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Tuesday, October 10th


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We do an adult when pressed for a couple weeks ago and utility. Series fascination with the club nine. The attached to the press central to it's like a rabbit boosted the Ramey of hybrids actually suction cup and it's constantly creating section. Why you felt like that was a very strong move. It was the strongest move and suction and I've felt on any item that has been brought to this Raines you've been here and you felt like that is that's. I thought that right there may make it so much better when my ex gone for long hours golfing during the and he didn't hit it exactly and it enter. Very much to know who in it seem like you would keep your job and quick and. The you're bringing nowhere on here fingertips. Information technology doppler effect classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that 1000 like gazelle which I get bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that some better. Just like your job. The lines are. There they go again. Yeah button down there now at least your memory technology here than ours did not Johnny ceremony showed great that. They've web site. Out night novelties on cloud nine novels he's done. Surely. I am what we're. I'll make you apparently have died. Really started a thing here read it it's very rare you ever see something new in an adult toys and you seem to have done you've you've got this. This snort kind of a suction. Air touched to vibrator that's taken off. Yes we do we worked very very hard to develop at late Edward elite eight and that he had but the other great. Yeah well I've yet to arrive. Experience percent but Nicky is very excited about that one guy that it was like an establish of having the snort from the eighties he ends. It's a joy to me in another way they all of the plans seem like utopia. And. What's in his house we're glad we could be that outlined novelty Lorena and what's your response. I mean basically it's absolutely our number one selling boy agents to. Good movement that we you know it well and you know. At one point somebody about it really great way to what I currently operate in Hollywood. And didn't. Can't call my cat as a lot harder to create even without. Hey yeah I went back to the drawing board and the ball. Up air one part it's a little smaller boat and air acts yeah. Or maybe they are other outlets in the other one in a little bit longer and that option little bit different and it should hit it Ehrlichman by. We worked out by doing our part in the try to fight and I welcome. The members to got a lot hot everywhere. At the. Well you know did you Hadley shoplifting and bring it back at this picture that your business or labor. Now what I wonder why are based ST get asking and got a winner Rick Brister walking away with. Last Waltz is it that it means we see it everywhere in the dark ring magazine. I'm I get so called the market so excited at this point is are happy while I didn't get really excited that we're able to you that for people. Fantastic. SEC. Nikki if I have to say it would have to and maybe I'm wrong but maybe pat people but it said. You know being irritated that it takes longer for them with a woman to get to a certain place trying to catch up you know when when your dad that thing looks like it might jump start. Things on our wall. I'm good thanks guys I might start go ahead without the ability opening bands that had liberals stop me. It'll backlit so little or kidnapped orient. Zippy would you say it's the fastest you can orgasm Charlotte. I. Andy and emulation by literally I mean we had he called it yet from packet back and you know I didn't and he had. Yelling and saying how excited they are big break out of it but I I didn't I didn't. It's exactly or gotten your point three back and pretty thanks. So it's pretty amazing what you can you develop something ticket market it actually it is original now direct the womanizer. And did some experimenting with. Best of Olympics but she and she liked what you have to hold really carefully. And you can't really move it has to be imperfect system this is a little more rough and tumble purse. Yeah I don't womanizer a little bit work first it's obvious they say that it a couple way. But yeah I can't really move around me I always gonna lose at. Now what about just yet losing the vibrator altogether and just going with the suction cup. A district that. I'm not the bill we do have a couple things involvement that you know how quickly they talk about that yet I think we'll be unique in that Larry. I'm by did you have the single one content there is one on our right. She's probably why I'm. Larry could support is your research and development is that women are meant. I'm they're about four or not. And get me as a partner way to get our act very eight dollar and ninety edit. And Lee and the number and didn't DJ yeah hopefully back and forth. You could be everything's back to the street magazine will break right diet and pretty much what it'd allow every church you know what women want and Italy also the quality. All about the pocket. The words what it will about the words that came up with the guys coach strikes that's awful. Oh god yes. Yeah yeah yeah call I would doubt at least a couple up. The we're. Portion of that I words and so was the speeding on we'll think it was like the admiral and. Yeah it's the idea Amber's. A monkey. Ball. Monkeys. And yet. Yet this we will. It you know I need additional background had a lengthy and shot and then. Well there's a world war. Yeah that's awful a vibrating to reference your penis for incredible dresses and every stroke the monkeys banker it looks like a ratchet without a socket it. I. Did generate an op a year it's a terrible idea. If that looks like. Did you guys come up with a girl. You know like I don't know I mean I would demand that he thought that are in but. I. I would assume the said the woman except for looks just like range. They're mainly what did it again. Brilliantly. Got you're not kidding at all it right yeah yeah yeah go and I imagine those sold. Or are they did not going to adopt. I don't know don't bug. I do feel like that the metal stick there penis and anything that they will feel better than there and we week. Believe me they dealt. Yeah I am pleased we are a lot more discerning and it's of the interest in just a sexier master. Eight. Men master is creepy nobody went to. You know you now. It. It's everything it's it's the angry you know the face you know that it's just looks like your head you're definitely constipated. It's not a good look I mean. It is a mean. I mean. But when women do we are fascinated by what life is what you. I think that I lol I don't get working without so I'm working the regional environment. I managed to extort. And gotten it's great to be popped average line and leaned. I think when did each unit we're seeing that you you know I'm out what that does malware. People are obvious and like I am. Like the internment at the back. And it kind of funny but I think women are at our experiment in war. You know teaching in Kuwait experimenting with the day we are seeing a lot of women in all of it but at the age and battle. You know equally to everybody. I ask that you talk to the girl and currently see. Yeah that's. Because I've tried this game every diamond and a complete love that term assistant master page of any time. And in. It's. Just insisted. At a pretty intricate seem logically. About a girl. I agree. That there is tragic turn frequently like usual mr. trading with some girl's head. Of the Christina that she's gonna feel that way that the white. But but we give back this if you just what the show cloud nine novelties back on the six to Charles Atlas and she's got a new sex twist and suction the your reports and apparently is a business and doing very well this is the only the ice machine. Is this a so they've beaten team. Pro jiggle of the slider. It the spiders that one looks like at Campbell's. You know if you've ever been seen those. You sit on it appears that comes and when you push the lever back importantly. Sliding it it as a geared. In them current. And this is the business is just totally. There's no power to this right. Powell and Alice are. You're just like you try to recover it and big yell at the Yankees and the and or folding handle. And adopt it be inducted yelled out he went out there in church and what angle of the Wear and it was perfect it would be for anybody. Off the grid. I think about this green build up. This is very green very very environmentally friendly. You know. Off agreed after the apocalypse comes this still works ladies it's a great so Applebee's activists. Have proper deal though yet. Yeah Bertuzzi a machine probably as good as it is let's face it once the power goes out you don't. I don't thought calorie yet. Right now but yet you have you guys made and we're we you need to make with a bicycle. Think it's neatly on a treadmill. In. Our regular bicycle or you get we come back and she was battered keep battling keep police records it's. That's that's a win win for every now telling but the F machine broad to. It's 600 dollars but why winds of 1600. Bucks what makes great. In the back end the back Alley at the scene and moved. The United States. Can get part of the world but I could be wrong but I will say it is. My machine at me out of aircrack I don't. Well at the I didn't let a black boxes gonna make my enemy achieved what they hear it. Let's eat out there. About the only a vote wow. And it hit it should the bat or hit that button site. I'm home you'll hold on and they won't they won't penetrate that would you Google and the that the machine will do the fort stock market so it got extremely powerful notre. Connect it they're they're they get out I mean they're great policemen. I think I feel like you've spent some quality time they should. Go right. She's got a passion for word. Oh my god at her job as a female and to move to deal goes insert a couple of and we haven't gotten economic arm does not sixteen. Be tires eight. Suites with wings out with stuff that's what it's later. What did you do before you were in this developing. And toys and what would you do Portland before. I did. Today outer added air or I've used and eat eat. And you. Job board. I had a funny story. They network and one day at a and pop and and I haven't I did not and I'm not eat the meat. Out where lies again a problem. But his rate was extremely high. I think you're tired and I thought that he would like and the he learned adult now what in. I went and did that make up every day and from there and it I would that be it film I'm on the belt. Adult film and I could make up form back. And at that point and I get. It's not enjoy walking and isn't it didn't see it or diet is iron and more and I had investigated. A distributor activity here in the East Coast and what I went interview with Alan I think I got it toppled to duplicate that now. And part of that was about the crowd not the. See you you you really released the inner roar you felt. Every girl should find it you'll have when you find it EB become the most powerful in the. Yeah I mean I did at my op ever and I'll be in the industry tracker. So the first time you walked on the outside of of important. It's I guess this actually happened that was. 2221. Brit more injury. She's a poor start we admit Greg and I bet and so she. I wanna to LA to visit somebody else and add to that Pena with her a little bit if she took me to a set and you think you're ready for that first I was like oh. Obama a question you know you can't really usually kind of smiling you're nervous but then your lips there's equipment and that's what I'm doing. It took me a minute to get used what I did I was that you really I wasn't aware. Where a lot now. Look at the feelings are more aware of my Italy in that setting. And there's a lot of people there's like guys gap offers camera guys crew guys like there's a lot of people in this room. You you know when you're watching a porn is a guy you don't ever see there. And it's pretty clinical. So we you freaked out first are we turned on. Well I he I would. I was out at her. I walked in there and you know again I knew I was walking Q why is it that there are eating out. Or not. I'm walking it was myself as they got quite why it got it. What Oppenheim hi I'm Michael. L awkwardly out quite funny in the business out here is right on art though like Google couldn't even. The purple. Now now you tell you you know that there's a real need for a Lou shooter. Yes I won't tell. You know why every loop sugar on the market it oh boy color. I think actually get I mean I. It's a pretty computer. Yeah I'm pretty. If you wanna win lube shooters. It's it's it's it's a great idea braille is it was a yet again a dole Turkey baster you know. It's like the pizza hypodermic but it fits it's two finger holes here first and second thing in the thumb and. It kind of looks like what you would use capital the leading doctors. In the computer there death of an effort like it's like that but because it's. Apple have machines and actually would you we've seen a guy we were involved anybody when you burst into the business and as missing and. How I didn't need ignorant. I need it good for you out exclusively and now I've always been lesbian. I see how I am kind of at a younger and I think you. I think they got to keep doing my thing on on how well back on the younger. I had for so I bet you when your girlfriend do you despise that that's why you have to at least get that. That way everybody's got to go. Well you know and and why I I travel at bat out I had the bring them around it Ellie aren't immediate yeah it air where. All right the I would get caught up. It well because it's a machine right at least. It's one thing the caught your bag deal those for dirty hotel sex but it's another thing to try to drag an F machine through TSA. Gary edit while they're at it and ball and there. And we are up at like at my. I'm going there. I two I get the subsidized rate I would tell may be careful that's military style metal moment. You must recognize is its aircraft great man. Oh or. Shall put it in eagle and like every young guy yeah it's like you notice oh when you're you you'll like girls but yet you want this as machine which is basically doable and it penis. And it's just a friend of mine who had finally come out all the way she did really jump the fence and he'll come. And we it's like and what. She just know you'll get huge and it's not your penis that's the problem it's everything around the penis I just like a to her she said yeah. I don't know I guess now that was a big delight when. Again I. Just. Until I don't know what but it. Won't you. You assume so this is your life you on this and it was company by the league guys are looking for steel plant and novelties dot com club a novelty stuck on. And we should give some of the stuff away. You should absolutely and in public it together we knew we should do some kind of the giveaway and other expansions will want to work out the details at some point we should do. An F machine. In a contest on the show a long running contest. Yeah I had that he freaking opt out you know and a lot until and the trip it would be great play. He on the I think they ever use it was really an aggregate allow you and that other apple saying that it Harry. I. It I love that one earth to other machine the other making our paradigm and it got to dial. I'm like I eat something like back I'll let all the work that you eat is only I looked at the U eat off. RJ collateral has RL EE lighting and it. It'll every minute what I I'd get that much more convenient it's lighter than the other 1 I am a little bit easier. You'd get all your table I'll bet you can't get on your card. A look at it. That's actually genius it's it's it's almost human and it's Foreman looks like a guy on its knees sitting back a little bit like it would. Yeah. Doesn't make sense yet you and then we will have only given that it's completely. Mumbai got to give up in order to get. Understand like top top. It's an outing and I. Indignant about it like I don't even have to try either. Apple LUN. Should sit at. Only give bettors might sneak out of the way it is put it back in place. Yeah. I mean you know that's. Plastic. You you have really figured a way out Charlie to get rid of metal together I mean that's your right. If you can get so if you could find something that could lift heavy things you would need has never. Not sure how good we ever thought I don't there. The whole point aren't belly movie you know batter or cookie dinner. For very intricate. Use them learn teach him it is a long time since you've met the man is a it's that did you make it that you give them. Says Valero or what it. Is used to be years listens yeah. So I'd listen I've delightful to meet future ID be great friends this and that content at machine Jacqueline you're right that that is the female friend. And it thought the market at like it's probable play like I don't know why it would have earned. It later. On. It's. I'm completely sure but it why they are but it is what it is yet day and and ridiculous plot by the at all and bury it but it got the. And it's it's got zero to 240 rpm speed control. Back him up. Lighting guys here and I are acting dean. One good. On a one to ten speed where do you would you normally go. I don't even need all that. And you think Eric. Curry three. Yes. I am and was ready to take each at the ankle and 499 dollars. Dare to dream and find me at Christmas that I'll actually used at the membership. This is way better in the gym and it's shortly Charlie people yielded a cloud nine novelties dot com it is great line in that we're gonna stay intact human which would you Greg. I worry off of bank and talk to you guys.