Hope For The Holidays 12.05.17

December 6, 2017


Dear Johnny,

 My name is Matt Mace and I am the Fire Chief for the Raytown Fire Protection District.  I am writing you today asking for help in raising funds to help a dear friend of ours who was badly burned on Saturday December 2nd.
Scott Lamaster with Taking It to the Streets was injured on Saturday when a propane grill exploded and has suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  Besides feeding the homeless, Scott and his organization responds to scenes where
Kansas City first responders have an extended presence and supports them by providing water, coffee and food.  I can tell you first hand nothing tastes as good as a fresh cup of coffee at 3 am when you are wet, cold and exhausted.  Scott and his organization have responded to hundreds of incidents in our area all the while never asking for a penny for doing so. Scott's medical bills are piling up and he is unable to work so his family has started a go fund me page to help.  The Raytown Fire Protection District
was one of the first to contribute and has challenged other first responders to do the same; KMBC did a story on this last night.  I met Johnny years ago when he was with Huckaby and thought he might be able to help get the word out about Scott and his need. 

Thank you for your time,

Matt Mace
Fire Chief

How We Helped: Raise Funds For Scott Lamaster’s Go Fund Me Page

Who Helped: David Ball & Family, Andrew, Steph, Shawn, Ted, Greg, & Joseph

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