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Thursday, August 2nd


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He is. Going to be Sturgis he is. He's at the iron horse for three so we're trying to put together something for a ridiculous like let's all go to jail that night hopefully jackal might. And this will be wheelers first time in Sturgis but before that he's warming up at knuckle heads now this is not the first time we sold out. But it is a sold out show tonight at knuckle heads in Kentucky his debut album reached number one. Hearts in the we are not so much. It's going to announce his openness for kid rock's red blooded block Kindle redneck extravaganza tour. Please another sold out show at mental. Please welcome friend of the show you the long. That would give students now. I think you guys think of. Another sold out show Wheeler when god day. Blair like. He's in general. And yet begun to make its day it's going to be incredible showman and I I was just your Friday night Billy Bob Thornton played at the box masters. And it was a great show Emanuel really liked it. And yet we amused at your real player took about this earlier this songs are incredible their funny. But what makes you different is this is a real buying your real singer. And those are real players that people will see tonight at knuckle heads. I'll never get rhetoric of late in the apartment managers. Yet her personal diploma off. It's are you excited about his. Yeah I mean you've got this show of course is all you but then you jump onto an arena tour with Kid Rock. The how global total loans while I'm need to play well song he keeps. Birdied that. Well you're gonna say keep up you are there to. You know it'll be weird but you'll figure it out and it. When he did you do with kids that you know. Our. See you hit your stride and then he'll take you up for another room you know. It'll be perfect immaculate and yeah hopefully and you get to go to rehab Eumig TMZ you'll freaked out I mean to be some kind of kidnapping situation. And it's time to go ahead and hit the second phase of being famous. All they need toward Barack. And the beauty of our. It's a well listen we're starting this up and Sturgis we get tonight and knuckle heads that is simply a warm up. For three nights you're doing three in Sturgis which should be regard to ambiguous and then we've got to get to would have probably got in addition to Ballard. And Jesse because I'm telling you guys are all going to be friends. In. 081. Owner of this and a you hope that you're that you're gonna love it's it's fewer people I promise and they're they're gonna. Or are. And you never forget your first refers to and we broadcast up there I remember an 85 year old guy wearing cowboy boots human minute long. A who's wearing a phone as whole Lance is saying it out in this tiny little pouch up in front any of those weird old man breasts that you walk that was what you guys do. And I thought that was bad Joe's wife showed that. And the. Apparently I'll wait to meet people need to be at peace. I. Want to say you're gonna see all the above you see incredible girls and went home man. We shouldn't own which are doing is horrible I mean she and some others I mean like I've seen topless girls pasty snow get arrested. We literally their bookings are going to besides buck up the motor cycle they're in danger. Of he the guy behind him is literally staring crazy Marty Feldman able. Didn't hear you talk in Monte. So why. How was fuming at them because kids this. Eight and you know the first time he shielded sells out so he had it had to be a little nerve racking to come in the second time that well. You know it because it all depends if you don't do the greatest show they've ever seen they won't come again. And then bam that thing sells out again and. Although the word worried about in. I really want adding Manila. The sold out children and back and we'll let you know. They are. And I think it's tougher to do a second shall show I think the first time people are curious and the second time means they loved it. But but there. I would say well well let me. Listen if if if you have five tickets is that we would we haven't compensation when you've gotten your out your complete. Yeah lol you know what hey I'm regular I think commanders are stricter to get through give and lay out here. Absolutely we will and I you wanna make it to the weekly show 5767989. They'll be the last paired. And it'll be a great show up by the way Ron white showed up the other night Wheeler. Drunk as ball. I'm not mad at America and forty wounded. Wonderful. If he was drinking tequila. That he's got the number one. And he had all gonna say he gave me and Gil are. Federer is it now are. The best tasting tequila I've ever had and I mean that genuinely. Well that front that's very bright sunlight is that you're out there. Well play it. At least he's may be that happy is drunk guy I've ever seen in my life. Media. But the story here is that it will restore it would be here yeah that's that's exactly the unity of the date that you don't. Towards the close. Or story is. Some people. Yes that I do you think mr. It's that you know we hear it it's it's about time for you which may with a guy who does the animated. Did you Billy Joseph shaver did it they do went on the bus who was it. Unlike church might judged an eight in the interview bands in animated style but real stories from the road in the tour bus. In that you feel you're. Yes we've got to get a Wheeler walker junior. Yeah my old have you. Have you had any groupies any strange with any stalkers. Well we're we're about. An hour into the tour so little early. You get your part you weirdos following you like like truly like super fans that make you comfortable yet. Our producer. And I. By the way. Let's have this talk now about. Jude's been with me forever jig is afraid of nothing but Jake tells every single guest and every celebrity if you don't do it. That Johnny's going to do this through that to me I could get fired he's gonna lose his mind. I've never screwed him because he couldn't get somebody never one time and all the double deck it. But he tells at. Let me get as he truly is no. As he told you that we will. No but he. It's pretty persistent appeared there. I walked in to see Billy guard tell the other night and Billy goes. You talked about something like you know sometimes I might appeal to make it. And you'll find. It's cool though neither quick when OJ to me you know because I don't wanna is that she eats at you pretty hard to let it go. Who really be uncle caught on bill of and yelling at Jake. Now Jake and we know each other but not because you couldn't get leopard yet. Well we were relatively new to it it's coming in with Wheeler acceptable level we got to get bigger film would you tell people well I tell him that he eat you know. Personally start with you know he's gonna yell at me like it's going to be banned like I could who's in the myself should I judge I move it out of the packet is my job over this you know my little girl. What point yeah I. Why don't come in ninth in the global yeah. Yeah I don't I really really look at me like he was gonna give me but I'm talking to Larry. Like yeah if you treat people like you would even be mean about you can cumulative. A few little anybody. It wouldn't let that the people around you wouldn't. It always trickles down to the occupants like Diego over the that's how it was my job yeah. Yet you yeah. You don't don't currently. I really busy we really would show sold out I don't care I. You. Element not made them hit it on the bus shaking me like get up we're capable job. I. You know let us know you'll never see me also a well. And it's going to be a great show that we great weather knuckle heads is in his excitement Franken super excited the owner and that Hellman and pulled it down if you need Sutton. I'll mention you've got all the numbers meant anything you need a little seed tonight W there would tell me going on and it. On the I don't know the answer to that but you want to introduce me you man. That go. Because OK you Jake says it's okay and that he says if you don't let me you'll get in trouble. It. And the guys don't forget today if you don't have about the mountains you need to get him and I get practice that in mind if we deal. The thing I loved just I was so knocked out by the look at the photographs. Of people already putting the glasses and a fake beard comes that we walker junior should. We're here are some on line. Well near. You I'm. It was an if you look back at the knuckle heads pictures that people put money in programs and you haven't seen yet. Not the fun person. Like twelve me twelve me that it. Autograph got to feel good the bathroom when you're in there particularly Hewlett granular pieces these. There's got weird fast didn't. It's unclear whether a guy. Yes yes you probably got it quite right well. It as. I think this stuff has gotten meteor and I am really happy for him and we wanted to both albums are incredible I can't wait for the third. And and I'm glad to show sold out and probably you'd you've got that the Kid Rock or coming up in. Or are. Retreated in the look at that anyone but aren't there. That the rest on the player. That is what you call a lot of watney well. We're told this me and you this first album came out in it got its initial initial recognition and I think it came back around again and what. That is and just in all the sudden bam bam bam the timing was right but there was a weird pause and there wasn't. Yellow that looked everything like that now it didn't well the first Al Sharpton that well I think what. You don't. Want to hear but Carol try to. Like you should do it to its new match and into it smelled it. In we've reached out oh well it. You're going to be fun night I'll see tonight get some rest is on we look at funerals than knuckle heads. And I'm gonna give us tickets away well and he actually released here you can do with the man. All right cool. Rock you're on the air Wheeler walker junior in the morning. Jerry you beautiful actor Jeremy don't go under walker really nasty musical. Our current year it sold out almond. All let me you talented group and all these issues you gotta. Promise me you're a good thing. Not yet. So that we can and we. Are Obama got older. And he can call it champion on. The path. We'll see you tonight my friend. But they're looking at Letterman. Best list in the world got to.