didn't really putting me. So this is for you okay. Butts in seats as human organs and on the benevolent human organs. Or. Oh. Almost hurts to yeah how about it Andy you well it catered to yank humanity and human well. It's like somebody cut a marked man and you thinking what my plans irons replica. Caucasian and if I. I had thought it was cute. I think I actually labored over doing which when they come to a blanket out. And I remember Barbara I think it's a bit of presumption was this is what our leaders do my thing and attack the par. To recognize that and has string music like burnt in twos and yeah. Incredibly darker collection it's my friend who he makes these I get to have the easier for you yes. Holy donuts. And had a tattoo artist that actually had to. On man that is beautiful thing man across the knuckles and that is going to be perfect for my stride and I forget to go via a year. Well look helped me because there's no real. Yeah. I don't I can't goodness. Yeah I'm excited to give you those present have held onto now for a net a couple of months now and then I don't think it's flat beat them. This isn't you and if you don't think it is spank you girl with those it's humbling I might do it and I've never in my late night session. I'm Margaret that night oh yeah. To me like Greg comedian Greg so what started this all. I got Gregg a gift. You know our producer Greg got space you know 100 tattooed so that it started this will be so I just bet that I met this guy and so I gave these act I wonder where these Greg. And I and so. At the same time Ira and I want to get techs up and cool and and thank you for being so great was over the years this is beautiful and and the usual craziness. Oh yes a look at Greg's hands and they won't they take a look at this picture up. And those are the ones that made for him. Soon. Actors are that the insanity. Who did that hurt so it's a guy named Tony from darker. And darker collection and then he's got two hours that's one. So that thing got in the past. On board this is programs and charm term Bristol more prepared. Please argues that he's definitely believe that's well I just age ranges as the small thank you man thing is to protect us all these years are you ma'am that's for Ruth. Armored hero Rockford that next year even harder and you know what can we would that it will you know. This is an important day today supported boulevard as the son of a long time so we understood. When you when you already had the date with the man I loved that Iraq talked about it all day that dude can't talk about likes of unbelievable over ardea. You guys brought like the next day. But again boulevard tonight is important because I love games this this is what you mean to me and you guys boo you yeah you know. If it were at the milestone for a yes you know roaming because. On the net from terrible and so long you know even. About a few things that really gave me some samples game English and no I remember at all the units that if it's one of those things like you boulevards in Kansas or Kansas city's like I'm excited for me and it. Stuff man. I can't wait to remotely view and sort if none. A I'm hello weirdo like nobody. Asked me to meet who meets movement where local right now I got an alien this year in place since it's ridiculous actually buys them governor you should cut its read our can't Wear a broad. It does we'll let you know we are gonna bring some blues. They're young they're very good and look at. Man I get skewed towards box who. Oh. Backup QB ship and precious cargo version will pay it. You don't know how excited I was I was like he's going to be some other ways I was that good at those two security. I was I was talking Jacob who -- you get resentment of the past legal and can only reach if I walked through somebody's got off hands there and tell them it's for the artists there and shoot me in the face did you tell us your. The highlight right here immaculate examines. She wanted to today in my Djokovic and you're gonna leisurely manner of bargains get off the road for a minute you know American Megan down there with you guys will you you're never gonna come off the road and on you. And here's the crazy thing about use to anybody you guys listening so. Only when you record an album it'll take most people a year recorded yes then it comes out and then you like two years ankles but every three years you get music from a certainly prolific and yes you do it every year but who knows me jobs. This month bopping to planet of like a twentieth album that's. Say that's crazy and you know what you Tor and now and I know you you're gonna go read back in the studio if it's not already done. Gale we're we're putting together this thing called more planet right now. You know I mean mound it's songs that I had to extract from the actual lineup because of so many. So now we're gonna figure out how we're gonna put them all out to the financial you have my actual original playlist for planet you know on the move that you. You've always been Smart about that connecting with the fans US. He you know you're a piece of your merchandising and get that personal connection everything you do is about. Getting those those techs all you know everybody is locked it and yes Your Show of Shows warmth. Together or alone. One mind body and soul you know I mean our fans and I'm anxious to see everybody is gonna come out tonight because they sure people coming from. Canada they give boo that come from everywhere. It's usually goes everywhere oblivious to most Americans and ended up I mean money's great calamity days but it was more bullet just what I want I love it when I walked mistress he Jesse's whiskey that's my job I just feel so proud point two man zone to walk in there and get that boot loop India just like I'm in a lot of percentage sort of dropped. Today in Kansas City but them three days I think it hits. Tons of cities that we chills to test it and which is. Which is tall. Springfield. And Denver as well via marine so we're gonna test it and see how well it does men. We anticipate is gonna do well and you'll get it everywhere. It moved into sports that are we talk that doesn't talking about we gonna get into that mean that they got to be Smart they they have to get up because it is Kansas City it is you nitrogen if they don't serve it spree there that they it's their loss has not been thrown money went I heard that council whose column like we can't get anyway you know it's already ordered mental illness has got to be so what it. Strange things going on to tell me to back I don't know how much we can talk about the I've heard that. I just think it's great that the orbiter and that Lady Gaga had come to town it she needed somewhere to go decision ended up which is strange music these we're hurts yes she did her rehearsal. Feels wonderful awaited them there all day member PayPal like she was she'd want. Me to see her because he. Wasn't me though hasn't done a actually but I still love the idea that they news who would be cool dad you know the guys strange music of the total because she's very we got what she needed. I love that maybe it was for you so you know I walk in you're gonna beat Sturgis you know there was Ballard in and yes you know those guys yes and you know rock fast are you hanging out Corey Taylor from where you guys are Hollywood boulevard elegantly written out of all the moves I've seen people do like crazy that's when my favorite moves ever prime spot man right there are run across history from Jimmy Kimmel. Right the man's turn theater next to us man right here and I told you to live around the corner you're totally out history which was that in our history in the world and but I know with those caution and we were talking about millions and millions and millions of dollars this billboards up in Hollywood by X and so what they did say they ran the inside of a place a giant windows and then build an interior billboards death and at North Korea has travelers rate their see it's insane in battle everybody school. And I don't really freaking out nobody's freedom I mean. You know we've had so meaning so great so many parties there thus far you've some parties. It's it's a wonderful spot. You can Wesley Snipes should have a damage did he just popped up at my release its primary doesn't play as well animal how critically right there right Chris calico is the best Nino brown Leo. It's obviously a barometer of oh good. Yeah we are sure industry musically fourteen and fourteen and counting and you know fortune tailored to to have honest creative. Part working I've seen so many awful record labels so many great young artists get lost because. Someone was a dummy at their job yes and you guys know how to do this better than anybody better than any record label and go anywhere in in in the world disposal people say man I'm hope and our right after the doesn't McCollum artist and see which ones. Or in town a few who's gonna come too soon fears says crews here currently Tora laden not gonna see you Steve Stone is here. I got a few bits to who's available you know so and so many people after caller. It's it's just insane if you're you're you're a couple years away from doing the strange tour we take every one out. That would be crazy that would have to be like a three day festival correct I imagine that like allowable lose a style yeah you'll roster wealthy the thing moving from a do for so many years years covered dark barbecue and men and to find us. But to do it. You been talking and talking to us about it but. On the planet for like a decade like dog barbecue and got so many I do. See again and now I'm my head throw them. Up up there so you know there's so much you can do that are mark so much I mean every barbecues spy to have details and you can. Taste test yes I'm whatever you wanna eat weather is decked out for LC is brigades are. Or on the borrower ancillary you know on the small council whatever it is you and pyro yes you fires shows bring these lists and yet so what do we gonna talk more about this yes tied again rolled the buzz of those guys are good catch it and if you've been with them at their own and eleven they're very cool 1000 of this moment here. And let you rather like the road and I. I just out for a really in Magdeburg reviewed as it is it does yes it will be great show my boot Lewis is all the stores make you look for boulevards putting it out to overeat because the new album. Like this it's not as new as he used to be the latest album planet me she's there and it. The highways right here we're human organs that are definitely. I'm glad to become a hands on kick in this home right now. Great.