Johnny Dare Morning Show

Jamie Kennedy

"Every Night Was Friday Night With Him...Even If It Was Tuesday!" Comedian Jamie Kennedy talks The Late Craig Glazer and Helping New Comedians With "Coming To The Stage!"

Comedian/Actor Jamie Kennedy has been at it for a long time. From his work in movies like "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle", "Malibu's Most Wanted" and his star making turn as Randy in "Scream" well as his own show "The Jamie Kennedy Experiment" and his documentary "Heckler"...he...
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The Adult Toy Price Is Right

No More Watin' For The 'Batin'!! It's A Hump Day At Home Edition of The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

Here we are on day 3409835309 of the Covid19 lockdown and things are starting to open back up, thankfully. But two things are stil apparent...Married dudes reaaaaally want something, ANYTHING, to stick it in...and the ladies reaaaaally want something to stick in themselves that IS NOT their old man...
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Clayton Anderson

"All I Could Think Was ' I Was Born to Be Here, Right Now, Doing This'" Retired Astronaut Clayton Anderson On Space Walks, SpaceX and Having "The Right Temperament"

We've made no secret over the years that we are huge fans of astronauts and space exploration. Which is why we were completely excited about the success of the recent SpaceX/NASA manned flight to the International Space Station! And, that's also we jumped at the chance to have retired astronaut...
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TJ Miller

We're Gettin' Hot and Saucy With Comedian/Actor/Friend of the Show, TJ Miller!!

There's one thing you can always count on in life...When it comes to something TJ Miller is doing, it's gonna be weird! From his podcast, "Cashin' In With TJ Miller" to his non-website, now? He has his own decidedly weird line of hot sauces! Wanna got light and...
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Lajon Witherspoon

"I Feel That Music Is A Healer and It's Something That Will Help Us Get Through This." Sevendust and Lajon Witherspoon Ready New Music More!

The entire music business is on hold due to the Covid19 pandemic...and with no real of idea of when bands will be able to tour again, you have to wonder how musicians are adjusting to life OFF the road for an extended amount of time. In the case of Sevendust frontman and Friend of the Show, Lajon...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

It's A F**kin Friday Free For All with The Adult Toy Price Is Right!! take a couple of days off and everyone goes buck wild! On the guys side, we had a dude who started a new relationship via Tinder IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN PANDEMIC! And on the ladies side? Well, let's just say that alll sounded bat shit crazy in their own lovely ways! It's THE ADULT...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

"What The Flip, Dude?" The Rock's Listeners Step Up To Help 9 yr old KCK Boy Whose Bedroom Was Destroyed By A Drink Driver!

On Wednesday, the entire city learned the story of 9 yr old Jamison Langley, who was pinned under a jeep when a drunk driver rammed into his bedroom: Not only was it a terrifyling situation for the kid, but his entire...
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Bert Kreischer and Johnny Dare

A Johnny Dare Morning Show Exclusive! Is Comedian Bert Kreischer Planning A Drive In Theater Tour? Find Out Here!!

While some of us have spent our quarantine time gaining that Quarantine 15 from eating too much, or maybe some of us have ramped up other extra curricular activities...our friend, comedian Bert Kreischer, has been doing to unimaginable!! He's not been smoking weed, he's cut his drinking back to...
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Jesse James Dupree

"They Keep Things Honest!":Jesse James Dupree Pays Tribute To America's Truck Drivers With "It Didn't Fall From The Sky (Truckin' Uncle Sam)"

With all that we are being bombarded with every day where the Covid-19 pandemic is concerned, it's easy to forget to take a moment to give a thank you to those on the front lines of this thing. Doctors, nurses, first responders and more...but one section of society that we also need to honor is the...
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Garrett Reisman

Will Elon Musk and SpaceX Change The Future Of Space Travel? Retired Astronaut Garrett Reisman Says Yes!!

On May 27th, the eyes of the world will be on The Kennedy Space Center in Florida as NASA and SpaceX join together to launch the SpaceX Crew Dragon. It's the first manned space flight for Elon Musk's SpaceX and it could usher in a new age of space exploration...and eventually make civilian space...
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