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Mo Mandel

"When You Get Out Of Your Bubble, You Learn How Great The Country Is!" Comedian Mo Mandel Explores America's Click Bait Cities On "Small Town Throwdown!"

You've seen the "click bait" headlines on the internet..."The Drunkest City in the USA!", "America's Smelliest Town!", "The Town With The Ugliest People!"...and you wonder, "Is this for real?" Well, now old friend of the show, Mo Mandel has traveled across this great country of ours exploring these...
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Paul De Gelder

"You Realize How Little Power You Have Against An Animal Like That" Paul De Gelder Was Attacked By A 12 FT Bull Shark And Lived To Tell The Tale!

So you think you're a bad ass? Well, Paul De Gelder was an Austrailian Navy clearance diver who fought off a 12 ft bull shark while it was chewing off his right and and leg! Have you? No? Well then you better sit back and listen to a man who is, frankly, badder than all of us. Paul is taking part...
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Rob Riggle

FACT: Rob Riggle Is Better Than You! Listen To Find Out Why!

We've known Rob Riggle for a long time around here...and we know a lot about him. We know that he's the funniest part of many of the movies he is in. We know that he served in the Marine Corps Reserve, serving in Liberia, Kosovo, Albania and Afghanistan. We know about all of the charity work he's...
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Buried Treasure! Political Intrigue! Alien Structures! Uncovering the world's secrets with Expedition Unknown's Josh Gates!!

Josh Gates has the type of job that we all would love to have. He travels the globe exploring the world's mysteries as host of the Discovery series, "Expedition Unknown". From the buried treasure clues of Byron Priess, to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, to Machu Picchu in Peru and mysteriously built...
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"If you can't change what happened, you can change what happens in the future." Saving The Sharks with diver/film maker Joe Romeiro 07.29.19.

People have been crazy about Discovery's Shark Week for 3 decades...all tuning in to see tales of these killing machines. But, if you talk to diver/ cinematographer Joe Romeiro, sharks aren't the real killers...we are. And yes, while it's exciting to watch footage of sharks doin' what sharks do.....
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Johnny talks to Guardians of the Glades star Dusty "Wildman" Crum 05.28.19.

Ever since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the Florida Everglades has seen a large influx in the population of Burmese pythons...and because they really have no natural predators, they are a danger to the local wildlife population...which is why snake hunters like Dusty "Wildman" Crum are working hard to...
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Johnny talks to "Hard To Kill" host Tim Kennedy 07.27.18.

If you read Tim Kennedy's resume, you couldn't miss the fact that this guy is a bad ass. Army Ranger, Green Beret, Special Forces sniper, a Bronze Star recipient who served multiple tours of duty in Iraq, UFC fighter, black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...and that's just scratching the surface. And...
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Johnny talks to Paul de Gelder & James Glancy about "Sharkwrecked" 07.24.18.

Bad ass or Crazy? You make the choice. First you have James Glancy who is a British born former member of the British Royal Marines, serving 3 tours in Afghanistan...Then you have Australan born Paul de Gelder who served as an Australian Army paratrooper and Navy Clearance Diver who lost two limbs...
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Johnny talks to Shark Week host Joe Romeiro 07.23.18.

Joe Romeiro is an award winning cinematographer whose love of the ocean has made him one of the constant contributors to Discovery's "Shark Week"...which, at this point, has become a National holiday of sorts...which is why we also love having him on the show!
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Johnny talks to Deadliest Catch's Wild Bill Wichrowski 04.09.18.

In the world of reality-based television, there's a ton of competition...which is why, as it enters it's 14th season, it's amazing that the Discovery series "Deadliest Catch" is still kicking ass. Capt. "Wild Bill" Wichrowski has been on the show since 2010 and typifies the work ethic it takes to...
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