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Tuesday, June 26th


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Lot of girls with lots. And we are sick and tired of waiting at Wimbledon yeah. We decided sensing mats to gas. As women we the which points to wax shape shouldn't affect that decision to wait I didn't see tight fit planet. Candidate's bad sleep that's it no bush for the Catholics that speak we haven't been confident and comfortable place. That it's teeny teeny pact appears to be inside of act as you all play and clap ace and it ends up flat silence. Now he's got excellent. Add to that threat it can't. Because I'm secrets I've yet to be kept. And you're bringing nowhere to hear fingertips information technology dollars classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that 1000 like gazelle which I get bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that sometimes places like New York John. New thing on the Internet. Here is kind of running the regular world and everybody we've. The lineup. Well yeah I always button down there now and as always your memory technology here cars do not Johnny ceremony show right now. Keep up if you want to. I cannot see you CH INI dot com. Phillies with a striker Kelly how are you. I'm good morning good morning and make them connect Ashley your partners actually. Great thing this morning listen you girls would be. So Campbell till moves medically needy regulars. Verbiage for this was taken that you have to Cheney's problem. Cassini commutes bikini own lights. That's like art it. And people can laugh but you guys have been featured on all kinds of television just the car dash fumes to. Howard's here do you the doctors almost ran in the morning and we game of crowns untrue I mean you guys have made some real like press with the stuff. So. Before this you guys you guys have been friends along killing that. Authority actually led. Romney years and years in twelve years. I beach well now he's. But he actually worked with the very beginning not cheap. Actually I thought there are a great car today on the court with. A couple of hundred years later. About arming. Yeah the company now I'll I gather that he. Operates. Now I do it's weird to his jig was. Actually actually you're you're buried at least ex husband. Walked right that. This is if you're hurled. She got on them and it's very cute but I went or has he sent. I kid our little anchor yeah. Good for you. The for being good about it. On my god what a terrible situation poor bastards at the the note comparing again. You know. You guys must. Oh humans if we could you know acutely. So yeah now he's married to actually but Kelly but she wanted she's mad at him and it let me tell you about that. And so I imagine that's holding this. We have. In. Your hat and even weirder you because Kelly Kelly does my hair. And it went that. Well. Her that well I'd been here for the year actually. Something. You've told stories about what he's like you bet to each other damage. Not quite don't let me don't you enlighten me I'm glad your husband you don't let me. You don't really. See I would think you because goes to your whole business is didn't you you know the camel to go and and which really. I don't know why anybody to promise is just your body like if I don't forget the group will between your Naples and certainly be but there's a lot of shame in this world so he's not want to let's make some money and make some pads to smooth out the moose knuckle. Our efforts there and he will eat definitely don't wanna be to go out. Maybe. I admit it frankly. And played and you know your kid pick up line at school is not that. You know I I think it depends on what you look. You know nobody wants if you are you coming in will that be style and you didn't mean it could be yoga pants because of factors your sweats turned into yoga pants may be. You know I think it's a little. You're you're in our output if you are O Connor it's kinda yeah. This is social when he these things are you selling a month now. A ligament in the door. The majority of our business is done is here and I'm we've been able to leverage their infrastructure which is really can't tactic. So we we do a lot of didn't hear them. So me and and and explain to a lady if it's of girls listening right now she's like I. I don't know about this what is this product but what is it could change. It's in it's got all. Flag that was influenced by the accomplish. And what when he thought about it as recently as the fact now day we'll have. Pared down. It sort of makes the Christian Mayer. Aren't there and he'll be back and let in your aging here here I'm underwear at your arms race could work out. And and it's that simple that how long is one cu chi lessons or is it will be putting your underwear your pants and sticks there. Yes it is Dylan days are over the last well. We like we usually we use them but they actually are scary work it out about it built last. Mean it's so you've got this you've got. Pubic hair color that we spoke of that went in case you're at the Betty on that issue. When do something. We college diet. That I. Well let let. Face the beetle older you get that game. Like like god forbid you you end up with a great bush nothing nothing ages a lady elected gray hairs pubic. Why didn't. Right. And so but here's even crazier I saw this and I left out lab this is probably brilliant. But it makes me that will go this far you have a new product. And it's a facelift bits and called the age reverser it's is it. It's like him it's them elastic band goes to the sides of your hair and then holds tight we joke about. Women looking within a facelift like someone knob on the back of their head the most tight knit group and it. You're really doing. Yeah. Yeah yeah. I mean uncle Billy. It. That it is. It. Claim that. Their eyes and ears strap it's clear it. Right well you're. A little eight if big fighter. And it's comparable between the bake it and we see that. It's cool it's like yeah. Like having a point out that triggered. Yeah you kind that covered me and care. And the reason why. It was. About. And many people out there. It was. And here. It. He. Where. And agent. And that is so Woodson paying thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgery. We just buy one of these these two bands and stick it on your head. Yeah. They. Wanna go out about. Fantastic. It is weird the weird people for us over thirty bucks you can decide to look a little younger or distinctly Asian. It. Just fantastic. Moves that your forehead they say reduce reports as a whole bit now exists on Amazon as well. And and what's big reaction to the office. Are. All right. Both or. Out for us each and every year I hovering. You know. When someone and are very well here it is not eaten rarely or are probably. So if you are gonna get inside like you've already got the mom hair cut its overview and. Well it didn't hear back story. Here however the fact that. Particular art house which has no idea. Com or on the orthodox. We want we're way they would at Atlantic. Oh. Sure he won't eat. He's let's face it you've already gone mom jeans and stay in sensible shoes and regarded country here in the Bob. You're not you don't care if you're camel to shows you don't think you care of nuclear pubic hair effect you've probably got a terrible winter bush. There. Ladies let's be honest if you give the way you know your marriage is over is when she finally lets that thing go like down the leg. She sending you back international sign of I don't want you need this anymore. Right pinky on another theory yeah. You know what good point. Good point. You wanted to get a good honest you know he monogamous relationship that grew that thing. Yeah. So would you recommend a guy let's see a guy thinks the group could Jesus would dispute because the product you can buy your girlfriend or wife or do you think that get you kicked in the balls the Kuchma. Keep them on there and I made it might be that he. Yeah the Gucci heels like to Dubai and. I. I was like yeah. Oh the party. You know my real mom but I can see your decoder. Well I know I mean girls and I mean daughter I mean you know daughter has a mind like he needed and I. Us I'm sorry. He if you Cheaney. The image or let them play. I mean I have you'd think I'd been helping out here she is all for. All of our box. See how they see that. When he or just in. Knew you look terrific in all your problems and we talked about coloring your tubes making your labor and Coca do you yoga pants and keeping your eyes and I'll also. Let's face it ladies you never want to lose the magic relationship the fastest way to do it as well walking into my. I. And it's over. So the whole relationship and that's why mockery is very important the stuff used in these late in the toilet right it's stealing it really hard. That way. You go it actually explain this to be the blooper. Yet that the army and use great before you got the go before. Think we've got out and then when you go it tracked the voters in the corner so you're not interrupting your relationship and get started. Because you know as wells I didn't we we think about vagina all the time is guys like you know it's a never ending spot for me. And that's too real like that puts too much truth. No you don't want to keep the dream alive always have two bathrooms any house you live. Yeah Aimee and didn't. I don't I don't these embassy they. No you don't of course yeah. Now the happiest with your double. YouTube it's not going to get divorced and just get divorced now focus that's. With Allen married actually site that I never once is you know. I don't know about you I. I mean. I need to get more country. See. That's kind of in the winter bush line of life. Hey you know what let me tell you how I keep him from pushing up on me this evening is let him walk by the bass and he's like oh boy yeah. She'd probably be booted out. I actually. Another good Connecticut mother and a lot get to where I. If you guys have got to know the Cooper read the day job to you get the Betty color for your hair down there you get instant faceless man just like a whole new relationship and a continued camel toe guard. It's this is this is you guys are saving relationships. All over the world. Well thank you everything's are noble and Amazon. You know I couldn't help but notice you guys haven't gotten in the field bleachers here. Are you know I've thought about that it. Did you know how to keep it. You know what I can tell how literally you hold up you lose your hold up which was don't jams like this. And then you all the one of the sugar. Oh yeah you're welcome. Yet if you just thank you get three of them you've reviewed first ones I went then the cinnamon and then the kind of figured. That'd be real real a real issue for people. At home. No QB we dealt a the honestly if you bleach too much I don't know much porn guys like that. If you bleacher I was too much it starts to look like a belly button. Now mind you don't pay. Are you ready is that there. I. Don't turn on Leno got Danny. Is made from a record. I was not just trying to help that you you do what you want this information I'm just an idea. I think you when the book is everything available on Amazon. Yet the majority of our sales company has died I think probably easily that we work with it on great. And yet they checked out wet right. Market back he went directly right and well. Eager kicking he dot com or eight converter dot com. Or street in the bottom enterprise member Eric in the Amazon. Gonna be you guys and you mercilessly they've got some celebrity toes and yours are Rihanna there's a gay Bosworth. I hope all of you live earth our current yeah. I'm hired and it was like. Kimmel for police. And basically. Trying to eradicate picture of the celebrities with its. Before I let it probably 20% of the population be quiet about popular campaign. To educate. About the problem and we're back insulation. We don't want to look at it. Who spoke out of reality show that. You lie moment. How accurate that shouldn't commercial. You girls. Down on it Venice Beach in California wearing cute little cup outfits stopping girls and go stop Campbell told cops a giver Tucci. It. We blew an airplane over Myrtle Beach is like got him back got milk they were popular yeah. And throughout the danger efficacy and we have a little crew and he has. He'll wind interviewed the girl on the east it is a boy he's about what they thought about cannot that I think that it could be at our. Think people out actually. You should just ride a camel onto the beaches. And they get it out. Everything is possible for guys that you guys are making gazillion dollars and the job. Offers at. You. I think it's fantastic and and I can tell you both can be millionaires. I'll. Eat it now yeah you're right. There when I listen we send us some regulated some of the girls. Or. I used to make Colin with the geology at the Kelley Angeles. Police. Q some because I know you're ashamed of here the tradition into my entire body.