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Wednesday, June 20th


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Toe hold the the story made me laugh. And trust me you need stores make it. This little girl 1920s. And nineteen Caitlin strong out pretty girl like she goes to concert the Woodstock music festival. Had a great time apparently. He's an exhaust pipe you know what the big tobacco picked up from. Let's begin of put my head and I think we'll track. Of course she didn't hit the putt. Our next guest is a Darwin Minnesota man who unwittingly made headlines this week after nineteen year old Caitlin Strom. While attending the Winstar country music festival may have had a few too many drinks and decided that her head would feet in the exhaust pipe this truck and got stuck. Having to be rescued by firefighters. Please welcome. Somehow you. I'd give Latin and it didn't nineteen year old girl had stuck in my truck acts that's better if you had the other day. But at a I'm glad you is OK so you're so set the scene or. What were your words your truck parked at the music festivals in a parking lot. Bottled and knocked it girl okay development public at Yale law out it'll probably. How could result. Arc Hitler. And what was the call those he would greet me and for those that. It okay so it's big obviously it's the size of the human. Or slightly snuff yet at the ball. 738. You know inside diameter or. Kept open you know we'll go to ball and I looked at my Dick mell and you know it. He did that let somebody get and it certainly. That's great in my how old you Tom. When is it as I feel like. You should ask this girl that she wouldn't have her head stuck in your exhaust so what you guys born cross the threshold. What are some good applied but born in a hurdle. So you can put your camera on the corner and and you just happen to notice that this girl. As her head sticking your exhaust. Yeah eight oil dot outlets in the front of my truck you know side. And but what people earn their keep are not unlike what it on the lakers chicks what you tell. You know certain look it's a good luck. In all the deal she's going to. You know. Like a camera and Carter who looked and you know there is the gorilla document bill. This is the first agreement girls that the new deal. There. Are. So high. I'm just curious who played that day. Who was onstage when she was at your. That would actually order the and actually order at the start right. There that we played it is on the stage. Are but that the report that I'd just gotten a little later built up before I got there and at an a couple of hours. The ultimate now. It's a year guy. So it's did you talk to where it was and are we like ho. Who are you know if your fed my exhaust pipe. Yeah yeah or later her fourth currently there you know I didn't I didn't know she was all shoot strangers in need but I only knew her boyfriend. Well all at all. Where was this old that was supposed to be looking after. A chooses left unsupervised that's a shift its thinking it's not just yeah let go without. He worked at Purdue and if so could you could she hear you did you hear her. Are we acted. Year knock it you know he's not a bit which could get saints a lot together by. It's Kyra it's hot but I thought. It may. Sue how long is your heads stuck in your exhaust pipe. All they that. But 45 minute but I Ike is that you large forty. So many jokes so the firemen get there and now they've got to figure out what to do now imagine cutting the exhaust off. The big cut the exhaust a magazine and you didn't. Yup they got out at a hydraulic. Out lightbulb that are. They cut it out. And in the and so so. Did did did she stand up with Stiller and Justin trying to figure like I am on this but my head coming from the. You know they're they're out there all editor out trying to figure out what they're gonna do we at all. And optimal I did it they're caught and opted. And then you know gators didn't not get an ambulance you know and now I am not that they're gonna call it a little to help ipodder and in a here at the same usually but I call you at you she could breathe and everything was okay Eagles but. But here's a detail by a pattern that. And it would make it. Now I don't cheered. And right now she could look for that it is seller top. Oh my god she must've been just like is it just nothing but sit on her face. All that there's more blurry though. It'll cart before the fort firebird got all all but become dull of wallet dot itself because there. Oliver had turned the no hitter at all. It was covered water on soul but I think that may have been a while you know cooking up numbers that. It's it's. That he beat org that they've. Like I football field but were gonna do we called and said. Dot net. It. Lugar and so. What did she's that would which he crash or was she okay when you should get him. Sure and injured more under the New England cheap you know. About you like are good you know I on the truck and Eagles Republicans are in our you know I was like oh we're in other parts of like I'm plastered. Indeed it. Giving kids down. No not yet. Imagine now they can give to our fathers who have caught us and we what happened units and well I mean it's. It's one emphasis in the permanent camp. My guys that never again it never put me and you're no longer lists that. I've got to me. Yeah that it pretty funny. You know what the import she's pretty that's nice. If you're. The effect of that. With little thing if you're gonna be stupid you beat. So I should apologize to you and then you lovely parting gift industry. Yeah we all circuit out of the picture the flight. And out there now what now it brought it out to art and art. It's it's like the biggest sit up all the people. Up in the morning. People people meet crawled toward aired on amateur hour or stop and take answered the bill by. Well let's yes ma'am on the plaque called Darwin award. Yeah guilt where you know work right now. All we that are actually a trophy company million wanna make. Order that it. Sure it's done when and where it's not lost every that's it Darwin so. I'd listen that the that you beat the rap and a lot of interviews but that would create story. You think you mean there where it was the closest place was closest major city you up there and so. Well. Okay scientists who have come back and motorcycle ride after Sturgis this year but hopefully we'll come down twelve finally do it. And stop and get a picture taken with the don't get it sure what the oil embargo but yeah. It artwork. And Steve thank you and stay right.