Henry Winkler

Johnny gets a surprise call from Henry Winker! 02.22.19.

Any day you get a suprise call from Henry Winkler is a good day!! Dinner plans have been made (with a possible Shatner addition!)...vindication is nigh!!!
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Johnny talks to Hollywood Icon/ Friend of the Show, Henry Winkler 02.11.19.

To say that we were stoked when we found out the great Henry Winkler was coming to Kansas City for Planet Comicon 2019, would be an understatement. Not only are we huge fans, but we all truly love him as a person. He is truly one of the nicest, kindest people we've ever met. So it was great to get...
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Johnny talks to Emmy Winner Henry Winkler!!! 11.06.18.

Oh, it's not enough that Henry Winkler is a pop culture icon. It's not enought that he's an award winning author. It's not enough that he played one of the most iconic characters in television history. But now? NOW, he's a friggin' EMMY AWARD WINNER!!! And with Season 2 of HBO's "Barry" on the...
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Johnny talks to pop culture icon Henry Winkler 07.23.18.

It's really no secret that, above all of the amazing guests we have on the Morning Show, there is a special place in our hearts for Henry Winkler. It's not enough that he was our hero as a kid as he played Fonzie on Happy Days...or his work in movies like Night Shift, Scream and The Waterboy...but...
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Johnny talks to actor/ Friend of the Show, Henry Winkler 03.19.18.

Actor Henry Winkler is one of the most beloved guests we've ever had on this show. From his work on the 70's sit-com "Happy Days"...to his movies like "Night Shift" and "The Waterboy"...and his "Hank Zipzer" series of children's book...there is not a single person who has a bad word to say about...
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Johnny talks to television legend Henry Winkler 10.19.17.

Of all of the guests that we regularly have on the show, few have the distinction of being a true pop culture icon. Henry Winkler is one such person. As The Fonz on the long running series "Happy Days", Henry taught a generation of people how to be cool. He's gone on to roles in such series as "...
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