Does Not Compute

Hola Bitcholas, Let me start by saying that this computer I'm currently typing on is a c*cks+cker. Yup. I don't say this idly. And, frankly, I'd prefer to like this computer, but like that irresponsible cousin you have somewhere in your family who borrows money, the computer did me dirty. I'd typed...
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Technological Rage: Engage

Hola Bitcholas, Maybe it's me. Maybe computers do not like me or there is some weird electrical current that courses through my veins and prevents them from, you know, computing, but it's been a day of frustration. There may be no audible evidence of this, but I actually start working on the show...
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Borrowed Time, Time...Time

Hola Bitcholas, I would write a longer blog but my computer took a sh*! so I can't do much...and I'm on borrowed time. 'Borrowed' time is a stupid statement. You can't really give it back. Not without a time machine. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL! And until then, have a...
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