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William Shatner

"The Mysteries That Surround Our Lives Are Profound And Continuous!" William Shatner Searches For The Truth On The UnXplained!

When most folks reach the age of 88, conventional wisdom says that maybe they should slow down...enjoy life...stop and smell the roses. The thing is, someone failed to tell this to William Shatner. At 88 years young, he is still working nonstop...still relatable...still viable...and still being the...
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What Was The Only Bite That Made Rob Alleva Vomit? From Spiders To Snakes, The Kings Of Pain Bring The Agony!

There's a whole lotta sh*tty jobs out there...hell, you may work one of 'em...but consider this: Your job is to travel the world letting various snakes, spiders, fish, lizards and insects sting and bite you....ALL TO FIND OUT WHICH ONES HURT THE MOST!!! Enter Rob Alleva and Adam Thorn and their...
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Keeping the legacy of the World's Greatest Stuntman alive with "Evel Live 2"...A conversation with Kelly Knievel

If you grew up in the 60's and 70's...chances are, at some point, you wanted to be Evel Knievel. The ultimate showman, the World's Greatest Stuntman, and the last true American outlaw. He was a man who loved his prestige, his clothes, his money, his booze and his women...and he took no shit from...
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Johnny talks to Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison 05.28.19.

Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison may legitimately be one of the smartest people on televsion...not only is a ridiculously booksmart guy and history buff...but he's also smart enough to know what it takes to keep a reality television show interesting after SIXTEEN SEASONS! That's freakin' unheard of, but...
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Johnny talks to former WWE star Christian about Knight Fight! 01.22.19.

For over a decade, wrestler Christian (aka Jay Reso) kicked ass all over the WWE, winning numerous championshps and electrifying crowds from events like Summer Slam to Wtrestlmania. And now he's back as the host of the insane all new History Channel medieval combat competition series, Kinght Fight...
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Johnny talks to "Evel Live" host Matt Iseman 06.27.18.

We all know Matt Iseman as the co-host of American Ninja Warrior...and on top of that, he's just a damn nice guy. Which is why we're excited that he's getting to host the 3 hour History Channel special "Evel Live!" Motorsports icon Travis Pastrana will attempt to recreate 3 of legendary daredevil...
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