Bona Nox Firearms

Need a rifle that can stop a tank? WE KNOW A GUY! - Talkin' to Jason of Bona Nox Firearms 07.22.19.

We've made a lot of friends over the years on this Morning Show but few have encouraged our some of our more exciting poor decisions than our friend Jason and Tammy from Bona Nox Firearms! Every year at the Full Throttle we've been able to shoot machine guns, automatic weaponry of all shapes and...
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Johnny talks to Jason & Tammy from Bona Nox Firearms 08.02.18.

We met Tammy & Jason from Seattle-based Bona Nox Firearms a few years ago, and when they set up shop at the Full Throttle Saloon a couple of years ago, we could not have been more stoked! I mean, come on...a chance to shoot machine guns, fully automatic Glocks, and blow stuff up?? THAT is...
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Johnny interviews Tammy of Bona Nox Firearms 08.08.17.

Seattle-based Bona Nox Firearms has returned to the Full Throttle in Sturgis!! What does this mean? It means if you're at the Full Throttle, you can visit them, throw 'em some money and shoot everything from Tommy Guns, 50 cals, Flashbangs, AK's and more!!! God dammit, I love this country. We...
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