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Tuesday, September 12th


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Our next guest is a UFO researcher cameraman from drew pilot and one of the people behind the website UFO's seekers don't come. Yeah those sightings and abduction stories and more. And recently he made headlines after climbing to conclude to take pictures of the Phoenix area 51. Team doing. And. Tim welcome. There are bigger hey so you know it can bring the subject up it come out of the woodwork it's it's people with very believable. Detailed. You know. Well told. Episodes that they do believe that they were somehow you know this a UFO you know then of course it was a scream it's bull lightning or some kind of a gas pocket but you never know it out. At least that's definitely one of those things you don't talk about it work but the second someone start talking about and everyone else comes sit down and they have a story to. Yeah that's it so soon gives nobody was to be the coup great effort you know it important trust me if I see a phone come to work we're talking about it. I. I know this activity area 51 people gets this always gets weird for me. Because as they I don't know that that we've ever denied the existence of 51 because there's a giant fence and it says there's a military installation and you can see from Google Earth. Now they may say that there's nothing going on out there but we've we've known about that being a military space. Were I mean as far as I can remember. Correct and most people don't know but it actually detachment flight center at Edwards Air Force Base so pure ever like just about Lancaster California. That's kind of actually that's secret headquarters and in fact when we go and sit Edwards airforce base you can watch. I mean like at 35 UW with that 35 that's what they're taking off. And then they have up to note that the trading range which contain period 51 and that's where they're giving out secret operation intermission. And that's just more of what's in the public eye and what we can you bulk ground. So what do you think is happening out there because. We know to military installation we know that that it. That's a lot actually met someone from there who work back in the seventies and so he lived in Los Angeles. And he took a gym like every day from LAX and it was just ten and one other person on the entire Jen flight and he was an employee from Jack in the Box. And what he did what he got contractors to work on a project. Contractor to snag the boxing is one of the neat engineers. And they were working on and Betty communication. Inside of the color spectrum because you know light is that they've been without its so you can send the signal that the state. It would be the fastest way to communicate with aliens and so does I was working on a project to of that communication with in the light spectrum and send it out in the states. In hopes of communicating with aliens so even while we can debate whether or not batters he leaves there. I do know that they're working on technology we can consider you. Well I mean could and but we were referencing the jet airlines until it's just another nonexistent terminal has always been the joke. But it's it's I don't classified. It's a short hop from McCarron Vegas to. 51 and it takes people who work out there David Dixon correct. Corrupt and they usually stay there or. Weeks for the time and so I've heard that that most employees were working on the project will be for a week exactly. And let and eight feet. Happy compartmentalize. So let's say you work on the green project educators like the green project the purple project the blue project. And what happens is you have like a dorm room. An outside of your the war is like agreeing lying on the ground and what you do when you wake up in the morning at area 51 you follow the Green Line. And it takes you to that they'll be Europe and here that you working and and you gotta be there a specific time and it's not their doors close you can't get until tomorrow and you know once you close the door you're locked in. And I heard even if you have like a heart attack. They don't open the war so they have like. Medical stuff on site but they won't not open source is there like I'm. And so that you're the heat on the face he's a little your little green line around. And let's senators let's say you worked in an open space and another project that's coming by bill put Kuerten by the help blindfold. And it back even at somewhere like Edwards Air Force Base Ahmad has talked with people who have to go through it he checkpoint just get it that. Hey Steve you spoke of with the people like I mean easy how do you know that that they're giving you the right information how do you know that they they would even have that information that they're not just you know. People who want to be involved in some way or fashions they start concocting information. Correct all that's a great question and that's one of the main reasons why you look both speakers is that based on these third party stories and I think what kind of makes us different. So what we do it's usually it takes stories and then we go out and investigate ourselves. Then ignited these places and try to kind of replicate what's going on. So all a lot of these stories like what I just talked about I might not lay them down themselves. But I think it's very interest in them and I do I do believe. Some of like the compartmentalize. Parts such that it it makes perfect sense. So you it would be the person on our people I'm talking to about that aren't the type of people who are giving you their name then I'm going on the radio with their names so they're not people who speak for like saint Marie and like that's about the people like construct. No because of what's really the guys pop up the one guys and he was at area 51 and I think he's past now use an old folks and that was given all the information you know I'm talking about ten. And so yeah I mean there's some very credible I mean you know stories at all everything matches up like you can you can place names to people at area 51. At the very least that's you know you can verify the well we know that. Italy beat story I just told you I learned from a a pilot I know. Who who works with other pilots the neglect and active pilot thought that we not someone who works so like AMP and they just come to deliver. It story. That should you always want to look at where discount. We've had all these reports obviously we I believe that there's some form of weather's a single cell. You know life form or giant space where. It is so. People buried you'd believe varying some people believe there's something like its team. But that they may not be fine as the place to. But. It will surprise you I did it but for a Edwards airforce base last week. I'm actually got on the base and and managed to talk to a couple cut pilots. And wanted to test pilot actually opened up because I was in like. Doubles doesn't status so I didn't take my you upload secret garden where he logos are you saying. In my girlfriend Trixie we make up UFO's seekers with anybody watching their videos so you treat people went on to my girlfriend. And we talked to a test pilot and have a conversation in about UFOs and aliens and the test pilot swore up and down that he believes. Do you music. Now let me that's it it's it's not hard to believe right now you know commit fly he would invade its advanced tests are so much more advanced mean to me we're setting. All kinds of probes that we have stuff landing on. You know Mars you know and rovers I mean so it's not crazy me something crashed here I mean it that makes. And remember remember like that that are 71 blackbird was made in the sixties and seventies. I mean the technology that we're looking at now like the X 37 B orbiter which just formed sponsor states that these projects. Are. But things that are out in the public view. Our thirty years behind what's really going on in the background so that's why the military's telling us about these certain projects that at 117 stealth fighter. He sang their already regret now and the military is thirty years. And the entry he had been out before. And actually he transparently. So we were out sky watching which is what we typically do go out Scott watch. Up pretty much every night in random places. And when you opt and we are getting there have you seen as you believed to be a very much that you felt personally. Yep and that's when where we're standing outside. And that thousand foot probably a thousand foot long when he comes overhead. And all you can he would like red blinking lights which which is. Dead ringer for military only has written like and so flight over that you can't see he's body connecting these light there's like six of them. Spread across the thousand feet when it went directly overhead. You just pop like it's like a glare from the movement from the followers. And it lacks in and you could kind of see elect a transparent body so I don't know what that's like a gap and old like. Blinked type crap that's unmanned so that the app pilot in parts. But it's very similar reports I get an out in the Mojave Desert a transparent craft come over head in the future. The first second and then once the bill Reid can't see the verdict actually like it transparent aluminum. You've heard reports about that always Reno agreed smacks of that Wonder Woman joke but it's. Is you know as a real who knows and I think it's all it's all fun and Tim I think it's interesting to speak to you as well it's you have a secret background check it out for yourself YouTube channel. Devoted to the you have siding you have those settings abduction secret project by the way objections. Yes and you believe they're they're you know cut up housing and and you know Kazuo seems like they go for the anus and that's a little suspect dancing I think that it feels like like so many can't deal with their sexual he's got another it was an alien. Well what the hell more than likely like put yourself and an alien choose if you weren't mainly that you were coming to a place like earth more than likely would be some type of scientists and that's what they're doing they're doing. Like. Testing they're putting GPS tracking devices which would be implant. I mean I heard that old couple want out of nowhere stopping the gas station and say hey we were all abducted out of our. Here in Bakersfield. A Beagle to lay down at like 8:9 o'clock at nightly count from the TV on we concede down the hallway at the foot of our bed in the hallway towards the right. And out of nowhere at least two green laser beams. Perfectly straight in the middle of the hype like little height come down the hallway into the green laser beam on top of each other. They're continuous for the laser being parked at the beginning of the laser beam like continues from France and indeed make their way down a hallway and make wrong right turn around the hallways. And then come to their and then instantly say they're gone. And then wake up three hours later just the way as they were when that fell asleep or whatever happened and that that couple swears up and down that they started having recall memories of being abducted by aliens so it's not uncommon to get. Stories. Or their crazy people who live in Bakersfield California I've been there and that's that god forsaken place in any normal person would live there has been. Don't ever remember that was the hunt in whose honor and twelve and we author of liked the immediate business. If you if you choose to live on the monitor anywhere near like there's something already wrong. Yeah I'm not parliament building area that you want to kind of a relief to development centered away from Bakersfield. Yeah I gotcha I gotcha I do love it I love the whole idea because it's definitely all kinds of aircraft there's tons of of a bases out there I mean I've done both the highway fifty across here and had. Low jets buzzed us just because it's fun you know that that always that would that. At fifty that goes across you know all through their about it. And through Utah and I mean we've had guys come over the ceiling like. 500 feet or less I mean I haven't fund with us. And actually get fewer people would see possibly what he believes a UFO or UFO. Right and a lot of these people are seen our military and not for we try to. Which groups really are trying to set ourselves apart and not be that. That he needs to exist yet one more on purely economic hunt but find out what's going on. And I will tell you and yours listeners that ninety to 95% of the things we're seeing our military. Tried it slashed military projects he could speak project. On myself you know people who were working not pride that these projects to do things like. Are you people want the moon walk around on the moon's. Course noted that brings in doing it you know. What's his name like most guys who aren't in our future. Not totally liberally live right by the Mojave states Ford and you have the likes straddle launch be done by Paul Allen's. And and just like to talk about the virgin galactic all that stuff happening right here. And a lot of people don't know that Edward Bakersfield with our 2508. Military complex and that's what we happen limited airspace. So especially around here when people are seeing things it's not uncommon to CD these objects re entry that the bureau leaving earth. I got a good connection where if they're still building and others who believe the space station in Curacao. Are not as he started doing you're aware of that note began and enough that was at or if it was it was today in remembrance. Op and have a good friends. Marine biologist leaves silicon can make that connection we've this year. Okay and what's strange about area 51 there's you know in the entry here very experienced to go eat all of the military installation. An area that he wanted to just beyond anything else like the amount of security. It doesn't matter like where you go in the desert in the canyon third you try to leave these guys driving eighty miles an hour and everywhere you go there's another one. Yeah now that's I mean that's real I mean it's it's that and that's what's gonna happen blessed you know it is a military base and in the world's been talking about every. You know the present company accepted every day in the world's F and around out there so again I imagine his super beefed up. Let and I have my own personal experience so when I looked like old almost drive the Southern California. With my parents and we were near Camp Pendleton. And over the base we saw these five lights appear like on our. Like McDyess you know like number five in the Al other sports started circling around the center object. And then stopper they they go into the center back well. And then in the end they all went but the goal and then shut up and continue instantaneously like into the atmosphere and that's kind of what led you to start. He curious you know even from a young age. And now we have so much fun stuff to dealing with the drones we can just screw around with all the LEV packages to I've got. You know I a couple drones and yielded those phantoms that there's so much aftermarket stuff if you wanted to. You do a couple of things you can program to do just richer saying with the LED package or you can even releasing these guys will take. Like 25 of them and program them all the same still fly in a perfect arrangement and then start to dance. Like you're talking about brought through a great UFO hoax that is the key. And people remember Johnny liked the military's been doing this for years wrote sold so well known that like at 22 raptors. At thirty are. All felt like autonomously. For the pilots to be flying and there's like two autonomous. Drone. Behind them back to execute missions that need to be accomplished for the pilot. Right now absolutely I guess it and I think its capacity and I believe you know it is humbling to see some really just irrefutable evidence you know I mean I've been to Peru and I've seen the the skulls were they would you know elongated the skulls I did in the museum in Cousteau and in Lima. I've seen the NASCAR I don't have been to Al I've been through all of it but you know they did somebody you know we always believed that it because there are long getting the children's skulls. And make him look like which would be a great now and see the mask alive and to think how did you bet the hummingbird that you know all of that stuff. Who knows who knows. Right right but I'm telling you bro like the thing that keeps me going it's not like eating like the regular. Regular civilians who had an experience that when I need like the media person. The Coast Guard person and that Intel person. Who says brilliant operate it like I can tell you like what out there but all I could say that I've seen things and don't stop looking for things you know. Good political stay in touch our attempt. What they're not released director Tim Doyle UFO's seekers dot com.