Cloud 9 Novelties

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We're knee deep in National Masturbation Month, so it seemed fitting to talk to our friend Charlette from Cloud 9 Novelties about some of the new stuff on their the Personal Mushroom Massager ( a small mushroom shaped vibe) and a vibrating stapless realistic dildo that has a bulb on...
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Website of the Day; Cloud 9 Novelties 07.19.18.

Remeber back when sex toys were simple? Rubber dongs, a simple battery operated was all so easy. NOW, thanks to things like the Hitachi Wand, everyone has had to up their game. Enter Cloud 9 Novelties and the Air Touch 3! The Air Touch 3 is all all new toy designed for nipple and clitoral...
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Website of the Day: Cloud 9 Novelties! home of the F MACHINE! 04.13.18

We've dealt with a ton of sex toys on this show over the years...but, holy crap, none have been quite as impressive as the F MACHINE from Cloud 9 Novelties!! I mean...this thing is no mere sex toy...this is a machine!!! (hence the name, I guess)...this thing is for pros only...if you start with...
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