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Tuesday, July 10th


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Walton Dawkins is on the hotline right now from Italy there's a little bit of a delay on alignment. So many gory I mean from Sons of Anarchy and house 1000 corpses to vice principals tons of its companies in the number one movie in a hacker and we met Walton died. Of course to our love of Rob Zombie in house without a corpse being Sons of Anarchy said great crowd estrogen trading you know vice president of my favorite things she's ever done jango. Hateful eight. But you know you you know what has truly become a Superman. Because he went on vacation the number one movie in America is out there he's. Born November 10 in Birmingham Alabama a former state champion longer he entered the world of acting appearing in such films as. The next Karate Kid. Major League back to the minors and house of a thousand corpses and jingle flinching as well as his work on such series as Sons of Anarchy. Justified. And vice principals and now you can see him alongside homered in the number one film in the country and women lost. Please welcome Walton Duncan's. Walter how have you bit. I'm. That you can. So nobody. That. And where he taught you about that so you you know while while. Sheehan and and in Italy are legion old. Oh yeah. It. On on the eight. Why. And that evil of the group at the bottom yield earned. And talk about last year and and and and and bitter bitter thing has been getting in here earlier there are at the amateur to be aware. Well I go over for weeks and he struggled this post ball and earned and it's awful and actually the wolf most of you know size instantly loved. That's what what a great trip it's been like we are talking about we met you first probably would that would Rob Zombie house 1000 corpses they just. Why did you choose these great roles for other reasons and if you machete kills or you know just it just across the board like everything we've always loved. And that and then you get a number one movie like this in like Arabs legal obligation. I would be walking around the streets of new York and Los Angeles mother making some curious Hudson I'm Walton dog. Well you know that's all I'm doing Italy currently. It is like about it certainly should sort. Never have been ordered. And and it's great would it be enough and you wouldn't listen and and and literally need to. This this jobs end when the job and while there's there's there about talking about about the armed. Satisfaction. On the job so that. It. By Eagles are built at a later. I'd I'd I'd be old habits that. We're we're you know people look at our current land monsters. But without cards who do you look. At such time. Students it's decent it's written. And they're doing. So with a lot on the. Well you know Paul is is a Kansas City guys I mean he's you know he's he's he's family. Yeah and the kid didn't I think that I didn't get shot lion called court I can't believe what you can't. They were fortunate sitting there at the writer of a creator and she'll. He's burned their garbage they know who's also the shield at the carrier and Jake cards. Is school. And it didn't change is what. So listen why you in Cooley by the way just as a side up as a forget this has got the ADHD. Ground partly too is it an anti. But it's it's that it's the grotto near the ocean where they've got to cave we eat inside the restaurant and. Why you're going against digging in its that we were just there she. In the will be held off old Ottawa march. And it looked like Italian and seek the search laden you know I get away with a that are Italian is certainly a lot it is liar but I did it it's utterly distraught and. Catalyst racial lines and added which is extraordinary it's really beautiful view now as the old. Country is it's incredible Tug of war filtered vegetable that's likely. And ask you a while back and offensive traveled to lead and light it up to that you can get them. And Egyptian extraordinary this Leah I'm Robert de. Is that the best though the rematch would successes successes is not counting your money it's not. It's not being an important person whatever and that is supposed to mean it's about going out and having the ability to explore in and be with your kid your wife. And enjoy this such it's such a short life and it. Well I yeah yeah I. Was in our. Yeah Bob ball. Won't come as kid. And mortgage sisters and that we had nobody there are or where we were free you know and we. What Guatemala City and later it. And and that we'll read it and it will all together and we we are under in. And because. A little more. Comfortable that. Let's introduce my my child that the way thanking him and culture and it's this it's the same. You know really it's just about. Getting out warmed sank. And abdic that you are you look. Yeah well it's never been more important to understand the world is made up of very similar people no matter where you are no matter what language speak. Everybody wants to be with their family be one of the love that wanna be safe they would have food deep clean water. You'll you know bits of everybody wants the same thing. Including. You spoke we study. Report. Mean I congratulations on everything it may in the washed everything you've done. You know we're huge fans here Walton and and I hope we get through Kansas City sometimes we can spend some time in the studio. I'd have loved to be a really good thank you must say I'm welcome the mayor oh yeah.