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Wednesday, November 22nd


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Born June 4 in Denver Colorado. He is an actor and comedian who has turned in scene stealing performances in such films as cloverfield. Good news. She's out of my league. Get him to the Greek. How to train your dragon one and two. Yogi Bear. Office Christmas parties. Are idiot brother and transformers. Age of extinction. And the blockbuster did pool as well as HBO series since the so you can see him back on the big screen and we deeply care one in the highly anticipated that attitude. Please welcome longtime friend of the show. TJ Miller. Hey TJ is on the hot line these sounds like he might have enough party a little bit Mario party started for you literally slept hardly two hours he wanted to get there 11 ahead you have to. Who you. Are. You doing man are you this morning. Yeah during world they. Are not because it's possible because they're afraid. Whoever. If you're on the radio talk in front of that look up. It ranks it's. Well thank you know what I think that keeps a certain freshness to the whole thing that we you're not wait too long you don't want to thank you can do it's too it's too common I like that jarred. Awake TJ Miller. Let the more you but if the area very well how. Would you. Wexler are there. Well you're doing out there are other all of and yeah GR expert report that's. And he sat for thirteen. I looked at. That 36 so look for a practical. He survived five days on certain people were here. Yeah 873. Because there aren't a majority of the decks here. Like. She and you know what just the fact that he likes you and it was I think that would you you know. That's great because you know obviously you'd you married to his daughter is his lovely lovely lovely daughter not all fathers feel that way about that you know. There are things that are. Typical. Other well. Potluck that regulatory. On or. There. Other. You know who will anchor congress. Did somebody go in the back of it Barack. They tell you you're. You're you're Michael. There are brought to what you do you and Felix. Well. It's the thing I like the work. Roads and Jacque we'll talk on the subject but. So we're told me that our whole other order. And so Iraq. With her little little so. Little bugger and if you aren't. You couldn't hear anything so. In your city. In the world that you get healthy. Get into the big secret that it's. I don't know parity now and it's who you know I ever ever that. About the person who announced target but are here as they're able hostile. Our post there are at. Least I'll be there what. Hey if you've never been the Macy's parade it's really is fun it really is fun. Whatever happens apply. To your city. In the past you know couple of current or desperate here and living in careers. And she's been great. I. Mean we really look at my you'll. At a and they agreed it's horrible thing I've ever seen the Macy's Thanksgiving break first ever win I am with obsessive on today. We're kind of in all of all the balloon sized children knew believes the size of the crowd the buildings everything it's it's just like television. And then there's sirens and then there's the parade stops. And it clowns on roller blades and roller skates. One of them that's going to be as. We look around the corner walk ons what's happened at all UC and agree is the sheet over the clouds ahead. One strike arm taking off to read completes that feat because the points and had expired on the ground. It. It was the most terrible. Upsetting for anything absent and that's the image the myself occasionally will Google the photograph of the clout of the sheets. At the Mets braves. And. It's sort of person that. And there and then this movie it can't. Don't know America. Here. Golf looked at it geology. So good so that's it is fun man and a you know I'm excited about I'm excited to meet your groom obviously. I know that you've been having the best time ever teach you sound so good god I don't think you ever. Ever honestly Iverson and happier since the debt and today we met. There are definitely going to be real important. Yes there are saying. She's hurt she's excited for Q Oakland beat them and encourage. So we are. It. This. What other parent that I. Our era like Erica. Are able to refuse. To sit her blouse to. You look at the beer filled the first governor of thought it would. You know you look at them through everywhere cal green. The year total all the you know what to do it different cities but only for almost civil. It's. Our love and that does that. Who I beat Hillary. Apparently they're past their brain you know but it was the I the unable to be coming to Asia or. Have just done for the Canadian tour or able to cover they fumble. That is probably the majority. And hold it right the way we give great effort. Over there if you put up with right. Oh. Is that your. Oh. You know look you know agrees to New York but I appeal and east village and a couple of really good speak he sees we serve some very heavy handed cocktails you will enjoy. Yeah right. It's it's it will be fun to get together really well and is. Think it's interesting that you become such a movie Stiller. A weight can feel we manage to comedy. And stand up and really value is feels like you're doing exclusively movies. Well it is right. You know for movie. Pretty clear on which from where all the everything that book is to vote. We welcome. Ready player what. You know that I think it'd be certain Gilbert heard the liquor which are. It's technology like yours doubles here on fictional. Character who exciting world. The political work order Chris Stewart. There are victory and that's cool too. All of those coming on next year's true it's trying to accelerate your. Into. You know full well. It's really good man and eggs and eat it is the odds. Are so against it looked you work hard there's no doubt it and obviously. You know I have a ton of talent but. But still in this in this world the odds are so against that level of success man and I just I think it's amazing and happy for you and I love to see the good guy win. You know got him for every. Every ten Jeremy Piven holes I like to see at least one DJ Miller you know. Yeah well that you've got that let action yet. And you know you can. Who were right yeah it's going to be the late Jerry would like to prepare for it. Yeah there's definitely call rockets like JU. Everybody mr. alt a I think we're very here or at all. Let sort of blunt. The public particularly here we'll figure could. That's very important. That I'm gonna buy you kind of a monkey on those we're going to hold Hillary when it's over Arab. The great actor weirder to will be fantastic our. Yes. Are either. If you. Are well over a year ago. I feel like I'm like oh my god happens to handle I was just pisses all over DMZ. Let's go back to bed go back and snuggle. Beautiful wife and then I'll I'll text you when I get into night and that will catch up tomorrow morning it's unpalatable we'll get a destination will pinpoint which regulate. We'll text each other and and and we will leave. You're assured her concern it. Oh. A look I think you can't. Urged. Here.