Monday, December 11th


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Yes he is the president did didn't will be for a wild you know it's amazing that two ways that people fight for the bio. Each day we wait to see what. Thanks so much that he has now. Everything he's super talent it's sexist offensive flow and just ask you how we. We write this even though he wanted to do they can grab. It's not. JetBlue and get them little guys Devlin ended the little guys and wanted to erect a wall and into the ground but now many of the real white dot during his constituents dish out. And now it's been awhile and we Obama now real quick. We're callous racist sexist fashion slowing. You and Andy bowers. Yeah so we don't get our ourselves there's still hurt its sex has nothing eleven. Don't have been done a lot of guys don't I don't know I don't know I don't reminded them of the guy didn't reminded them that the guy that some will disagree with me call me a snowflake. Hey man yeah. Back right but it really doesn't matter which political science. This guy's an unhinged Twitter Lemony human idol dumb down with a finger on the button and imagine the look at me you must be a dumb dumb do. Just then. Moon. It's. He's the more the better part of these were eleven Rosie doesn't work out played defensively. And I addiction which then you should.