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Monday, August 27th


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He's on his way to the airport in Portland Oregon TJ Miller's on the born June 4 in Denver Colorado. He is an actor and comedian who has turned in scene stealing performances in such films as cloverfield. The goodness. She's out of my league. Get into the Greek. How to train your dragon won in two. Yogi Bear its office Christmas party. An idiot brother and transformers the age of extinction. Dead pool. And ready clear one night you can see him live on stage if you come this November. And now you can see him on dvd and Blu-ray in dead pool to the super duper cut. Please welcome longtime friend of the show TJ Miller. A slow down when you work your interest earned a B two got him on the games. Did you ever. And third and am well man I love how you've been everything good. Yeah I mean you know I need that I've seen at Craig glade there sort of came out of nowhere. The same time Wednesday. A huge surprise but it was very fact bigger target about Blake might get updates and Craig. Probably burned blog as you know I outlook so it you know about it or you do. And I don't doubt actually. We renewed church you're out for quite cute kind of perfect. And we we had gone future that she hit that strip club from The Sopranos the spotted being close yet. And so we were fair and that's very tightly and the girls that take out their put them at the end there there are things that you walk around. And out heating on the money. They're for. And that's and that's. And I kind of got the alert had. With cute you know it felt like the end of an air I immediately certainly aren't. He told me that forge and changed her cigarette. The problem your show media kind of are even though is that. Bill net present at all but throw like rolling our eyes out to hear or read but it seems like he sort of love. Yeah you know we call it would draw it out it was Hitler charm and you don't know why you were let him talk about temperature like somehow you were fascinated by you were kind of going along with a but the new catchers who have no I don't go along with this it's Hitler to. Yeah I know. Exactly that he did he kind of he currently I'd only good things and terrible things to say about you could. Ever clear and I think it. Just thinking is that Nikki Glazer well I don't know if you heard. The great tragedy words that you know it's all like you try to get movies made our. Here being the king day is our target about a radio and the financing for it it leaves. International financing. Came bad that day that you are all about the F doubted that pretty heavy without being. Now Blake my agent and meg gone to the root of the Cragg. He I would argue about making the movie figuring out a way to complete the financing counseling. Though the sides of the I'll not be at because Richard is all year want like. Oh no it's exit. He was a total so that meant and he really wants and he just cared about that movie. And somehow he thought he left that mark a movie about his life. It he would be remembered like a statue or whatever. It's a strangest thing heating desired level from another person he didn't desire yeah like eight. Real friendly and desire and that was important. As is alleged to have. I would. It would legacy. And flipped the thing is that. I didn't he told me hey we're gonna get this movie. Knock it out and well after you've got away Hewitt said. You know army now how important what you. And. You might themselves together and you'd think that you we are in the middle he was in the middle is sue an anti Cuba he probably knew that. And in the radio is what he thought he was in the middle suing everybody could see in the the club was failing obviously it did and always it was just absurd it was like you don't vehicle battery system like crackle of legal weed out. An act of audio like the Eagles. Are you are Clark couldn't get. It pains me to the last out but I way. And you know the order would adequately here who is offered their alliance Ali why would be. And I just didn't go ahead asserted that he I'll be right into the opposite but I walked away at it out of money out like only in your work. You got out and we're trying to every now and actually doubt that should look like it there was that sort of bit. Very covers keep you out there number one they're work. And her life you know the city remains are quite figure play play you or what they're people. I a year jet tanker truck or hear people on earth. You know if you feel like he had been an error because you know why it. Enigmatic and here. You know you're actually I didn't put up with them after straining their economists relationship with the. Yeah because you are caught between wanting this. He was great radio like I'd love to have him on the show because it was entertaining and compelling and people either hated or loved him and he just you dream of a natural act like it was like you know you can script Cragg. Craig was a boost to compete for a better. You know operator. Britain and us RB at. And then but did you know he'd do something that was so over the line and you've just I can't wait times the Mike turned off and get it anchored. Yelled and and Linda every even bottle once told him. Office and the nerve to me that wants. 000. He really on our crack of the bat that thing out because he has now. There were more. You know the number iron that I. It was a radio aperture it wouldn't argue it out there and grab a bite to eat go to Cogent record. And the EU is whoever call it call. There are bigger one voter error yeah. Sure. And if he's you're. Pretty are you hurting like you should go to the psychologist. You can. Yeah. And you know. Who remembered. Got a kick her out you have thereby. Like I can't hope it was that I got to lighten the moment. And blow right. But he hurt so much outbreak now are about. Black or and it eat a lot for complex. Ways that are the outer there are a lot of people. Yeah became a quieter. In here. Are. You know you get there. It was one of our Condit writes you're telling people. He was hurting her I think that that's the best part about telling Craig Glazer stories is he was awful and he was good and he was funny and he. You're right he did it times you see him do something nice for somebody like okay he's all right and big turnaround in just rip. I think destroy everything about her ear he was quite content set. Our. I doubt added we are polite. Think you were integrated. It's due to the absolute integrated weekend and if you'd like. When we got there the dirt and plant. Or rather that. I'd like oh my god figured out that. So well every show where he sort out all the seats. All the tickets were gone and then Gregg was the only guy in the world could literally the comedians on the stage he can see the places sold out these it was embodied all we couldn't do what your. Overloaded. Yeah he people. Psychotic. Amateur at that error like oh great uncle. Or early drop in her growth for us. You are clearly. And he goes you know currently day it was weird UERE. You know he really felt that you are very proud of thought that I got the big that we are much. Yet the great thing you always. You really eager like you really would like. You know I think ever argue with murder of talks back with you because. You do when it are an idiot. We're kind of argue the course or following you until he ought to recognize. You know. Behind your bra and perhaps there kind of opened things you never was really good at it now. Straight forward being you know he hit in the local guy. Like that they look here they're blind like the bat. Ever hear that aren't that they're well. This is where the culprit is dirt here pretty well. In November right here today. Let's get a cardboard cut and Craig. They are ironically Hewitt who are ridiculous and later. Site CNET super pit area up there. Yeah you're out of Baghdad shoot our work cut out a little out of daylight. You know I don't look like that you are you here that are artwork my tutelage. The early days of the I gonna send you a quote of this of the lawsuit in that someone else or putting online went away a little bit. Each one of the things it was an actionable but in. John pepper fully moderately and he says has repeatedly said. That. When Craig passes away quickly agent if that plane passes away he will dig up his corpse and steal the gold from his tee. And organs did you go into a bunch of times it was me. A it was an actionable and goes no I just wanted to know if you actually said. If I read and when you read a lawsuit. It made me laugh until there were tears coming down because it's rule is so we get sued anyway it was never amount to anything he does well in money and certainly none of that was was worth. But just this year I was like this is the ridiculous nature of credit like this is how we've always happen for 25 year. He went user you're credential. And he out required. You know what you live little. You're wired and a certain the end of the Alter ego out of certain that Ireland. I felt kind of got off to a because. I sort of saw the entirety of it and try to. Yeah but you know there should. Be a maverick Burt are but it kind of there was getting to a point where. You know I've I think certainly he was like you know my time years broker. But I I can't get them. Even just. There are at Roland edible book that I remember you are giving yeah. He would pay anything on either Tuesday and it could grab them by it but it. I get that jump mayor Douglas. And you know eat it feeling like you're you're you're right or aren't they also wanted to stay in the compensation. Arctic. I think you hire really you know try and without weight get the group because. That's all he ever won it but he keeps you heard about it would ever going to be picnic out Nader that you're go to pumping air he. Our Hollywood writers you know that legacy that you're right it also took out. Listen easily fifteen grand so you guys army as a consultant oh I'll help you out nice and I'm means brewery fifteen grand just need to fifteen grand. There. The teacher in note perfect companies like he thought that all. I was there you go through this rupiah to apply that actually there are here. Yeah it'll be you know I have been through after. Like. That was the only thing secretive little error you know coming back at the camp that he brought the great corporate a lot of playing. Quote there are here every beer bear. Recruitment and where are where they allow. It could pay forty dollars and they're there to greet her. Like that they're. Our our corporate favorite for them and that I think Google. All everybody would start yelling at like trying to they're picked up to get the weaker number. They're like why you didn't look. Terrible and there weren't paper route. Like I should correct tequila because we give away tickets and then he'd get people to the door. And tell them that there were no tickets they can buy something he would bait and switch people on the debt that's out I swear to god appeal more call like that you were never given a ticket. And the collapse for another few weeks. He's been Craigslist. Or we're used to Craig's list is owned tickets irony that it was Craig's list you'll need to know you got it. But you know he content is perfect but if I think this early in that are considered certain. It's their credit going to. And that's that is the consideration when you are human. UK ever fully prepared. If grayer than if Al Gore adequate that are talked to what will be your first major record so well. And chipper there right now about a dollar per bit of five months ago I. You know without any power. Recruitment. Yet that the attorney general partner that I have operatives in great people that. Is it fair article and the great people can't it is. Certain. You think of weird too to get paid do you think will be straight into the end of the show like he. I don't know I'd like enabled. The I got it to the idea. Paid for by certain effort. If you actually get this isn't I don't know what you want George is much of me and give your show to exit too free from you know middle of the as a visitor visas for the negative. I think also that our secure the voices are. So easy. Would you like Kurt liberty was that you try to look over there. I hear you I don't you know it's old. You're out secretly. It was a thing that was. And but you try to you that you were going to. You have to part of it later he wanted to start Byrd right there and burn out. He did not that he was it that you anyone you know if I knew what I was you know item on that yeah he was had a career. He's been able to build. You know nobody ever heard of well look I'm I'm coming. Kate here are the number 124. Like Kurt purely because and I looked compass here what are your personal. And and I can't hit it. Shirt linking ads and they'll watch your ability to edit track and I'm excited I'm here movie that I just thought. Frequently recruit you're underwater aspect here that that you're likely outdoor. Off I may listen do you think play safe. I don't see you in November but I talked to before then I'm back. It was great acting out man I wanna say again here that their. You know at everybody. And Tierra weren't you guys probably bill creates an without saying yeah. He had cute here you know are you respond bit. If he's trying to haven't asked you heard your all this content could be the gun dealers. Usually totally outs and you left and right side. It's she's brilliant match to be at the end of the air is are there particular a particular secret. If they are the center where there are particular fifty great. He is the great. TJ. Okay start us. Stated.