Houston Texans

Trent Green

"It was time for it to happen." Former Chiefs QB Trent Green talks about sweeping changes in the NFL and what the 2021 season will look like!

The NFL is ramping up to begin the 2021 season...and because of the weird world we're currently living in...no one really knows how it's all going to look. Some teams will have fans in the stand, some won't...and those that do allow fans, what will the social distancing protocals be? Not to mention...
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Trent Green USA Today

Will Tom Brady Leave New England? Will The Chiefs Beat The Texans This Sunday? Chiefs Legend Trent Green Gives Us His View!

Even we, who aren't exactly football smart, know that the Kansas City Chiefs are looking good going into their big playoff game against the Houston Texans this weekend...but just to be safe, we figured we better talk to someone who knows WAY more about all of this than us...and that man would be...
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