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Tuesday, February 13th


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Nowhere on here fingertips information technology doctors suspect classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen now and I'd also like today I was going to bleed to labor but when you hear the Johnny your morning Joseph understand that sometimes places like your job. New thing on the Internet. The lines are. Well yeah I always button down. And at least your memory technology here there are still a Johnny ceremony showed great that. They love toys that come Teddy TE DU I love toys. Windy here Matt yeah. Aren't how are you know I'll have the future intimate times. Are they hit you on here. Or you have created of course it tweaked a bit controversial but that. During the key witness her favorite thing when she was a Q it was clear she mounted many times he's. Mostly their budget immediately to a goodwill. And probably. But if a step in what is it that I am fortunate he. Went three. At three and it was. Was much time ago and like much like a will be that you would take away from a child it. She knew what was she is go find something else should have been on it listen and you boyfriend. Get out there you're eleven now but that bear I. So it's what is the connection windy with these leaders of what lies. Well you know I ailing loved Teddy bear that it's not that I mounted and me and judgment. But as an adult that has a ton of Teddy bears is that kid said Monday that. This kind of it's cold up in arms on and I had appointed over me in the Teddy bear no birds. That's my neck all aspect of the lead and then I start playing around with and that might have an error. And we just started calling around playing with the Teddy bear to note that on a vibrator and it that would be. And that we ran at that we need to try it we got. The product manufactured. And distributed. Quite a computer that and we're not made for a product of the year award there Avian and acts it is because it's such a unique find a life should act like. Sure elites I didn't realize this is a whole theme this girl's really do have a pillows. Teddy bears stuffed animals count towards any of the above you notified you make one that slipped inside a pillow. Yes we keep going with the idea it again a lot of different actions. I think now we do you have that the Teddy bear the Valentine's Day there was the cute little William read that. And chocolate. My thought is why would you want their regular caddie air barbecue get somebody ever regular caddie Eric Abbott added that there. And have more on all throughout the hearing that keep you on in out on the shelf somewhere and gonna keep it on here that you can use that and it's really fun. Actually tolerate for couples and obviously that my after the. We've got the media and and there it's once democratic governor of the hardest you can actually put a deal. You can't can I am not really a legislature that incident occurred our dollar. With the DBS and care about and there is the perfect for Valentine's Day tomorrow and overnight. We but it definitely overnight it. So Teddy you can get this from us so you're wondering diamonds you're wondering marriage proposal can you can you get a reservation can you get a vibrating Teddy bear. She'll with the. I think to grind it out like Nicky neat on the last one would all one of these absolutely. Very kind of you to think of it. In this blast so much longer than dinner or flowers or anything else ridiculous you can use that in July and still think you'd we've talked about as we keep your. Why would not I don't know if you want to have your own private let me blow it's funny in Maryland. Sleep with a pillow between my legs and then we'll do that Melissa and I might but that a bear. As a comic. In my path. And some of whom would you. Can't stand not that he's gonna have them. He's judge what you could teach at. And we and that way you always yes. Have always needed like I have to have like two pillows and then one note there as. But. I think I can't CN mightn't it the Yankees and ties it to where the eyes. Sure has something to do with lower back problems yeah. I think that you got that reverse engineer. But on the back problems are you couldn't get any way yes but he noted that I would majorities with the. Oh right now on the web site here in 999. If you appear there in that code VE day at Andy's Valentine. It the product for the united 99 and then have a coupon code. It's important. Do you need to get this and to support Saudi instructions Teddy loved. With tainting or just look at Sonoma and that's not me and you what you gotta do is make sure the skits and a couple videos important hubs you can sell it on more. Yet on what came you know a lot of web cam models are using madam we did at some of ladies that were in the porn industry. Debt represented our product so we've learned air where there. What are you know you left against newer nominee for some product awards now. What did you do before the expected Teddy loved. I actually was in the healthcare environments and lied I had teams in the match New York area. And day it launched. It launched Viagra they launched products that. We're related to at TDs you know antibiotic anti fungal about Curtis. She Buick sales for a pharmaceutical. I open up our artistry and you jumped over to this fantastic you know and and so does this estate you guys completely as his only job. Well. Wow my husband says his full time job but I am doing the outside yet. I'm like and you have to do market researcher used it today shipping out. Vibrating Teddy bears and mastery. Well the way we did mark every circuit we want to hear that they AT and chose. And wanted to get reaction from everyone before we went forward with the total production. It's fantastic I don't brilliance is the first time we've developed product. That the the art crime yet is it your purchase is your first. Yeah yes it is the first time that we ever got involved in a product of that nature are. But we were last in double a sex industry which it's really odd and it decries how. Normal people are in the sex industry they're very intelligent is all there are not your average. Person. You know it's too of course and perverts look they're capitalizing on perverts it's the best way to listen and you wanna do drugs you wanna sell drugs the monies and selling them not doing you know I mean. And you should meet mr. McCullough and which helium they're friends of ours and a show called west Texas investors. And I announced called rooster butch and AD but they're basically redneck shark tank they would love stuff like this. Are you want me opt out you know what I'll be talking in today's absolutely well you know a table at when a view. Is a major Jake it's a great number three dressed and then we'll pass and a rooster but today. Excellent excellent. By you know happier happier outlook here don't want the heaviest but I'll play perfect but boy. And put in the coupon codes or Vijay error and get really fun toy expert Valentine's Day but it tonight 99. Sent them all the studies that the stuff. Figures he's the man he called are we doing here.