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Wednesday, May 17th


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Born January 26 in Springfield Pennsylvania. First met him in the mid eighties is front and on the band Cinderella. His name. Is Tom Kiefer. For fifteen million albums sold. And so down to. These are sold most TV. My shoes and on June 3. He takes the worth. Harley-Davidson. Steve can run fast 2017. In the field. Very Edelman. Killing guys for having me out kind of you'll very. As solid as a mature wood Jesse to pretrial faster just knocked out about what it just a musician's musician you art. Well thanks I'm not balanced front gate that really was cool grey crown. Is really enjoyed that night and and gentlemen. It's been really secretly brought other. Started on that stage you know political life and phone number and yet. It did on. So we're we're looking forward coming back as a threat and that's what the solid and I think that's only shall we got the city. Some remembered. You know it is. You and it's it's one of those things. I almost felt like you know I really love Cinderella and a member senior guys open for David Lee Roth and that it was a great statement it was a great night. Yet that was look at it brought to Rome's pretty pretty amazing you know that was kind of we are record was taken off at that time and that was. Elderly as you know a lot of fond memories from back then and and I just feel very fortunate and thankful to still be after playing music and you know with some. I'm not I'm lucky ya. Yeah well. Wheeler right because that's seek groups and on the show before the secret to being happy in this world is is gratitude and and realizing. How good did you have not about what you don't have it's about what you do. Yeah he got folks on the positive and you know cover ups and downs out. Certainly has had mine with the local challenges in the Holland. Bird you know still stand in the still playing rock at home and I can confront. You because you came down you've lost your voice that at least they determined that the left vocal cord had been paralyzed somehow. Yet so that they can act because I number saying none of which would singing marching in correctly it's. It can be from general anesthesia from the surgery. That can be from a violent actions so. They're not really sure what caused it but it wreaked Havoc. On my bullets forward you know. Almost two decades and it's neat that you know most people don't sing again after that and I feel very lucky girls able to. Figure out how to get those quotes work and again and that's really great vocal coaches and darker pork and with the true or not. And I'm not around the corner with the remnants. Knock on wood cross fingers you know most nights it's as strong if not stronger than in the world for the problems so. And another of the sense of surprise me you know. Through adults who would truly you know there's a lot easier that. Terrifying thing to be a singer and that really be in your heart like it's you know it eat this can happen in the first record you know you're you're. In your. You're yeah this is your life there's it's there's no turning back at this point this is what you do for a living and think about. That timing couldn't lose the ability. To do that the new and I think that it pays the rent and you know I'm do you feel that Darrell Mack DNC from Indian chief you're just yet. I am not you know he went through this was different the spends money this ball and that's what his. Well I'm I'm very familiar with that because I'm note that was so that was the year either in the beginning they weren't sure what month once there was a lot of Stewart spun around and I actually. Our travel to arm up to. Some mark it doesn't Virginia. Hospital specializes in management doctors to test that. Yeah that that's a terrible conditions here. You know he's funds are back from that as well I mean you have to learn to read that you had to learn to sing and you can listen to this and go listen you do lose any of your voice the quality of your voice. If anything it's gotten even better and more mature. Well thank you that's that's nice to hear it's it's still in Europe you know with a neurological. Neurological condition. If it doesn't ever really it's never really cured if it's about keeping it conditioned to function properly so. The weakness is still there and and I have to go through answers over. Pretty rigorous warmup stopped aliens before the show and all sorts to make it function that way but you know it's I'm just glad that. I was able to get around that figure out how to make it work Cutler got so much and get it on a percentage and and I was told I would that would says. Well and that's that we had to dig deeper right that's usually the showtime keepers with you guys probably know him and members from Cinderella with fifteen million records shall. But he's coming drug test which is gonna be fun you won. Always feel like you've got pushed onto almost now I hear the new stuff it is a record progressed very few bands ever get. That much better like Cinderella at it the first record night songs was a great song for the great album for the period. But by the time you got to still climbing you are writing. Entirely different style of music to me it was so much more advanced than what you started out. Well you know what will we wanted to do the first record we were pretty green earth the curtain. You know we're used to jumping up on stage in the courts were playing an important and simple and achieve the Kremlin. When you get on him like record heat and that's what you gonna do you find that it's very different situation that state you know. Caption that is all art form and so we we were fortunate to have heard a great producer Nancy Johnson told console and he really encouraged me to dig deeper in writing and lyrics and you know I've I think that things screw. I wouldn't say that it was a different styles of music I think it. It it grew from something that the American lung colon and Hartford stationed stoke on the stylistically problems locked them. Think we really grew to put the production. And and we painted that picture in the studio because there. When we first one and we didn't we didn't really you know student colorful. Capabilities. So you know we introduced a lot more instrumentation. And made their records kind of driver morgue advocate and went you know he can learn much of the chipper. I think part of the music oh and earnings we elect lyrics. About the ups and downs of life and that's and melodic and also opened its own food scandals and and hard rock so. It's not a growing experience and and indeed really really amounts so much from and the only network studio and to which one out of some. Tom your huge genuinely humble because. You know the old adage electorate efforts record you know a year actors and you eat this is it really is it usual to the album's least. What I can it get so much better it in the first record and was a great record. I remembered there was the record labels on your side I can tell you the guy's name Rockland grand. With the record or this yeah and number rock comes in and that we were zero Greg and he and he was just. Adam and he needs his driller who urged these comfortable all those other guys this is a good. He goes there now this is what date they write good any acts of I'll never forget he and drilling at that you had to pay more attention to it. And he was a series is a heart attack about it. Well it's always nice when you have those kind of people on this side you know their folders you know. And any band trying to. It certainly occurred after universal lot to breakthrough and a lot of other bands and get out it's it's it's like scenario of someone from your label on every member rock and aren't I appreciate. And being such a champion perks convert that makes it that much work and let's see young band you know. Yeah and well you know you've been through bad how what was the break you took between the time Cinderella decides just take a break and and the solo record how much how much time is it. All of a long time. You know the still on the team and I think in 94 with. The last recording studio music of any kind solution growth or from me. And in the ninety's we kind of just when they're sort of ways because industry and try and change corporate as we don't know should. And most of the band from matter lawsuit deals and couldn't tall bit. So I moved to Nashville and you know around 97 and sort of write for a solo record and like that disrupted by its Cinderella. Reforming. First and on the promise of a record deal armored car. And saw potential record on the back burner at that time and that record never got the situation well but we sort of torn on which school. But that. It stepped. Called lethal store and you know adjustment. In all of that. The best you know when that happened and the ban has lost that wreck people's second record VO on the record and what are you so record. I was still toward what the band so I did it piecemeal. Over the course and nine years rebellion between toward some growth outlook and Savannah. Covert most of the record co produced the and we just. There was no label involved and it didn't even really start out the bureau it was just like let's just go out on studio and record music in. Over the course of time at the start of the sort of record certainly you know we. Took the record around market completed record achieved labels and I'm profoundly. And you know and a label to release of Mac came out. 2013. So yeah I mean that it's from 94 to 2013. On that and so over its first. These. Aren't a long time to be honest it would. And you're writing a lot of it. A lot of it was struggling to listen to period and an opposite legally she's the band you know we're trying to get a leg up but certainly it all started that about so who would. And I am so it's just been you know lot of for a lot of the way life goes does that title of the apple says it's. We you do is you think about the depression they consented because people would much lesser careers have had fallen to hold it could never get out of it drugs alcohol. Whatever bit of the depression because you you have the ring in your hand you're on their stage at the arena you you've sold fifteen. Fifteen million that's fifteen times platinum. And then give voice to be hammered like that that come along and the legal trouble than you know. It's just it's such a hard thing to overcome and I don't know that a lot of people can understand how dark that can get you know that. You know one day you're walking on the street in your time keeper from Cinderella multi platinum recording artist who's filling up you know these Arenas and playing huge dose and then. 78 years later it's it's a lesser day and even though you have the same talent that's a lot of hard. The most to deal with for a lot of people to transition through. Well that it certainly is. You know lend itself to a lot of great material for. Our well. You know we all my my stories are are. It's you know are I'm not eat yoga challenges you know person in the street you know I love that old saying your average you know won't be concrete enough though. Would someone else is going through and we all have our challenges you know and I'm yet it was part then there was a lot and then. I think that that's. And I think that those of the times we don't revert to form who and you decide what you're gonna focus on the leaders. Aunt or are badly in Holland and we all go through this you know I'm on my story is not unique instantly was part of shark exhibit the Great Depression. All of conduct and that I think we all go through that and what electronic equipment you know all of the consoles involved art. And I'm I think that so much of that one lyrics on the around the world goes Bruce. Great is great arm when you're great you're really have talent I do believe it's hard if you're good person and your hard working guy you get the morning and you you'd whatever it is you do that you love. You'll be fine you'll find new ways of the money finds its way everything finds its way but you have got to get up in the morning. Yes you get it shall. And and that's something I'm not saying that's. My story I mean it's it's it's my story but we all stewards let challengers in the corners. You get up shortly keep. Can he keep doing what you love. And like he says you know like has a way of finding its. You know the scariest thing was in the ninety's and the wheels came off. Ports. My mom was ill with cancer laughs from the cancer and lost its record deal it just felt like. You know the end of the world. And notes its interest and that was kind of like the first now you know. Looked like up until that moment it's very light you know just on the rise of 21 on the that's like whoa where it's hadn't. Dependency overtime you know in the morgue is live like that like done. And when it's you you know men in the late nineties and started to monitor and success on the road in at all concerned that calm cool and sort. That's the nature of life. Start bottom out in the ninety's and school so and it's like yeah you don't have that we use them or that experience of having seen that it does come back awhile and so as time goes on sort to speak you know that the weeks without a delight to negotiate. You know it's either trade you know there when you're when you do get a it's something well that there's probably another part come. Yeah well that's the measurements of deal saying the measurement is not his success it's how we deals with a failure. It's it's how fast you stand back up again. You know what there's more to be learned from the failures in the success we all like the successes but it's like. Would you root against you that you look back in the OK how can we win next you know so. Using Google gets are with the band I say against that on the line up. Without Blackberry smoke another band that love incredibly dude Charlie and the boys and their of course through Nashville and in at a Georgia Kennesaw and and Marion in that area that if you caught Blackberry yet but I can tell you right. Well I have I thought about them actually a couple of years together on Ron Kirk. And not Charlie that's come down on the and a couple songs together we've come a couple state with a limited corporate station. And we did. Stones cover two together and it goes they were just amazing that I really really cool and so. Looking forward to sharing the stage with them too short. And that's I mean about you being a musician's musician I'd never knew that story so that was an assembly. And that is but I also know that you hail storms on the bill and you Lizzie. Really hit it off as friends and I inch I've talked to her off the about it. Present and again I'm a huge fan of -- Tom and and to talk and Lizzie in it she is such a genuine then. And gets butterflies as she gets up there with you to saying she just loves the idea that you guys have been onstage together. And just I mean achieved in her in her own right as a genuine talent. Yeah and and are appealing to mutual and I'm I'm genuine fan. Not only her but the ban but I think that they're just an incredible talent and I'm really stand out. You know I'm in the auction on these days that lets work for it made it. Into the wild since you know amazing dirt there growth a market to records could really impressive but there are bonuses crimson. And so it was great and you know it's it's a little intimidating incident occurred. One walk up their I remember the first summer citing weather and it and so you know that since that's voice is powerful but I'm. Just just the greatest person and you know we've become friends and lots and let's turn in on it and they're. She's could really implement she comes from a good family heard RJ in and it Josh everybody Joseph I mean they're just they're just. They're a good place those guys as thick as thieves. Yet there they are that they have a great vibe about the plan you choose you know some underwear. You know he's. Really. And the great energy output. Isn't it said you wouldn't level band and you find out they don't like each other like it I'm still glad they're making music but like Motley the end but when you read the Vince Gil book. And he just argues it's purely business because that's all this. Huge are killing me I'm an adult you're killing because you're eating my childhood right again. Yeah I want and unfortunately the wrong things in the way and the subvert the notre commentary and I am sure you know on. And form when you're young. And then maybe you don't. You you know. You don't also got a I don't on every level which don't realize because you're one thing that some comment that's under armed you know you broke part. And that is so weird how we're whitewashing of the handle the and that's got four people. Well again. You know and it's. It's unfortunate you know and some. Some bands have Spectra Energy worthy you know they just kind of always carpet and and some don't so I'm I think Arab. You know that system. Part of you know the dynamic of a pension credits are much like a marriage so it's a hard thing to keep together. Sometimes it works in in favor if there's some anger and angst and I mean think about like the kinks and Ray Davies and Dave gives it fist fight each other on stage I mean I mean I remember seeing that starlet. Yet all rocket mall you know little pranks and then you know and I mean upturn you know we're talking about Portland and jog and and you know of a lot of the really cool things that came out in the selections were. But direct result of he's not but he has no computer parts of friends. Until the end you know he has so where two years ago. Just miss him and are you not love him dearly put him I would you know. He'd get me. Mean man and patent that sounds like good enough it's that Opel and it or not. You know we we we got rabbit and that would result is usually something. Like he came out kids' site today in RT you know always you know whatever you can. He stars as well and you know currently we have a common goal. So we could say anything to each other in the studio. And even as a pistol sol you know. We go in the option usually couldn't come out. You know and so different. And we end up with a better performance are now so yeah that's part of. Within Johns and it took Signet to put it to remember everything that he produced exile on main street. The stellar. Our panel that you produced at begin to hear that it wasn't so much exactly what you would choose you know why we hired them I mean he worked for example and work with. Humble hard work stones you know he. He car and their major talent and I am. Even pitched actually he thanked me. How hard is it to become too we're with a guy in the studio that professional professional level when in your heart when asked what it was like it. And what Mick Jagger Keith Richards and Roberts page and pages like just tell me another story for saying. Well yeah I would share in the new certain stories you know. That was chronicled there there are some great stories that we heard it in our I think you know. Starting with a course record you know. And as much as a fan. And I was that music and all you know it just it just he and I hit it off immediately. And we are. If it took the focus was not produce Mexican group recruits and so just deal with easy to turn that. Well you know. The fans. You know obviously but obviously there were moments when we are sitting around beer were prepared for me you know. But yet you haven't had a separate you know could be wanna walk in the studio sources on the other hand you know we always did it yeah I would certainly cool here I'm excited for. Pelosi really excited to be able to see live. I really image and be about 50000 people strong it's a huge day too huge stages. And that I'm I'm excited just because I know how great you are alive and a solo project and excited and sure that would be honest is they're eleven and end. Even better match what do you tell your good human like you're just a genuinely good human. Horrible thanking them and when you achieve in that area. You know I I'm I'm really hurt them during the year. Record sort of purpose is known on the road America. Jump onstage in Kansas City with a solo band and understand its descent and amazing chemistry and it's grown even further sprints and concern Gator I'm and so that was. 2014. When it. We we've been out torrent another great chemistry from day one. Really really great. And even cheaper than I mean it's just over the last couple years is just wont to another level so. I'm really excited to the room. Are abandoned and tired and are shown songs into us into are forced to shoot. But I'll see just a couple weeks and appreciate you open up with us this morning and CG Internet definitely in this state. Or trooper. At the great and keep.