Gary Hoey

Gary Hoey and Dare

"Music Helps People. It Heals People" From Jamming With Ozzy To Making Holiday Classics, Gary Hoey Is A True Guitar Legend!

You would be hard pressed to find a guitar hero more humble and grounded than Gary Hoey. His reimagining of Christmas classics on his "Ho Ho Hoey" albums have become a staple for music fans the world over...but apart from that he's jammed with the likes of Lita Ford and Ted Nugent...and damn near...
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Johnny welcomes guitar great Gary Hoey in studio! 05.10.19.

For over two decades now, Gary Hoey's version of "The 12 Days Of Christmas" has been the soundtrack to "Hope For The Holidays" on the Morning Show...but he's become more than just his "Ho Ho Hoey" Christmas albums...he's become a formidable blues guitar player and vocalist, as can be heard on his...
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Johnny talks to guitar great Gary Hoey 04.17.19.

Anyone who has listened to the Morning Show for a while has heard the music of Gary Hoey. His version of "The 12 Days of Christmas" is a mainstay of our holiday season as the sountrack of "Hope For The Holidays"...but we've been fans of his guitar virtuosity since before his "Ho Ho Hoey" CDs...and...
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Johnny talks to guitar great Gary Hoey 03.15.19.

Anyone who has listened to this show over the years knows how much we love Gary Hoey. His version of The Twelve Days of Christmas has been the soundtrack to Hope For The Holidays for years. And now he's released a new blues CD "Neon Highway Blues" and if coming to KC May 10th to play at one of our...
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Johnny talks to guitar great Gary Hoey 11.28.18.

It just isn't the holidays around the Morning Show until we talk to our friend, Gary Hoey! Not only is he one of the best guitar players around, but he's become part of the holidays with his "Ho Ho Hoey" albums, making Christmas music tolerable for everyone!! We caught up with him while he's on the...
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Johnny interviews guitarist, Gary Hoey 11.28.16.

Guitarist, Gary Hoey stopped by the Morning Show to talk about his "Ho Ho Hoey Collection" available now at
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