Adult Toy Price Is Right

The Adult Toy Price Is Right 10.25.17.

Well strap one on and call me Peggy! What the hell is better than giving away rubber lovin' once a week? Giving you humpy toys TWICE in one week!! Double Tappin' dat ASSSSSSSS!! It's The Adult Toy Price is Right!!
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right 10.09.17.

Some people may have had a good weekend...and some may have had the kind of weekend that requires the release that only some rubber love can fix! On one side there's 63 yr old Sam who just wants something to stick his junk in...on the other side there's Ashley who is lookin' for something to keep...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right 09.21.17.

Ahhhh, the Yin & Yang of the Adult Toy Price Is Right...on one side you have Ed who was maybe a little tooooo excited to try and win a rubber hump toy saying, "I wanna win another moth to feed!"...on the other side, you have newlywed Shelby who won herself a big ol' rubber dong and seemed like...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right 08.30.17.

Some folks like to call Wednesday "hump day"... Why? because it's the middle of the work week and we start the downhill roll into the weekend...but around Ye Olde Johny Dare Mornin' Show, "hump day" means that it's TIME FOR HUMPIN'!!!!'re not humpin' anything REAL...but, ya know, any...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right!! 08.24.17.

Today's edition of The Adult Toy Price is Right can be described simply with the phrase "Peek a Boo Ass"...and you don't need to know much more than that. Well that, and we discovered that when you hand Nycki a rubber dong...well...let's just say that she seemingly knows her way around a dong...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right 08.08.17.

We're headin' out for Sturgis, but we couldn't leave town without giving y'all things to stick in ya or stick it in! And between one dude who once got a mouth hug from a person of undetermined gendered in a hotel room in Wichita to one gal whose ferret ate her dildo...things got weird. It's THE...
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