Fat Tuesday

Big Gay Jeff

LIVE From The Home Of Rice & Beans and Hungover Queens! Big Gay Jeff Celebrates Fat Tuesday In NOLA!!

We've been talkin' to our boy Big Gay Jeff all week live from Mardi Gras in New Orleans, and jaaaaayzzuss has he's been having a time!! And it all culminates today with Fat Tuesday!! I swear, if he makes it through today in one piece, it'll be a miracle. Check out his report live from Fat Tuesday...
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Johnny talks to Big Gay Jeff live from Mardi Gras! 03.05.19.

Our buddy Jeff Parson (aka Big Gay Jeff), is not only an amazing artist (you've seen all of the work he's done for Jackyl as well as his giant Patrick Mahomes mural that was all over the news)...but he is also the most over the top fan of Mardi Gras we've ever met!! You can check out his adventures...
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