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Wednesday, November 8th


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On the phone Kim Smith. He's the editor at it twice pressed the new book is the clutch press secondary. It's a dictionary of every six term ever want to know slang position finishes. Everything in the world of texting in the world of email on the world of online dating everything is shortened everything is and who termed as many things you maybe even out of the system April. Let's face if you got thrown back out the world guy if you get tested in now. SOM. I would have no idea Saddam. Also known as the thrilling or appreciate you nineteenth yet. You know there with the fact that at. So you have to know recent and that's what Tim is doing the lord's work. This morning shows never ending a ten to educate our audience today we bring you. Files the most extensive list of sexual terms ever as a section. From easy Johnston welcomes from zipper dinners to prove. The words his movement for you to use just in time for a there's been an office. Please welcome. Klein's president editor of the teams. Teams man. Hey John how are you well. Good acting and you got to running a little late this morning has formally that was not broke after it. Yeah that is also the book fewer procrastinators. What was that. Are. The act the masturbating as a form of procrastination yeah but. I am not a teenager which is that it is very common in teenagers. He also familiar with the term bad mr. rating. What. A little bit. Yeah that's you know men mostly who married men and men in relationships and sexual as they wish you Wear when you get turned out and he and masturbating. What you want them. Yeah master he used angry angry masturbating as it turned out for sex again. Holy and others and it's only so many things and I thought that was up on everything and this this is an entire dictionary built around. All the new sex liked him whether digital equipment and digital aiding texting and shortening of the got to know it's the last. How can you cucumbers if it how can you connect on the way. Yeah and all that a lot of old people I mean it's a great book for troop. You know her mom and dad to get another kick a little bit better than the bottom that don't know LO well. Yeah I mean let alone keep hacking. What about I'd you know I wasn't familiar with the term stone butch. You want us he really wasn't I didn't realize it's very as a lesbian. Chooses to presented a more masculine way stone butch usually doesn't like to be touched in the general region but preferred to focus on sexually satisfying their partner. Yeah we we have hundreds and under the terms in here that I think everybody. Everybody will enjoy a fun with. It's you know we got everything from I mean you know used to yell at ease and yeah it would ever imagine that people had a sexual that it. Don't work pink streak like that whoever it's like I can understand like somebody cutting leading. But that. So we're in some of these I think a more re like when we use you you've thrown job. It's a sex act where masturbation is seated that your couch. We have one called the Grand Slam that is indigenous to the midwest region. The Grand Slam has given them birthdays special day a special thank you were you. The two partners at their favorite chair turn on their favorite show could be smokey and the bandit could be pornography smoke their favorite whatever drink their favorite drink while being. Elated or performed at least before. The Grand Slam. Yeah I mean Cleveland at their same equivalent hammer shirt yeah yeah yeah it is the Grand Slam of course. Here's what I don't know if it was who are you familiar with that. Adam. And I think I guess when people orgasm Nicole. Yes I I I'm telling you I would have told you that this is a lie it was a fires a myth. I talked to a doctor on the air that he had his prostate checked and for whatever reason afterwards now there are times when he will. Death the Kate and ejaculation because of the passing of these. That is. It. It. I guess. What. A party and are you look at what he doesn't know when it's gonna happen it doesn't happen every time. It's every bit messy situation let's got to be awkward don't you think him because that's our problem I'm thinking sexual at all. I'm just I'm just mr. and the you know. Get through now rate. Yeah I even know what you think ones. You know you weren't yet being UP one I that the ING. And you. I know I know I'm so sorry I didn't vote that is the term percent sex between two more people in the very community you thing typically happens constantly refers. Yet so we actually quit persons actually published a book offering nation. Where. Our our alternate juror striking identifies as a Comodo dragon. And he is dating a law or. Who could go to. And the two of them that. Gender war had a crush on the dragon. And he wrote him a text message saying I'd look gators. So this thing. You know so there's a little all of that going on the community. First community wants to be taken very seriously. And he built the YKINMK. If that. Something like I would like to and from Nicky. Your hunger kink is not my king that's a short version let him know again it you love me I'm a Comodo. And here walrus the island another. Yeah but just the fact that people identified animals should show you. You know that that the world is very accepting these days. You have the audience. Do you I don't know that I do it's 2% to used as a vaginal exercise. Yeah edited and. You're damned if you do. That another critic metastatic retreat. Especially the older act of having intercourse the tree of your thought about that it. I know Eric my buddy as Ann Arbor east and he loves to cut trees bordering on the sexual. I don't know these ever inserted himself into a tree. He had an ancient upon poetry. Of the. Yeah. You think he's he's aren't true and shouldn't be he's more into the he the Asian that that's something. What I like and about cleaning cleaning. That's where I am you know it but at the queen's throne like facing like. There's a cheap type of chip in your future your. In the search share music and now we're now will be your face and the girl who sits upon upon her she's cleaned. Yeah I know it's like it should be or call on terms that have been researched. Not letting their mental mind you none of them are are lifted from any dictionary. We are not the Webster's dictionary by any and so we are. Think that the Webster's dictionary. Everything about sector comes everything you wanna know about. You know regular terms the that your grandma OK let me go to web. Well for God's sakes what happens if you get that Texans somebody wants to play in a bumper cars like. I mean you could block on or you could. Some some cool multi venture. Sure did you get you know that you get what you do is lie you lie. On your stomach but you're facing opposite directions to your your face will be near their feet. But you're the one person lays on top and then tries to course insert themselves or towards the other person. It's just the thing who knows I don't know why I did know about the angry dragon. I can tell you the most dangerous part about the book. In the invention of facetime. No I would urge your viewers not Q practiced these terms or via facetime. Especially the opposition. Because that could. Caught very much problems with now the record button. Still want everybody Nikki I want I want you to bring this I'll send you some I wanted to bring it here next. Bachelorette party. Right coming how many need I don't know if you have a lot of single friend but the next bachelorette party nominee would be. Probably about. There's the apple what with let's say would of went through the divorce parties he gets settlers would have been married for ten years you may for twenty years whenever you're out in the wild again you've been. Institutionalized Hitler and all these new rules. You don't you don't know what what people want if somebody wants the Danza slap the girls like I really liked the dance that you don't know what the Kansas last days. Then you'll agree to it that you didn't really wanted to do you don't know how to do not with him I promise you put. It. Org you could have the swingers the parallel plane went to a more Koppel at second same room. Is different from an orgy. Partners have sex with each other only. And are not freed aspects of the others in the room I take that away that it not what you would call it Q would you would you mean. That's just all of my wife would be cool with that. He teased the residents swinger on our show and for ham I don't know does that what would have been the answer not positively yes ops law. We're its oral only now this course Gephardt spla which is that the complete you know. Trade off so that let it announced swaps situation. I'm I actually not questioned why would you be willing enter direct follow up that's. I thought I hit the peak good. A 99 terms like I said the group doesn't came out for because of him terms like what the FCC really to blame for the term health. I quote but think of pearl trip stamp that's very funny that's when you know you make your own little tramp stamp organically. Yeah. And we also have a word in here that are not conceptual terms that people know what's not okay so obviously. So obviously he's the reality is not okayed because you can't get these animals consent. Little. So we we trying. We we try to ensure both ways here and I think we've accomplished obviously. Janine Nikki there's a lot of words that it could've been had it in his book but honestly view arm 250. Pages seem like enough. You know I'm. That's it and let it. I mean we try to flee here if we're missing some words. Please audience. Let us know get doubles on Twitter collegiate press and low or get him in the next urgent there will be an updated version. There has to be right that's how we keep the of this is this an important thing what happens if your dad gets divorced right whatever will really knows what what's going on the you get he gets a text he gets hooked up with somebody at Christian mingled dot com which she wants him to know she's in the packaging is like while she seemed like a nice Christian right. I mean depending duke then suddenly wham bam danced and caper. A yeah now. But it could very dangerous situation at. Oakland made for those that you everybody got a bit block breaker. Will not only informed. But it concede you from situation that you want nothing to do well. Literally save your shirt in your your bio you can really in the history and it's almost like memory in the Roman showers here lecture come on over pretty soon you're Newton they're voting on. Yeah I mean it's I mean that brings me to my favorite term netbook dominatrix. Who. I'm not there have to define that. Let whoever would've thought like the opposite booked your mind blows my upload size. Of common Atrix. Who knew who knew under the cuckoo's nest position there's a lot of things. You're really. Now known it and I'm writing did toward him right now could have gotten older gentleman friend that I live with my home and married to half and so we've got to study program that's gonna kick in the Saturday morning. A. I will come back to you with my notes from the past that now you know with the speed we have a glossary in the back we bring you god like anal vaginal straight. You know gay lesbian and homosexual because that might help those terms if you also subdivided those into sub Jones. Now I understand that from booked you probably has won the the other so what do we realized that this would be com. And spiral and it has been. So when we can now book to be a lot more you know a glossary. Index I mean right now we. We dump it down the best that we possibly can it's those in alphabetical order. So if you're looking for something that's so when you're in and find it rather quickly. Sure because. You don't wanna confuse with his people this is pretty common as you know the Colombian cloud shooter sometimes presents itself like the worldwide chameleon spurring debate with bush. Or the Hogan and mr. do you head with a pinch hit monkey. Wouldn't. Look at castration fantasy world. Boy now that's an entity more women have that the men and yet continue will and Mike with that yeah. But that's yes that's known also as the Australian Muslim refund. It's this is a community service you really are doing the lord's work help people get this for for friends for Christmas for. We're teenage boys or or just you have a good grasp of maybe maybe your parents. You know somebody whose kids have gone into the texting sexting world like 161718. Years old and you wanna know you know how do you break the secret code when you look at their phones well. You'll know now that's what this man. Yeah and other injuries continue to isn't differ for younger people as well because grammar notes of the mile high club that is the grandson might not know. Not cool and hip these days and probably new terms for. So we have that in your keys to get stuck in here that grandma would no I don't think grandma gonna know what the money shot is now. That's right what happens if you signed its estimate Sadie Hawkins dance of the girls asked the boy with a with a question mark SO MF question. What have might send it. It's he wants him to suit him it's. As. Can keep it when he when they turn eighteen if they can Gulfport. Yeah let. If you don't know the code you won't know which kids are up. Your heart percent aren't and that flag at this book is perfect for everybody Nicky your bachelorette party. I'm and you need thirty years. I'm giving you the number here with Jake we talked to Jake you're off the year that's perfect. Listen not a slogan women need to be upgrade and how can people get this the plea this press section there. You can go on Amazon ignored the bond mobile. There's and then click go listen to go to Barnes & Noble and your little. Yeah. Letting me jump on the front cover in the clear reflection. I heard it over bring up the counter nobody can have a clue. I promise you this is a must read everybody and I'm just saying that because on the edit it what have. I'm not saying this because I'm selling his for profit people. You know people got a public duck here is you've got a lot more respect and you've got to support the book. Yeah I know you you need to purchase this for people and give it is against and give it doesn't it's instructional tool and listen you can you can. To too many times we hear the term but JJ it's disgusting childish term for your vagina. And you need to get to a little more dull place which is the plea is secondary that's it's it'll tell you every sector we've ever won though. Sounds so much smarter it's like oh where today it's different level. Yeah and we we started in the words there are whether he's. But I I think it's very important as well is that this can be really fun and like Trivial Pursuit game. Or even you know I only invasion when I started looking in these terms that I can and help them. Let's build yet can spelling bee and it to have an adult Stalin being that country of origin. All that good stuff. And see who could actually spell that. Guarantee you a lot of people have a hard time knowing. Dark apartment so Celia. Yeah. All the you know aren't well you know well if there's one likes auction should let you know that they were doing here. I didn't look ordinary. Did you have docking in there and check the ease. Talking somebody point that too it's not that long its its its inserting your penis into another sports doctor. Yeah we we. We missed that one I don't know how. Yeah the thing Cheney a Wiener trap it's the whole thing. I mean upped the amount chain in the balked at Berkeley has prospects Larry edited by John and nick. Yeah well listen I'm available at work for absolutely nothing past the foot has some people this is that he. You know you guys have a great radio show and and he went about their. You're good man you're good man Tim Smith and I hope everybody checks it's not clear CL EIS press and then the word section there like dictionary. And remembered. Did not regret so crass stupidity. It's only for teenage kids. All right Johnny. That's exactly right and you build graduates and up and masturbating prop. Up. Her whole there. Have you been there. I've been married years. If you've gone dead inside. And I think it's. Help from you New Jersey and my wife has been. Seymour. Heard of this. And I waited and she took the kids to school. And you are having this conversation that was lovely conversation. This never happened as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately something called. Who approached. Him. All the information be available FaceBook please press section there it will be available you can find them Amazon. Noble should I think it's a gift because nothing says Bieber baby Jesus this action. I understand correctly. Mr. Kim Smith you can. Guys.