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Gianni Russo

From Brando to Pablo Escobar and Beyond! Hollywood Godfather Gianni Russo Is Bringing His Story To Television!

It's a fact: Gianni Russo has lived more that you have. He beat polio as a kid, went on to work for mob boss Frank Costello in his teens, slept with the likes of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Marilyn Monroe, appeared in the movie classic "The Godfather", shot and killed a man in front of his Vegas club and...
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"And That's When I Bought A Bigger Gun" - Is Hollywood Godfather Gianni Russo's Book Becoming A Mini Series?

Few people have led a more interesting life than the man known as the Hollywood Godfather, Gianni Russo. He fought polio as a kid, went to work as a runner for infamous mob boss, Frank Costello...acted in The Godfather, had sex with Marilyn Monroe...and maybe killed a couple of guys along the way...
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Wise Guys, Mob Ties and a Life That's Super Sized: "Hollywood Godfather" Gianni Russo has seen and done it all!

There are people who have lived full and interesting lives...then there's Gianni Russo. A quick run down of just a few of the highlights include...beating polio as a child, running numbers for mob boss Frank Costello, having sex with Marilyn Monroe, muscling his way into a role in The Godfather (...
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