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Monday, September 11th


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You're bringing nowhere else to hear fingertips information technology dollars that's classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen now and I'd also like gazelle which I get bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that some better. Just like your job. What little I know. You learn button down there now and as always your memory technology here Thursday that Johnny ceremony showed green that looks great. That we that we got. Wobbling Willie. WOBVINGWILOY. I always regret this could be a little bit of of the village guys. Robert how are you. Well prior. But it is Colbert who cooker at lol welcome and thank you for getting up and down on Tuesday afternoon he was. They're popular here yet you're sort of so thank you for coming by the shell has just been very popular. Sorry as this item and popular for you. Yeah and again I just thought it's like a month ago so that the I have. Chipped it to be known that I think. What you've got a couple American web sites like dude. Once that dot com and he got really popular really fast online it's. How backed up are you how how many orders do you have right now just waiting to be done. The secret. I would I would think hundreds of thousands because people so it's. And let me ask your question no no no it don't look. Much. If you didn't tell me this. How many a day can you turn out. Reasonable that would that he seeks indeed direct channels that it those long process you know is your beat like Gucci weeks will be the reunion dates are they have their new U. So it's a kind of process and also. Accept multi week saying that the deliberate. Now I've assumed it was 3-D modeling of the person's head it. But Jay was saying that or is it hand done. There is sand on the edit Becky you know the old school Bogut had being you know but that's the. So the idea is very funny. That anybody send you the picture and you guys it's a very good likeness. So there is here to record. And you get you know elected but the true. True king. To view those you can you can UP back in can approve it a suggestion to change as it's been like him. And it's a fully functional silicone build made with the personalized care teacher and it's only it's just less than a 188. US dollars. Worth every fantastic well. Just think about this Father's Day gift not used it well. Christmas gift nothing says happy birthday baby Jesus like a personalized caricatured. Yeah. And it gets complex of course. You know if you work your way to being offensive you know if you get any historical figure. It the record that that's a goat. And yet the quarter ended. Yet that the that is actually you know the entire quote it is cyclical it's actually where you bet that. And I imagine what's the feedback from women than today that it Leavitt is acute for them they think it's funny. I haven't and a letter from our friends on the team in order to actually yes she's she's so haven't put in and it. Expressed in the thing that that put them. I think it's great immediately. Nikki wants to get her husband Michael's face and few that are in a recipient of the town and nothing says happy anniversary maybe can't get enough. Nineteen years later. Like his cartoon probably had the next aged. Yes send an email that you it is counter market. Has it that the so what do you do do you think this Robert and it was speaking to in Sweden is this is this your first. Entrepreneurial. You know foray out out of the deal the world or you win this is this what you do you make. Actually. No affection leaving China but for them it can contact with the had something. And you know and then that this idea popped up. So did you don't Burton and have a regular job YouTube you are just constantly moving what we doing in China. How alert you to interior design. All of it designed. That I don't you know if you actually had a background in anything that he's. For a look at simply handle them also to compare. Is this program. You you know you're still kind of the good lord put them in China are put them and didn't. Well you were eloquent contact would be critical in the fifth. So you think Gil goes away your fortune should be. They'll let the company. I'm also doing other work in the and a Katrina sign. Will you be making any kind of a vagina. Andre Agassi in her apartment in equity and I had to figure out how to do it. This seems like it's again it's funny when you think of the little guy with a big penis but it's not really all it. It's a little disturbing thing to buy a little woman's head with a but. Yet open or the picnic. Well yeah we're not a happy way anyway so there's a couple groups might like this and with their own pace a little too. Actually you wanna have a couple guys I know I'd like to stick their heads and project which he. Or. If you. Think you're. CDC actually you know the chipping picking up from Toronto beat the united. This is you knew you are you tracking it right now. Wobbling really dot com let's let's see drama bit of that then wobbling Willie got dobbs go to WWW. WOBBLING. Willie dot com. And you can order this but for less than a hundred dollars and you can turn it around and three or four weeks. Then there are doing here. Seeds that you plant offering a vibrator version. Relate the. Because it would be it's not that much harder right I mean it's it's it's a pretty easy to changeover. Yeah local and that the political. Than. Those its. Pricing and. Cuba will cost an extra twenty bucks that's what it takes. Or are you selling these. A little I would like to actually I would like to do in the academic pep migrate to that will be perfect. Well. You know maybe actually maybe when arms actually so that I could just come up in the in the hand vibrates. There are both agree with fantastic Aziz is he's holding the giant penis on the front. But those arms just came up that you just on either side of the outdoors. We wouldn't have a minute a minute yeah I would Gilbert's. Letter. I totally. Well I think it's going to be interesting have you been doing a lot of interviews are we when your first. You live on the phone unit of first and it's the first time we need to be in the hall on. Andre. Let it be fun I think it'll be a very good good product field and if you go into the Christmas season in the states. I think we can all use a little distraction maybe I think more guilt those less less talking you know I'm saying. But. It I think the one thing that girl can all agree on this country's orgasms are good. Well less arguing more orgasms words to live by. The hoses and so it really beaten. Good how is this being accepted in Sweden they find it amusing. At becoming popular. Looking get out of them and. Circuit from Sweden looked much that you think you're too. There that would. I think it's lawyers of America can actually yeah well we find them like you distribute boulder you know. Leonardo update their food to correct it and hopefully ticket corrected that the experts. You a Taylor would be fun whom you would be funny. Vladimir Putin would be very funny he like that about put this in your vagina. Never. Is the public's opinion. Tell me this would be great trump prudent Kim Jong-Il. Any of the world leaders would be hilarious that this. I mean any any it is just it's never ending you think about you know musicians I mean we're about we're about pop America is to lead singer from a ghost. You put him on the room. And electrical linked this. To do that for what they're. Listen what part of Sweden I live where you right now. Stockholm yet because I think that's where actually we have slips where the problem it's and ghost lives in the same city that you guys in the same city. Yeah very good here not a group here. Listen I'm not so certainly there are very popular here in the state Gibbons called ghost. Are there. And they've been great for us they played with 50000. Person rock festival that they played. And they've been. Great and their. Look at him to a quote from a picture and listen at your job today you can buy your first coaster record and we're gonna war and build those and there. There. Over the my friend always is Kansas City heating your website is showing. Yeah it's. I think it didn't surgical. Listen earlier in the fantastic and order a bunch of these we're gonna we're glad he's wobbling Willie I'm just into. It's good for your Father's Day is different anniversaries. If you birthdays. And this is a lot you wanna go to review you only put your face or they'll. There there were credit card says. It. Any time we appreciate you and I know this your first interview and you did well I think. So enjoy them because you'd say yes to all of them because it's that's how you deal. Well can I also thought that the evidence thank you very much stirred to thank you very much who have been home now. Anytime anytime Robert elder friends for along time fumbling with a lead. I can pick camera patrol legitimately stay right there. At at and because I did that so. That's Dutch Swedish all the Yankee. It adds we think that's like this and correct it and I think you off right but that's just a natural and two cents. So you for anybody gets about it and he's very nice in what's not sweet well remember this is not his first language he held up pretty good. Get amazing considering that his first interview while speaking Swedish.