AFC Championship

Trent Green USA Today

"They Are Playing With A Different Swagger And Confidence!" Former Chiefs QB Trent Green On The Chiefs Road To The Championship!

Football fanatics can be...well....reaaaaaaally superstitious at times. You wear the same jersey week after week without washing eat the same thing on game day....YOU DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE ROUTINE!! Which is why we HAD to have former Chiefs QB and Friend of the Show, Trent Green back on...
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Patrick Mahomes

The Comeback Kids Are Gonna Knock Out The Titans This Sunday! The New Chiefs Song From The Johnny Dare Morning Show Is Right Here!!

The Kansas City Chiefs staged one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history this past Sunday to take down the Houston Texans...and now they have their eyes set on the AFC Championship game this Sunday against the Tennesse Titans!! And, if last week was any indications, this Sunday is gonna be wild...
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Johnny talks to Chiefs great Trent Green 01.17.19.

The Chiefs AFC Championship game this Sunday against the New Enlgand Patriots is the biggest and most important game to be played in Arrowhead in over two decades. Which is why we need someone like former Chiefs QB Trent Green to break it all down for us! Can the new Pro Football Writers of America...
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The Chiefs & Mahomes Are Gonna Slam Ya!! Parody Song 01.14.19.

The Chiefs finally broke the Colts Curse and are heading to the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots!! Can Patrick Mahomes take out Tom Brady...the man show many consider to be the greatest QB of all time? We'll find out this Sunday!! GO CHIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEFS!!!
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