Johnny Dare Morning Show

TJ Miller

"It's Important Right Now To Make People Laugh!" TJ Miller Returns To The KC Improv This Weekend!!

As the country slowly starts to open up with socially distant shows here and there, the return of stand up comedy to KC is something we all need...and there's no one we can think of who is better than bringing the weird in these weird times than our friend TJ Miller!! And he's bringin', in the...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

It's Raining C-Rings and Butt Things!! It's A Wankin' Wednesday Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

In a world where some are increasingly scared to just walk outside of their houses...there's one thing that you can always count on to help you weather the storm...and that's masturbation. Think about it! It's the socially can do it alone in your home....and you don't have to wear a...
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Kim & Glen Campbell

"We had the chance to celebrate his life while he could still appreciate it." Kim Campbell tells the story of music legend Glen Campbell in here new book, "Gentle On My Mind"

We had Kim Campbell, widow of the late, great Glen Campbell, on the show a few weeks ago, and we only had 10 minutes to cover a whole lot of stories from her new book, "Gentle On My Mind"...which is why we welcomed the chance to have back on the show to have a much longer conversation about her...
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Josh Blue and Johnny Dare

"The quarantine got me back to a lot of things from my playing boards games, doing puzzles....and crying." Comedian Josh Blue is back with a new special, "Broccoli"!!

Josh Blue has been one of our favorite comedians for a long time...and he's been dealing with the whole life during Covid thing just like everyone else...stuck at home, home schooling the kids, slooooowly losing his mind...but he's doing it on the side of a damn mountain in Colorado!! But he has a...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

She Went To Bed With A Headache, She Woke Up With A British Accent!! Michelle Myers Tells Us About Foreign Accent Syndrome!!

Arizona resident and former Texas beauty queen Michelle Myers made headlines a while back after being diagnosed with a rare disorder known as Foreign Accent Syndrome, wherein she goes to sleep with a severe headache and wakes up speaking in a foreign accent...Aussie, Irish and mostly British...
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Steve Byrne

Live Comedy Returns To KC This Weekend!! As Steve Byrne Comes To The Comedy Club Of Kansas City!

Good we are looking down the barrel of another weekend with nothing to do and nowhere to go because of the 'rona....BUT WAIT! What's that on the horizon?? It's comedy salvation in the form of longtime friend of the morning show, Steve Byrne!! Steve's come to town to perform live onstage...
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Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme

Tales Of Butt Stuff And Finding Humor In the Horrible: Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan Are Back With New Episodes of "Tacoma FD"!!

When you think of being a firefighter, you don't normally think "Hey! They're funny!!" But Actors/Comedians/Friends of the Show, Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme (Super Troopers/ BeerFest) have managed to find the ridiculous side of being a first responder and turned it into TV gold with their TruTV...
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Bert Kreischer and Johnny Dare

The Machine Is Here To Save Your Summer!! Bert Kreischer's "Hot Summer Nights Tour" Is Coming To The Twin Drive-In August 11th!!

You've all been stuck at home for're sick and tired of the same 4've had it up to your f**king eyeballs with your need to cut loose. Well, friend...Bert Kreischer is here to save your soul, because he's bringing his HOT SUMMER NIGHTS TOUR to the Twin Drive-In...
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Jay Mohr

"We're all gonna die eventually, but it's not going to be because someone coughed at me at a gas pump!" Comedian Jay Mohr is an "American Treasure"!!

Comedian Jay Mohr made a name for himself with his work in "Jerry Maguire" and on the series "Action"...but it's on stage where he really shines...because he simply just. does. not. give. a. f**k!! Nothing is sacred. No name is too big. He has no fear of reprisal. And that fearless attitude in on...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

We Worship The Wonderful Word of Wednesday Wankery With The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

Rubber Booty in which to spill your seed? Check!! A big ol' thrusting dong that'll likely pound a dent in your cervix? Got it!! Then it must be time for a Wankin' Wednesday edition of THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT, brought to you by Moonlight Adult Boutique!!
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