Johnny Dare Morning Show

OJ Simpson

"Networks Won't Air This Because OJ Didn't Do It!" Former OJ Simpson Manager Norman Pardo Talks About the Explosive New Documentary "Who Killed Nicole?"

26 years ago, the world watched as police followed a white Ford Bronco carrying an emotionally distraught OJ Simpson slowly through the interstates of Los Angeles. Simpsons ensuing trial for the murders of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman captivated the world, becoming the...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

The Future Of Space Travel Is NOW! Float To The Edge of Space With The Space Perspective!!

Anyone who listens to the Morning Show on a regular basis knows how fascinated we are with everything space travel...and as much as we would all like to travel into space some day, the chances of that becoming a reality any time soon is pretty slim. thanks to The Space
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Nikki Glaser

Comedienne Nikki Glaser returns to the stage: "It looks like the audience has tiny retaining orders against each other!"

Friend of the Show, comedienne Nikki Glaser, has been stuck at her parents since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and one thing has become abundantly clear...she needs to get the hell outta there!! And while she's slowly dipping her toes back into performing onstage around St Louis...she took...
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Adult Toy

Wednesdays Are For Wankin'!! We're Making America 'Bate Again With The Adult Toy Price Is Right!

We're are here to judge...but one of the dudes on today's edition of The Adult Toy Price is Right reeeeeally needs to learn how to either pull out or wear a god damn condom...OR hook up with any of the ladies who played today because they were all into butt stuff!! "Up the bum, no babies come" as...
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Willy T. Ribbs

"That Stuff Doesn't Bother Me...I Like Fightin'!" The Legendary Willy T. Ribs Takes On Racism In Racing And The Current NASCAR Controversy!

With the recent controversy in NASCAR with the banning of the rebel flag, and a noose being left in driver Bubba Wallace Jr's garage...the issue of racism in racing is at the forefront in the news And there are few people who are more qualified to speak on this than legendary race car driver, Willy...
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James "Murr" Murray

The Impractical Jokers Make The Most Of The Covid Crazies With "Impractical Jokers:Dinner Party"!!

What do you do when you're friends for 30 years, have a wildly popular television show where you prank each other relentlessly...and the whole damn world gets put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic? You do what James "Murr" Murray and the rest of the Impractical Jokers did and change gears to...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

Nazi Caves Full Of Gold? Voodoo Zombies? Lost Colonies? Don Wildman Searches For Them All On Travel Channel's "Buried Worlds"!!

This world of ours holds many wonders, and many stories...and many of those stories can be dark and sinister. And our facination with those aspects of history is pretty over the top...which is why we are glad that we've become friends with Don Wilman, the host of the Travel Channel series, "Buried...
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Bob Saget & Johnny Dare

Lonely? Confused? Maybe a little High? Just know...Bob Saget Is Here For You!

There are people you talk to...and then there are people you have conversations with. Sometimes those conversations dwell on one subject...and sometimes they cover numerous ones. Then there are our conversations with good friend of the show, Bob Saget...and those conversations are truly magical...
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Charlie Starr

Charlie Starr and Blackberry Smoke Pay Tribute To Legendary Southern Rockers With "Live From Capricorn Sound Studios!"

Few bands wear their influences on their sleeves with more style than Blackberry Smoke! Which is why it was no surprise when they decided to release a new EP that pays tribute to the likes of The Allman Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie and Little Richard, as well as the famed Macon GA...
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Tom Papa

In These Uncertain Times, Comedian Tom Papa Wants You To Know That "You're Doing Great!"

Of all of the current crop of stand up comedians ruling Netflix, there are few that tap into the ridiculous shit show that is all our daily lives in such a relatable and comfortable way than Tom Papa!! Just check out his new Netflix special "You're Doing Great" or his new book of the same name and...
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