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Thursday, May 18th


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You're bringing nowhere this year vineyards yeah. Information technology got its classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that one tells it like today I was I get bleach my Berman when you hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that sometimes places like your job. New thing on the Internet. We're kind of running the major world a better money we've. We did a real down then right right. But now there now and as always your memory technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony showed great that's. Today it's not early dot com he gave them they are and why ride down. I'm as the inventor and owner Ron Allen. Great how are you a while now listen I. It's pool time is almost here memorial weekends around the corner schools are gonna be open and why wouldn't you wouldn't just master bailout lying about this and pull. That's right it's hey it's a former fourth place. He spent a couple hour gun you're not only writer you're ready to doubt. Jesus Christ woman the couple hours on an hourly writers. I'll leave you alone release of endorphins. And here. Experiencing stimulation between your late at that if floating in height as the central orgasm and it'll make that. Area you know. If by the time even without. Didn't really call and called sex and orgasm it took at work we're doing just the music the slang like the word after she called sex intercourse we're we're all built. Around what did you do what I. That. This. Rhonda before this you you sound like a relief fund salty girl. You'll what did you do before you bet this master but Torre toy. My god I don't they don't company think that the people who were out. Here I I don't get for fifteen years at about 40000 pounds. And then I went to theology school. And believe it or not I'm a minister at all. I let the minister and then release. I got together with a liberal who started taking me to us what you're resort. Ian. Barry shot I can't allied with gravity you don't want to let you know with my legs is tied at that could it. After you've got to the Y night that they have I wish I had a vibrator between me in the middle. And that's how we intended to Denali writer. So. Political backwards because at and we're gonna get read tonight that he's yet this this pay phone company LC cables and a popular marshy you sellers got a business what happened. I went went out of business the entire industry get. 08. And so it goes out and that it had to do theology school now don't people know who who jump that far. Into something later in life is of my friends are somebody who ended up with some kind of a dry wit. I fell in love what they. Liberal conservative. But I didn't I didn't I didn't like how liberal he was. Only Purcell love yeah. And make you go to Liberty Media. At the level. Do you to theology. You know. LSU they let other people and it will make it didn't start it take you need to these different actually resort such as sound. The grove freedom maker in California paradise lakes Kelly can't say and that's out you know we've been at the current record. She didn't run. And every time we go Forward Air right on the ladies are right Emily I'm CNET autumn. Hey America. How did you end up in theology school that's a draft ideas of your leaving a huge amount like Obama or pay phones to Jesus to masturbating with a others. Well I don't think they're making Robert masturbating you know not god created the orgasm. Is now. It got former early release. I'm not debating mastering a love to do it all the time I just ask you how why did you go to theology school. I look at their loved god. OK but she's. Listen you got to listen to me into the conversation I love you already. That was pretty. Well but so shall you good theology school. And but it isn't something you're always wanted to do when you pay for an entry or that it is only when my. I think they all go through that you know I definitely. Didn't realize we need god that we needed makes I had a baby into moderate a little girl myself so I ran to the church. And re dedicated myself to the church and read my daughter Emily Post. She particularly during great to me because I had a little girl didn't moderated by myself. And she turned eighteen I had a wonderful man Ron. Ed was already into the odds like oil and get big area. The year I was Brad Miley around that another writer. I got a not a writer and it'll. I started wondering why that was a vibrating between Al. How this source. Familiar one more shuttle listening to me is I think she could be good. But then you know. In the entire. Round experience. So that's. They were arguing and meet. Could barely keep a keep should not try to ask questions and you just you talking talking talking and not listing debate you've got to listen to. You've got to listen to me that because questions and here's your idling on. Listen so should get this this floating orgasm have you any idea. What did he before it's obviously you're in a type personality can tell because if you're running a way you're you're out of control. Which is great in business so. You go from pay phones 40004. Because at this human Jesus who Jesus and you keep him but whatever it in the new. Go forward to this industry that you had any any connection to besides swinging. Well you know ultimately that he knew I still. And I would brand new you know he dragged down arrogant wanna go and very generous to grab noodle and wrapped tightly around it out of the year and might that. You heard Gary I got you understand that part. I understand that part we were past that now but. To me this a good old word theology go now that your and a swinging them and and you guys let you have opened sexual relations which I'm OK with the way but it's. We don't have public that open sexual relations. Where where we're not full flop. So what are you oh you get the girls. You just get the girls. Our relationship you know we got what we get at a site we get played you know if you know top of the years it. In the top thirty in an answer. Sure I you boy your. Okay that Mickey's. Flop without a late hit. Workplace you know all that. And until what happens that they did that even. The theology is that just kind of in the past now. How else I thought about it where you can just yet no problem with us. CU word in edgewise enjoy our our bodies he created and create your own. We're. I don't open it Asian truck she couple. No doubt and they'll listen to meet you what I'm you've got to get the silicone saddle. This is not just in time for pro pool season floating orgasm. It's it's basically settled it goes on noodle and you put a vibrator waterproof vibrator which you sell. What are survivors and while I believe and then let the judicial noodles. I get it out on our web site this is just it's right up and what's there and she an RLY. The response. The response been. I'll talk about how our it image or air per share or about Eid Al. Out of eight so if they want it better. It well it Ellison clearly you're either have one of those with wonderfully crazy inventive you know creative people so what's what's next you know there's something else in the pipeline. Yeah I like I'd I'd wanna do it universal. I'm not a writer on our next. Believe Lindley redesign. I wanna make are all bigger so we can get bigger deal out there for the women that like that. You know insurgent. You know we're not at inserting yet but we would like at. A us stronger by thick pipe break. You're floating city. Yeah I got you under which I think you ought to go ahead and and that makes and we can attach the Buckland. Net he can keep you from planet. Yet. You from taking on water yeah. Yeah whatever you know into two seater like frigid two girls eager to see it or not. A two seater go where you'd have to build those. These are all fine ideas now attempting to do you need to harness the power. Of the swimming pool jets so here's the here's the idea and it's all yours I'm gonna give it to. So now you now you've got the vibrator but I knew girl who was in love with putting a Regina up against this when we pulled. So imagine if you make a new kind of saddle that goes over the jet a standardized. Like nozzle that you can redirect that Graham. Yeah that outrageous. It's all word orgasm in the thankful. Since we're on I don't get all night run seriously I've given you this idea you welcome I want you bring this to market. All right listen you have a great day will be a million. And where hopper nearly. I get counted anybody bite. I partly writer through lit into this program today we have a problem coat. Here EE AA RE and they get 25% off. You're sweet girl doing the lord's work well enough. Yes you are yet that that is the key is the key is not to withhold the sex the keys to put so much dirty sex on a guy he can't think of anybody but you. That's right at at what you'll you'll stupid married forever want. I was telling even married this new guys. Indeed he's still like him either yeah. Good I listen you have a happy marriage happy lightbulbs on the in these. Miller. Are used to know are right. It's direct no early read GA and RL YR I. Seems. Should it. I don't know what she was doing for the minute there that can listen all I know is I feel like your husband made heavy use. She never mentioned it because definitely made up that. And and that's what makes it work.