Johnny Dare Morning Show

Aries Spears

Aries Spears on his "Spears & Steinberg" podcast: "The only way we're gonna get back to some normalcy is to BE normal!"

LIke all of the rest of us, former MadTV star Aries Spears has had the pandemic put much of his life on hold...with all of his tour dates (with the exception of on in St Louis) get cancelled...thankfully he has his podcast with fellow comedian Andy Steinberg, "Spears and Steinberg" to keep him busy...
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Josh Gates

"I think it's important for us to move around and understand what's going on in the world!" Expedition Unknown's Josh Gates takes over late night with his new show!

Josh Gates has done everything from climbing Mt Kilamanjaro to exploring the castles of Romania, the tombs of Egypt and much more...becoming one of the most popular hosts on Discovery with his show, "Expedition Unknown"....and during the coronavirus pandemic, his virtual late night talk show, "Josh...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

Freaks! It's A Fabulous Fappin' Friday Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

Man...shit is gettin' weirder and weirder up in here. And by "in here" I mean "my brain". You know that scene in Disney's "Fantasia" with the dancing mushrooms? It's like that, only with rubber dicks and vaginas. Like I said...weird. Sorry, not sorry. It's The Adult Toy Price Is Right!! Brought to...
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Bert Kreischer and Johnny Dare

In Need Some Socially Distant Stand Up? Comedian Bert Kreischer Adds A 2nd Show This Tuesday At The Twin Drive In!!

When our old friend, comedian Bert Kreischer, announced he was working on live dates at Drive-In theaters, we crossed our fingers for an eventual KC date...And when the first few shows were a huge success, we got our wish!! And now, after selling out his show at the Twin Drive-In this Tuesday night...
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Rob Riggle

"COOL CREST WAS MY JAM!!" Rob Riggle is Back With ABC's Extreme Mini Golf Competition,Holey Moley!!

Sports fans! Rob Riggle is here to save you all with season 2 of ABC's ridiculous extreme mini-golf competition, Holey Moley!! And it's a huge rating hit this summer! So of course we needed to get Rob on the phone to find all about the new season...and it turned out he was at an actual golf course...
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Matt DiRito/ Pop Evil

"If You Find Something You Enjoy, You're Always Going To Find Happiness" Pop Evil's Matt DiRito On The Pursuit Of The Real.

Most rock stars have the air of being unapproachable around them. You imagine them living perfect lives in mansions with beautiful women all around them. Then you have a guy like Pop Evil bassist Matt DiRito...when the pandemic shut down the entire touring music industry, rather than sitting at...
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Gianni Russo

From Brando to Pablo Escobar and Beyond! Hollywood Godfather Gianni Russo Is Bringing His Story To Television!

It's a fact: Gianni Russo has lived more that you have. He beat polio as a kid, went on to work for mob boss Frank Costello in his teens, slept with the likes of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Marilyn Monroe, appeared in the movie classic "The Godfather", shot and killed a man in front of his Vegas club and...
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Jeff Foxworthy

"It's Like Antiques Roadshow...But Funny!" Jeff Foxworthy Tells Us All About His New Show, "What's It Worth?"

There are few comedians who have attained the success of Jeff Foxworthy. Numerous Grammy nominations and wins, his own sit com, host of the game show, "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?", co-creater of one of the biggest comedy tours of all time, The Blue Collar Comedy Tour and well as Blue Collar...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

Backassward Bill Takes On The Mask Debaters!!

He's mad as hell and he ain't gonna tucking fake it anymore...Yer ol' buddy Backassward Bill is back and he's pissed off at the "Mask Debaters!!"
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Clayton Anderson

"I always say, never bet against Elon Musk!" Retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson talks about the SpaceX splashdown and the future of space exploration!

On Sunday 8/2, the SpaceX Dragon capsule successfully splashed down in the Gulf of Mexico, marking the first landing of it's type since 1975!! And as we celebrate the birth of this new era of space exploration, it's truly amazing to have someone like retired astronaut Clay Anderson...someone who...
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