Better Late Than Never

Would This Former Heavyweight Champ Do It All Again? Boxing Legend and Entrepreneur George Foreman Explains It All!

As a boxer, George Foreman was a feared competitor. Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield once stated that Foreman hit him harder than any man alive. Foreman, a two time heavyweight champion, retired with a record of 76 wins, 5 losses with 68 knockouts...moving smoothly into becoming a...
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Comedian Jeff Dye talks about the kindness of Henry Winkler and how "Aaron Lewis was a d**k to me!" 07.18.19.

We met comedian Jeff Dye as the host of the reality series "Better Late Than Never", where he traveled the world with Henry Winkler, George Foreman, Terry Bradshaw and William Shatner...but he's also and accomplished stand up comedian who has appeared on Comedy Central, Extreme Makeover: Home...
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Johnny talks to television legend Henry Winkler 10.19.17.

Of all of the guests that we regularly have on the show, few have the distinction of being a true pop culture icon. Henry Winkler is one such person. As The Fonz on the long running series "Happy Days", Henry taught a generation of people how to be cool. He's gone on to roles in such series as "...
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