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Tuesday, May 15th


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Born December 25 in Chicago Illinois. He is to maintain top fuel drag racing champion who was the first driver to break the 330 miles per hour. It holds the record for the fastest quarter mile top fuel run and an amazing 337. Point 58 miles per hour. This weekend you can see from the from the large hard nationals at Harding park Topeka. Please welcome. Drag racing legend Tony Schumacher. It's going to keep him rather. Well I most definitely. Everything's good what about you. It's really cooperative. Why did. Man honestly aren't true so glad that Hartley and his is still up and right man it was pretty iffy for those guys for a minute and a they have worked their ass off to get everything back together I'm so glad the Menard any Terri Hartman nationals are there this weekend. Meet you yeah it looked like Fletcher do. Chemical on. We packed my first race so we prop up as well columns alcohol funny car and Kansas City you you know. Let's go and Kasey Wheeler these people want to show you we lost and get snapped on. Yeah I know we fought for that and that's why wouldn't race and a bunch you know how it happens. It's out there it's it's part of me it's legendary guys on the snake prudhomme force them to you about you we'll talk net all the legends race there and then it built up around it. Some very wealthy people in the city built houses around it and then of course the complaints start and you know. Listen the the rich get richer the port at the picture and that Iran has business. Also they didn't buy it there because the fact they're so little hope we can break through extreme most. Then you know and maybe they complain. You to go away their house so he goes about unity by out pretty cheap at the next airport and went to. While you know whatever that you train track order notional. That's what I want to report but that's true yeah it's it's listen we will lose more mortgage you've got to support these events Maggie got up and see because it is. It is one of those things like to me it's like barnstorming it's just an American classic yes insanity like how fast we drive this. Cards. And it is man you know every year evidence from Long Island every year. We get. This case stack of new people you know with the same people are there you see grant to people even up for twenty years to commemorate the this is this it pilot you people that were moderate support and make welcome. In the first army and the credibility or NASCAR but he's never been there directory traffic is out for. The race a look at some relief in every one comes back and that is. As many neighbors you know. So there is just east of the problem we have. Honestly. At first built up to liberate. The people. And in the middle parts of the great surely you can't get a Leventhal courts are indeed guys living. Without at least in kind of breaking that your hours at a retirement Carla so. It's what it feels like a race track and so also. True that you can do that job and try to get across the you don't get the same affected the past Turco and TV you know that are in a long long races I'd still go get some. No it's some food and beverage in between every lap. The drag racing and yet he lives so it how can government won't live to hear. Is likely. And it's perfect instant gratification. It's it's. It's up there it's a huge burden off everybody loves that sent back in the pocket and bam bam bam you're off again three seconds while the next race so it's. Eats its I love that it is truly like motor sports the 88. You know. Absolutely Kitna back there so on detector Matt has definitely brought it did get out here man and Washington that awful wreck. And I wouldn't even about it if you work fine but we've broken leg like. 200 plus you go over the wool the car disintegrates it does what it's supposed to do you're in the cockpit you're in the cage and then exit the true. That's a moment you think does god hate me personally why is is that polygamy. I tableau have been benefited rights and I hit that was strange crash shall have that the ID 200 speech a year and a travel. All over the place and I thought they show that crashed and all of it's a war of raw. And I think that's a good case and I have been buying bad these in the world that's a case of a thousand people don't know that work and that also. And the quality control its own net security companies. That our lives are yummy looking district there. The most personal we will get there are some of good measure. Of seat belt in the critically and all the guys you trust them that their competence. You sheet metal water in on the right that we keep broke off. On its back in the day we use them to Adams for the little. Were we pulled it together now all I can you figure out reached fiction. But remember this coastal thoughts and we are bombed before so we fiction but we're gonna try and weak link we'll. It will usually don't fortunately you lose the weight so anybody when he let that what that's what's pushing those ties down but then you lose everything and now goes squarely on it. But the way it is it is almost comical sense like at the bottom of that video clip on the line it says the tree has since been removed it's like. You might have thought of that ahead of time with the jet. And again. They think they could pay tree out into Iraq we looked behind it killed six. I'll let the cheap thing. Like I grant that that won't have enough and urged. Two years later again meant to shoot three years later and bolt crashed like what we hope went through McCormick. McCormick entity. Big semis and part something that somebody has close. Golf carts and rent out you know it all tired my front we went through inside his trailer. I haven't looked at the odd that the key part in these and he couple people by every now. You could superstitious man you have a set ritual before we get and that board that when you start today. I you know and do you sense in my career I've paid my head on the wing and a couple pierce used to stop. I don't think it's I don't usually got something happen at this and want a lot of elation that way looking like a well Hershey turn a lot of my head on the big and I thought. I don't want to race like a Saturday at a retirement after forty years. If you you can grow its future to you you can use touch him. Ball and its impact on my team not that great you know we have. Higher economic team so that it organic farmers and anyone could do that perfectly. We wanted to do any of that hardly there else specifically picks for what they immediately. You know gave books enough I don't heroic job keeping it. Go a little debate process you go into the children eat plus about a report card and that means you're capable but again that's shall we do other people that not over right. You can teach an ID if they're capable of learning you need to be this article it look look look in Chile emergencies. In park knew he could be. Beautifully eloquent I know you're intelligent and earlier educated and the arc. But those fees meat that you don't care about the past in here and medical thriller about our need to know you care about that kind of simple lesson these kids. Yet Don Schroeder. How can do it Tony B 49 years old Lincolnshire Lee did he jump or you can do it long you want me. You just think you you know you you you're your your race in the double every time we go out there you know there's always that chance and I never considered the fact that you know that. That tire shake. That chatter in everything goes along with them in CTE now the scandal it's got to be real and you know for your sport is a real thought. You noted on the ability of the unitary attention Pena. You wanna donate your brain can't let. Her suffer a concussion research and and I look that. I'll work that we polite guy. And in response doesn't matter if there. Those older that the matter of reality is be yeah opener but. It is about the things that can assume you know I mean. I'd like to think if I think clearly a congressman's you know like can you people weren't installed so. You know on the it will help. I opted football players in and it was here is it'll seem like prominent but I don't have black move content approval you know like that. When I cracked that that was about the only concussion I know. And I think you have black moves through user. Jail cheat you know a lot as a political way you know Sean I have friend that was duty yet the problem you know and gruesome. So but I guess if you correctional you know. It's it's scary listen it's a real dangerous sport and you eight championships man 3375. You know in the quarter from 83 career win you have done it all and just it's it's it's just one of those things like you're so good that you see you see these kids coming up. And it's. It's going to be fun though is if there's always some kid that that we Hewitt that is right. That it comes again and and he thinks now the old man there and get rid of smoke his ass it's got to feel good to do to set and done ago welcome. That let me know when you need to shut the title kid. It's great that they looked in the sick about Wheatley and certainly. It's just an honor he felt some days. I have a lot he's cute and another shuttle we're gonna be in that position players are going to be the champs and then it's just cool and you know. I don't try to all the back there that teach each unit is much is like can't about how to do it right. And my theory goes then when I beat somebody I want to have every advantage in Peterman a fear premature. Absolutely that's the upper hand for. Who's your favorite ultimately keep your favorite alternate care drought there. He's really funny colors you know top fuel all of whom your favorite driver in history. Well my dignity and the same thing. Rhetoric guide so you know I mean. Because. He gets on at all you know he's saying that some. Alms people getting hurt he just is machines and accurate daily droll all of the great outweighs the girl all over it yet. Not to mention the fact is it was big daddy. Big. I want so anybody call any Cleveland. Indians big debt younger it's. And then Don the snake Purdue when you with John force he's great. Until you regardless of yours yours is in that in the same legend and you become whether you want to. But admitted to not give me at this point in time an injury thing can you wore in that that. Top sport. Well those that question you know big name like that helped him and hopefully some better. You know it shouldn't occur trying to be a little meat so target yet you still. Yeah I agree that these cars drive more useful right now. The race is think. Not my my my middle son what my admiration eldest son and so on he's worked. In LA and I'm sure you're paying and here you pick. Out that's. You're due to John force is daughters do well and they really do like I I was at first we'll skip who's your pretty little longer as a Google to be what kind of gimmick is this than you realize Ono another beaten guys like they're really good. Data between RB Darren was the reason you know that that's what about preparation than any particular. Group. If you got yet we got in the car you got quality people around you take the time. You know there is a key people well I'd like to buy popular card I want to start to start on the super who is cheaper gas. Learn where he beat you helped directory users can use really their race. So the car is he threw a deck of cards together in the sport itself and it ought to it's totally beaten people asking would be the record straight about the future and took. It's simply the night is out and I. Although it goes straight but I also up faster and he could be higher oil and do better than anybody in the entire world Apple's app collect every. And become little more. Little market. Definitely is an amazing amazing. And this it's happening as we get a million ways and to get Tony it's you do your voice my friend. And we will catch assured of a great injuries this week you know what goes greatly. I'll get it.