Johnny Dare Morning Show

Clint Bowyer

"There's nobody who is a tighter knit group than NASCAR" Clint Bowyer on Bubba Wallace, racing in times of COVID and coming home to the Kansas Speedway!!

Excitement is high because NASCAR is gearing up to roll into the Kansas Speeway this week for the Super Start Batteries 400 on Thursday!!! Of one gets to go...because Covid sucks. But more importantly, racing star and Friend of the Show, Clint Bowyer is coming home to the KS Speedway!!...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

"This may be one of the most common psychiatric disorders in the country!" Hoarders star Dr. David Tolin shines a light on this growing mental health problem.

Over the last decade, the A&E series "Hoarders" has brought to light a growing mental health issue in our country. From people who are obsessive collectors to those who just simply refuse to throw anything away...there's a myriad of types of hoarders...but, at the end of the day, they are all...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

A Jacuzzi Fit For A King!! Or At Least, His Royal Jewels!! WWE Star Baron Corbin Meets The Creator of The Testicuzzi!!

Last Friday, our friend and WWE superstar Baron Corbin told us about how he had stumbled upon The Testicuzzi while surfing around the internet...and in doing so, realized that WE were already aware of this miraculous product...which, if you didn't know, is a little jacuzzi for your balls....or in...
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Gilbert Gottfried

"It's so nice to hurt other people!" Comedy Roast legend Gilbert Gottfried Is Back With The Tournament of Laughs!

Gilbert Gottfried is a true comedy legend. While his recognizable voice has earned him work in Disney's "Alladin" and as the Aflac duck...where he's really shined is on stage...and as one of the most brutal roasters in comedy history. And now he's comepeting on the TBS comedy competition, "...
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Baron Corbin

Conspiracy Theories, Sexy Choke Holds And The Art of Being The Heel: WWE Star Baron Corbin Discusses It All!!

Good Friend of the Show and local KC boy, Baron Corbin, has managed over the last couple years to become one of the greatest heels in modern pro wrestling...he truly has become the man that everyone loves to hate in the WWE...and he is loving every minute of it!! And while he loves lightin' his...
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Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla Drops The Hammer On Woke Culture With His New Book, "I'm Your Emotional Support Animal"

It seems more and more every day, people are taking sides to an extreme're either all the way left or all the way right...all in or all out...when where we all should be is closer to the middle...where both sides meets and realize that, at the end of the day, we all kind of want the...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

Working For The 'Bater Good Of Mankind!! It's A Thumpin' Thursday Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

Man...everything from loveless marriages, birthday weed, Schoolhouse Rock, Seasame Street and David Lee Roth were invoked today!!! Shit is gettin' weird up in hurr. It's THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT!! Brought to you by Moonlight Adult Boutique!!
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Steel Panther

"There's no line we won't cross to entertain these people!" Steel Panther guitarist Satchel talks about their upcoming live event "Rockdown In The Lockdown"

"IN THESE UNPRECIDENTED TIMES"...Jesus...aren't you tired of hearing that? Of course you are...we all are. But, god dammit, these times ARE unprecidented...which is why, now more than ever, we need a band like Steel Panther to make things more tolerable. Not only are they hilarious, but they truly...
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Will Sasso

"It's us against them!" Former MadTV star Will Sasso returns with the new ABC series "United We Fall"

We first met Will Sasso during his 5 year run on the Fox sketch comedy show, MadTV...going on to work on such films as, "The Three Stooges" and "Super Troopers 2"...and his voice work on "Family Guy" and "The Cleveland Show"...and now he's set to star in the new ABC summer series that takes a look...
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John Quinones

"What this pandemic has shown us is that, now more than ever, we need each other!" John Quinones is back with a new season of "What Would You Do?"

In world where is seems, more and more every day, that we've lost the art of civil discourse and empathy for our fellow's important, now more than ever, that there are shows like "What Would You Do?" aound to remind us that kindness and compassion still exists. And thats why we love the...
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