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Joey Belladonna

"You Don't Think So Much About It When You're Doing It. It Just Fell Into Place." Joey Belladonna of Metal Legends Anthrax Celebrate 30 Years of "Persistence Of Time"

There is no quesion as to whether or not Anthrax deserve the status of "metal legends". As one of the "Big Four" of Thrash Metal (alongside Metallica,Slayer and Megadeth), they were one of the most influential bands of the era, with a sound that set them apart from the contemporaries. And now, the...
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Adult Toy

No Time For Nappin'! It's Time For Fappin'! It's The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!

Man...we're on day 389074509572 of the damn quarantine and, frankly, shit's done got weird. Not weird in like a sticking a duct taped hamster up your ass weird...but, yeah...weird. It's the ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT brought to by Moonlight Adult Boutique!!
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Taylor Momsen/The Pretty Reckless

"There Are No Limitations To What Music Can Do!" Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless Come Roaring Back With "Death By Rock & Roll!"

While she started her career in show business at a very early age, Taylor Momsen didn't let the term "child actor" define her career...she left her career in television, film and modeling behind to launch a career in music, fronting the band The Pretty Reckless. And the band has proven themselves...
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Gary Cole

"Just In Time For Father's Day!" Actor Gary Cole Is A Fatherly Serial Killer In "Darkness Falls"!!

Gary Cole's resume reads like a list of our favorite movies....Talladega Nights...Office Space....DodgeBall...The Brady Bunch Movie...Pineapple Express....not to mention his work on such series as The West Wing and Veep!! But while we mostly love him for his comedy...we were excited to find out...
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Steve Byrne

"If you call the police in Minneapolis now, they immediately send you thoughts and prayers!" Comedian Steve Byrne talks the "Essential Business" of Comedy

Comedian Steve Byrne is one of the smartest guys in the industry, and his non-stop work ethic has led him to starring in numerous comedy specials like "Champion", "Tell The Damn Joke" and "Happy Hour". And, like like every comedian in the world, he's been stuck at home during the coronavirus...
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The Johnny Dare Morning Show

Don WIldman Tackles Everything From Vampires To Nazi Witches On His New Travel Channel Series, "Buried Worlds!"

Don Wildman has become one of the most recognizable voices on The Travel Channel though his shows Mysteries at the Museum and Beyond the Unknown...And now he's set to debut his new series, Buried Worlds, where he takes his thirst for adventure into terrifying new territory to explore mankind's...
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Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle and The Big Slick Overcome This Years Cancellation With "Big Slick At Home!"

The Big Slick Celebrity Weekend has become the stuff of legend here in KC, raising millions of dollars for Children's Mercy Hospital's Cancer Center...but, sadly, this year's edition had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic...but that isn't stopping Eric Stonestreet, Jason Sudeikis,...
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Matt DiRito/ Pop Evil

"Why Would I Apply For Unemployment? I Can Work!" Pop Evil Bassist Matt DiRito On How He Deals With His Downtime During The COVID Shutdown

A lot of rock stars don't know what the hell to do with themselves during this downtime from the coronavirus pandemic that has the whole world shut down...except for Pop Evil's Matt DiRito!! While bands the world over wait to see if and when their tours will start or resume...not to mention how...
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Carlos Mencia

"Anybody Coming To These Shows Are Crazy!" Carlos Mencia Leads The Charge To Start Performing Live Onstage Again This Weekend!

Comedian and Friend of the Show has never been afraid of pushing boundries...which is why it was no surprise when we found out that he's leading the charge, after months of everyone sheltering at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, to start doing live comedy shows in clubs again this weekend...
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John Schneider

Former Duke's Of Hazzard Star John Schneider Has A Question For Today's Country Stars: How Did You F**k That Up?

There's something that comes with celebrity and age...and that's the fact that, eventually, you start giving zero f**ks about what people think about your opinion. Such is the case with former Dukes Of Hazzard star, John Schneider. And he's making his opinion of new country artists known with his...
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