The Hunt For The Trump Tapes

Tom Arnold

Falwell and pool boys and Trump! Oh my! Tom Arnold explains it all!!

Actor Tom Arnold is nothing if not tenacious. Take for example his unending quest to expose the likes of Donald Trump and Jerry Falwell Jr. for the hypocrites he thinks they are. Sure he could have promoted his upcoming movie. Yes, he could have talked about how he's now on Cameo. He could have...
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Johnny talks to Tom Arnold about "The Hunt for the Trump Tapes" 10.08.18.

We've known Tom Arnold as many things..."actor"..."comedian"..."host"..."tabloid fodder"...but now he's added "investgative journalist" to his list of credits with his new Viceland series "The Hunt for the Trump Tapes"...where he's trying to find as much evidence as he can to prove that Donald...
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