The Boxmasters

Johnny talks to The Boxmasters' JD Andrew & Billy Bob Thornton 07.25.18.

Billy Bob Thornton and JD Andrew are the founders of The Boxmasters...the band that has released 8 albums full of songs that meld jangly surf guitar, Beatle-esque psychedelia, Beach Boys-like harmonies and 60's California country influences into a sound that is uniquely their own. And now they're...
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Johnny interviews Billy Bob Thornton & JD Andrew of The Boxmasters 04.21.17.

Grammy award winning musician/producer JD Andrew and award winning actor Billy Bob Thornton are two members of the band The Boxmasters. No mere vanity project, the band has released 7 albums since 2008 and toured the country opening for the likes of Willie Nelson, as well as headlining clubs across...
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