Hope For The Holidays 12.06.17

December 7, 2017


Dear Johnny,

Hi my name is Amber and I'm a mom of 2 young kids. Last Thanksgiving I had my first grand mal seizure in my sleep. My husband woke to find me in a bad state he had never seen me before. I have struggled this past year to find a
cause and a medication that will keep them at bay. At this point we have failed to do so and the neurologists are at a point of no answers and no solutions. I am being sent to Minnesota's mayo clinic for more evaluations since my seizures are not following a normal pattern and see if we can try another treatment to stop them. I had to step down from my job in November because of the seizures getting worse so my husband is the only one making the income at this point. After having my second 30 minute seizure we are ready for something to change.  Our trip to the Mayo
clinic is Dec 18 through the 23, so of course it's in the middle of the holidays season and the money for the trip is hard to come up with. This would be a Christmas miracle for me and my family I appreciate what you guys are doing and hope you can help

Thank you for your time,


How We Helped: Raised Money for Hotel & Travel, & Gift Cards For Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Jeff Harvey Trucking, Annette, Jason, Rick & His Crew, Michael, Doug, Curtis, & Glenn

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